I Feel Amazing!!

Yes it is true! Slimming World does make you feel amazing! I have finally lost 1 stone! Yay! Still alot more to go but i'm getting there! I have also lost over 15 inches, which includes my waist, hips, top, middle and bottom of my legs and my arms. I feel like i have much more energy in me, and best part is i have been lazy last week and week before and i still lost 4 and a half pounds! But i still ran after the kids, took them too park, went up to my boyfriends mothers house and did housework just daily things but i still was lazy haha! Because recently i have been going for long walks, but it hasn't been the weather to do it recently. It really is all to do with Food Optimising. What i have also changed is drinking! I've been drinking 2 litres or more a day! Which usually i'll be lucky if i drink one glass a day! 
I have done a before and after picture, only close people have seen it, maybe when i reach my 2 stone i will put one up so you can all see my progress.
Best thing about this plan is i am enjoying it! I understand it a lot more now from when i started it. 

More to come soon :)

Week 1 Plan.

As you may know i am on Slimming World and i have lost 1 Stone so far. Along with a loss of 15+ inches. 
I have had so many people asking me what i eat and what do i do too loose weight.
Well one - I have changed my food habits.
Two - Stopped snacking on junk (i didn't have alot of junk anyway)

Three- Drank much more (seeing as i hardly drank!)

Four - Move more, Walk more.

It is all about Food Optimising, Suprisingly i eat much more and much healthier on this plan. To get all the details it is best to find your nearest Slimming World group and join there. But i can give tips and my own plans.
As you might notice there will be a lot of repeats in my plans such as Tuna Pasta .. It's cause i love it and i enjoy it! 

My healthy A is either Cheese or 200ml of milk (but never have that much)
Healthy B - Brown danish bread.

The mayonnaise i use is the lighter than light mayonnaise from Aldi's (Bramwells) which is only half syn per tbsp!! Shocking i know!!
You can have any kinds of snacks, here are all the FREE snacks (you can have as much as you want!)

- Batchelors pasta , Batchelors LOW FAT super noodles, Eggs, Slimming World Chips, Fruit, Mullerlight, Chicken, Veg, (The rest will be put in another post coming soon Link coming soon)

Elliw Elen's Birth Story

I went to hospital 4th March 2012 around 12pm ish i think. We were waiting in the ward for a while, i went in because my itching with my condition was just getting worse. I was on a machine for babys heartbeat. Everthing was fine with her. Doctor wanted to induce me that night but labour ward was full so she said for next morning and wanted to me stay over night. I got tablets in me around 6-7pm-ish Iwan stayed with me until 10pm . I started getting small contractions through the night but managed to sleep a little. 
The next morning came, i phoned iwan at 6am as i was told i was getting induced at 7am. I didn't go to labour ward until 8am. When i was there, they wanted me to go for a little walk too see if my contractions would go stronger and if my waters would break on their own. They didn't so in the end they broke my waters, doctor came in because he wanted me to go on a drip because i was dehydrated. So i went for a walk again but didn't go far! 
My contractions got stronger and stronger, Iwan was scared out of his mind haha bless him. I started pushing and Elliw was born at 11.35 am 5th March 2012.
Short birth, Short story haha! :-)

But difference with this experience was i was in a relationship and my babys dad was sharing the experience with me, and it was really nice.

Relationships after having a baby

So i wasn't in a relationship when i was pregnant and gave birth to Mia so i will talk about my relationship after i had my youngest daughter Elliw. 

Lack of sleep can really put a strain on your relationship because you are both moody and just clash! And lack of sleep is really likely to happen with a newborn for atleast a few months or more or maybe less if you're lucky!! 
One thing after having a baby, make sure that you and your partner gets time to yourselves, go to cinema, go for food or somewhere nice for a few hours! if someone asks to take the little one for a bit, DON'T say no! Take the chance! But mind you i have said no loads of times because i wasn't used to people taking my eldest child so was weird people asking me if i wanted a break. 

There is a lot of stress in a relationship after having a baby, one is money problems. You wouldn't think a baby is that expensive but when you add Formula, Nappies, Wet wipes, Bath things and clothes! It does add up to alot more, especially with babies growing up so quickly that you need more clothes! 
If you do have money problems in your relationships, why not try Ebay or For Sale sites on Facebook? Or even pop into a Charity Shop to get clothes. There is nothing wrong with second hand clothes especially when you find a bargain! 

Your physical relationship will calm down a hell of a lot! You are both just so tired and want to catch up on alot of sleep! And especially if your partner (woman) had stitches, then don't expect anything for atleast a good 6 weeks or more until they have healed and when she feels comfortable! 

Try and make time for just you and your partner. Make time for a nice calm chat just the both of you. You will probably argue much more than just a two person couple, you now have a third in your life. You will blame eachother on things and stress out. But it is just a typical Family Life. 

Also being in a relationship and having a baby try and make time for you and your friends. Yes you have this family life now but you still need your friends, you still need your social life. Not as much as before, but going out now and then for a catch up or maybe a few drinks or a night out once in a while is fine! 

It will be hard first few weeks or months but it will kind of get a little easier (not the child though, they get naughtier haha) but having a baby in a relationship is new to everyone! You can work it out :-)

Also try and spend time all of you as a family. I love family time. Even if it's just going for a nice walk and a picnic in the park! You all bond together! 

Good luck. 

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Wooohooo!! FINALLY!! Elliw Elen my beautiful little girl actually WALKED, yes walked outside!!
She was a while learning how to walk to start with, then when she started to walk abit more in the house, she just wouldn't walk outside, not on concrete nore grass! But today i took both girls for a walk, Mia was on her bike and i took Elliw out and she actually walked half way! Deffinteley made my day! Was so chuffed and happy! Can't wait too take her out for a walk tomorrow :-) 

Learning a toddler how to ride a bike!

So every child comes to an age where they want to learn how to ride a bike! Usually around 3. Well my daughter had a bike for Christmas 2012 from her Taid (my dad) and her Great Nain & Great Taid (my nain and taid). I went with my Dad to Smyths Toystore @ Llandudno few weeks before Christmas to have a look at bikes and we were lucky enough to see this bike because it is called 'Mia' :-) 
Learning a toddler to ride a bike can be very frustrating since they think the bike will move when they pedal backwards and moan when the bike doesn't move haha! First few weeks we were pulling Mia with a belt tied onto the front of the bike.
There was a sponsered walk with her school on Monday 17th where she took her scooter, She then rode her friends bike, and she ACTUALLY rode the bike right!! I was so happy, she wasn't riding it for long, but she actually moved on the bike and was pushing the pedals the right way!! Finally!
The next evening when my boyfriend came home from work, i took Mia for a walk so she could ride her bike, I'm lucky to live close to a long path which is an old road, where no cars go on. She went all the way AND back! and still wanted to go further but it was bed time for her! 
I am quite lucky in where i live really, there are 3 cycle tracks to go on, but i took her on this particular one because its on a straight road from mine, the other two i have to go down the streets and up streets, doesn't take long but i found it safer taking her on the old road :-) a bit closer to home too.

I am so proud of my girl. 


I haven't been on this much recently, sorry about that! Last weeks weather was pretty dull and depressing, but the week before that, my gosh! The weather was lush! It was soo hot! I was outside all day every day with my girls! I took them out to the park, for walks and to the backgarden. I caught some awful sun burn in the weather though :-( Think i will cover up next time it is hot like that haha! 


Yeah, so i'll be honest most of my clothes for my girls do come from Ebay! But  i wouldn't buy them or put them on my girls if they weren't in good condition! The clothes i've had from there so far have been in fab condition! I love it when i see bargains on clothes from Next though! I go a little bit too mad on it sometimes haha! Actually just writting this post now, about 5 minutes ago i was in a bidding war on a leopard print cardigan for my youngest! I got it for £4.60 with £1.50 postage. Which isn't bad! It's lovely! 
When you go bid on an item, if you see an item you like but it doesn't end for a while then just click 'Watch' on it an you will have an e-mail or notification on your phone whatever you have, about 30 minutes before, which then i wait for 10 minutes, put your maximum bid on then wait! :-) That is how i win alot of the items i want!
I don't tend to buy shoes on there, only once or twice i have done that tbh! Unless they are brand new!
When my girls grow out of their clothes, well with Mia i tend to keep hers to go down to Elliw my youngest, but Mia has got so much clothes, so i have tried to sell some that i know I won't put on Elliw. Elliw's clothes that she grows out of, i sell them. I wait until i know she is fully out of them, then i sell the whole lot together. Usually i get roughly £40 - £50. But this time with 12-18 months i have got a lot more! But with 18-24 months, oh my god is all i can say haha! She has got LOADS :-) But i still think of an excuse that she needs more clothes haha!! Mia does need more 4-5 years old clothes but it is so hard choosing for her, i can't really buy any 'fashionable' because she is VERY fussy with her clothes, she is the type of girl who will only wear, hoodies, trackies, leggings, jeans and a normal top. She won't wear nothing fancy. She is a little bit of a tomboy though haha! :-)

Wish List

Yeah so as you might know i am currently in Slimming World and i have lost nearly a Stone. Still got a few more stones to loose but i am already fitting into my older clothes (not all but some). But i am hoping this summer i will feel comfortable in wearing a dress for my 21st birthday when i go out with the girls! 
Here a few clothes i like from my favourite shop New Look! 

1. I love this top! Looks light a very summery! Great with or without a vest top underneath.

2. I have always liked these shorts since they came out! Very summery! And i think they go lovely with the top (1)

3. Ahh i wish one day i could fit into something like this! I WILL get a good figure :-) haha.

4. I love this cardi! It'll look lovely with a vest top and shorts or jeans or maybe even leggings! 

5. Love dresses like this, but i like tight dresses too but i've always had big hips so a dress like this goes with my figure better! 

6. Ahh love these sandals! So cute! They would go with pretty much everything. And i think the back of the sandal is ideal!

7. I love leopard print! So these sun glasses are perfect! Love them!

Cute Summer Clothes

I LOVE clothes from Next, Winter, Summer and Spring! So i thought i would do a post on the outfits/items i love from Next.

1. White Denim Jacket.
I think this is so cute and fashionable! Would go with anything, Jeans, T-shirt, Dresses or a playsuit! Not sure about it being white with my kids though haha. Maybe i would go for a light blue colour! There are 3 colours to choose from! 

2. Summer Dress.
This dress is absoloutley gorgeous! looks so light and comfy for these active kiddies! 

3. Denim Shorts.
The bow on these shorts is adorable! And i love how the shorts are folded on the bottom too. So cute.

4. Jumpers.
Ahh i'm in LOVE with these two! The colours are gorj! And i just love tops like this :-)

5. T-shirts & Leggings outfits.
Absoloutley love the flowery design. But love the pink colour too! 

6. Buttlefly Pocket Jeans.
These jeans are adorable i think. Can deffintley see Mia and Elliw wearing these :-)

7. White top.
This looks light and comfy for a lovely summers day i think! Would look lovely with Denim skirts or Leggings or even jeans! 

8. 2 Tops.
These two casual tops are gorgeous! Lovely with Jeans.

9. Bodywarmer
Omg. How gorgeous is this?! Ideal for long sleeved tops or a hoody, and would look adorable with jeans or skirt and tights! 

10. Blue outift.
I have got this outfit for elliw as a present from someone on her birthday/Christening. It's absoloutley gorgeous i think! The colours are gorj! and the leggings is the part of that makes the outfit look best!

11. Peppa Pig Outfit.
Love tops like this. I think theyre quite unique and different. :-)

12. Flower Top with tights.
Lovely top/outfit for summer i think :-) Would even look great with jeans.

13. Top and jeans outfit.
Ahh in love with this outfit! Think it looks so nice and summery! Can just imagine Elliw wearing this now wearing white sandals! So cute! 

Slimming World

I had my weigh-in yesterday in Slimming World. To be honest i thought i would have either lost 1/2lbs , maintained or gained weight. I did brilliant all week except for the weekend i kind of had a pig out haha! Well i had my weigh-in at 7pm & i lost 1 1/2lbs! I was so shocked and so happy! 
All together now i have lost 10 1/2lbs :-) 

To anyone who thinks that Slimming World is just a group full of old 'fat' people... (i've heard alot say that) Let me just say, i am 20 years old (not old) , all different ages. Yes we are over-weight & we are not happy about our bodies, but atleast we are doing something about it! Slimming World is a GREAT support especially when you stay in group, you meet lovely people! No one judges you. No one laughs at you. We all help each other out. We give eachother ideas for recipes etc!

It is ALL about Food Optimising! But moving/exercising does help alot! Even if it is just cleaning the house, going up & down stairs, walking to the shop, walk to the park with the kids, shopping etc!

Since the weather is so nice, i try to go out for a walk as much as i can, in morning and afternoon! I also try to keep myself on my feet constantly through out the day and only sit down for breakfast, dinner and tea! oh! and if i have a snack in the day. 

When the weather is a bit cr*p try do some sit ups & press ups or still go for a walk/run if you are really determined! 

Slimming World is not one of those very strict diets! You get to eat what you want when you want. Ok obviously there are some foods you can't eat really but it all depends with how much syns you use! You can use 5-15 syns a day.

If you are thinking of joining, then i say, DO IT! :-)

Our typical evening.

Once Iwan comes home from work, we do the same routine every single evening. 5pm - 6pm Kids have tea. 6.20pm - 6.30pm Kids go to bath/bed. Then we cook our tea or i cook tea while Iwan goes to shower. We sit down to have tea and watch our typical Soaps. One thing i'm lucky to have with Iwan is he likes soaps!! Haha. These are what we watch...


i LOVE watching this. I have to watch it every single night! Plus you get great Eye Candy in it ;) and YES! They finally won some soap awards this year (2013) YAY :D They deserve it! 

@ 6.30pm Channel 4 OR @ 7.00pm E4

Ive been watching Eastenders for years now. Remember the first time i watched it was in my Nains. Just mad how many years ive been watching it and growing up with some of the actors in it! 
@ 8.00pm Mondays & Fridays on BBC 1 
@7.30pm Tuesdays & Thursdays on BBC 1
@ 10.00pm on BBC3 Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays.

Yes, i know this is old! But Iwan got me to start watching it on LoveFilm & i'm addicted! 
We are on the last series now :-(! We watch 2-3 episodes a night.

Wall Posters.