Planning A Day Out.

I love going out for the day, especially when its all four of us. Better than staying at home doing nothing isn't it? I just wish I could drive so I could take the girls to more places. With Iwan being in work full time and only get most weekends off it's quite hard to go for days out but we do try to go as often as we can. Planning a day out can be very simple and often cheap if you think ahead!

1. Where to go.
First thing first, you need too choose where you would like to go. Maybe you need to book tickets to that place, or maybe it costs quite a bit so you will need to save money for the tickets. You got to try and think where would the children enjoy themselves mostly. Is it child-friendly? Will the children get bored quick? There is all kinds of things to think about. Also there are loads and loads of places to choose from too. From swimming, the park, theme parks and many other places. If you're stuck you can easily check online or check the leaflets in your local shops or supermarkets.

2. When?
You got to make sure you're going to go when everyone is free. Maybe go at a time where the place won't be packed. Less people there are the more you will enjoy yourselves.

3. Saving.
Maybe the place you have chosen to go is quite expensive to get in, so you will need to save money and save some spending money too whilst you're out for the day. Otherwise in most places such as the park you won't need money to go out, you can easily leave your purse or wallet at home and save money whilst you're enjoy a lovely day out.

4. Back up.
If you've decided to go outside for a day out and it decides to rain on the day, try and think of a back up or a second choice? This is so you have no disappointment!

5. Food.
Most places when you go out either have restraunts or café's around but it would be much cheaper to bring your own picnic. All children love picnics! Little adventure for them.

Do you plan ahead before you go out for the day?

We Are Planning A Holiday

I have never been abroad before. However, Iwan has. Iwans parents own a house in Thailand, which me and the girls will go there one day! I have been thinking past few months that I would love to take the girls to Disney Land. So I have been looking at prices online and the prices are ridiculously expensive! So I am going to a travel agents soon to see if I can pay monthly or any other way.

Before we go on our very first holiday abroad as a family I really really would like to loose another 3 stone as then I will be near by target. I want to feel comfortable and enjoy myself. Not worrying how I look. I really can't wait to go abroad. I've always wanted to go New York, and now I have a cousin who lives there which is even more of an excuse to visit NY.

We both feel like we really need a break from here. We would love to go away for atleast a week or more. I really can't wait to go to Thailand with Iwans parents. It will be really nice to go somewhere, not worry about a hotel and just enjoy ourselves and relax.

Anyone have any tips on planning a holiday?

Daddys Little Helper.

Elliw loves being nosey at what other people are doing. Iwan was sorting the garden out on Bank Holiday (26/05/2014) and Elliw was constantly in the window looking at him, so when it was safer for her to go, he told me to put her boots on and let go out with him. I had a peep through the window to look at what she was doing and thought 'I just have to take a photo'! She looked so cute.

She loves trying to help her Dad! Copies nearly everything he does. She kept trying her best to pick the wheelbarrow up ha ha! She also took her Dad's small shovel spade and picked mud up and put it in the wheelbarrow - so cute!

She loved him pushing her around in the wheelbarrow, but she got fed up in the end. Oh and her trousers were filthy after this too!!

Elliw is a proper Daddy's little girl. She looks exactly like him - nothing like me! She was out with him for ages. Even had dinner outside with her Daddy which she loved doing. But gave him a row everytime he tried to steal a crisp of her ha ha. Elliw had a very full-on busy day!

Bank Holiday Family Afternoon.

Mia came back early on Bank Holiday, and I was really looking forward for a family day out! She came back about 2pm and we all got ready and off we went by 3pm. The sun was still shinning, and it was still warm. I dressed the girls in pretty pink dresses with little white cropped cardigans with frilly white socks and summer sandals! They actually looked like twins, it was so cute!

We decided to go to Beddgelert, which is about 10-15 minutes away from us. When we first got there, there wasn't anywhere to park, I was gutted. So Iwan drove out of Beddgelert then we decided to try again just incase, and luckily we got a parking space straight away!
I love going to Beddgelert, it is such a lovely walk! Last year we went with just Elliw because Mia was In her Dads, so I was a little too excited for all 4 of us to go out as a little family. We don't get much family days with Mia because she is in her Dads every weekend Saturday until Sunday, but when she is home and Iwan is off, we try to have a family day out as much as we can.

It was really busy, loads of people walking and loads of people were in the river too! The girls got soaked after playing in the river. They really enjoyed themselves that's the main thing.

The girls were so tired after their afternoon outing. I was tired watching them!

What did you get up to this Bank Holiday? Link up your posts in the comments if you have written a post.

Link up your Linkys/Blog Hops.

Do you own a linky/blog hop? Or know of any? Then please link it below! I am looking at joining much more linkys. Since being away for a bit I've been thinking of what kind of changes I need to make with my blog too! Any linky for any day would be much appericiated please! :) Thank you!

We are Back!

Hello! Hope everyone is well! I am finally back blogging! Look forward to reading all your blogs, I actually can not wait to read them all! I've missed blogging loads but I have been so so busy and I knew If I would have carried on blogging and the other things I was doing - I would be way to stressed, so I decided to have a little break. We have been really struggling with money, so I thought i'd start my own business again. Yeah, I know I have people probably talking behind my back with me starting the business again but at the end of the day - at least i'm getting of my arse and trying to make money for my family. I have been extremely busy with the business tbh! I've been having mails every day, all day! That is one of the main reasons I decided to take a break! So I hope you all enjoy the next few posts I have scheduled for you all :)
We have been up too so much!

P.s- Thanks for all the readers still viewing my blog whilst I was taking a break. :)

ShopletUK Review

We were kindly given a chance to review another few products for ShopletUK. If anyone knows me personally or really well over the web then you'll know that I love stationary. Since I was a little girl i'd love new pen and paper!
We got to review their Avery Magazine Rack, Blake Juice Peel and Seal Envelopes and Touch Velvet Envelopes. Here is what I thought about the items we were sent;
 This is the Avery Magazine Rack we were given to review. This rack fits A4 sized paper with 7.8cm width x 25.3cm depth x 32.3cm height. I will find this very handy to keep some magazine or even some of my papers. Since I've not long started a business, something like this would be ideal to keep all my order papers. You can get these as a pack of 6 on their website.

These peel and seal envelopes look gorgeous to look at don't they?! Well these envelopes are deffintley going to get the attention of whoever you are sending them too! I'm not too sure about sending them to someone professional as it has the sayings in the corners. However you can get ones with no writing, so I wouldn't mind sending that. But i'm sure some proffesionals will have some humour right?!

This one was my favourite!

 This is one thing I do LOVE about envelopes! The peel and seal! I absoloutley hate licking back of envelopes to close them, I always get a paper cut. Peel and seal is so much easier and much quicker.
You can get these on their website here.
Yet again, I wouldn't send these to a professional, however I love the velvet feel to these envelopes. They feel really strong and not cheap stuff either. These have also got the peel and seal too.
You can get these envelopes here.

Also, why not check out their other products over on their website here.

My Big Brave Girl

On Tuesday, 6th May Mia my eldest daughter had her 2nd paediatric appointment at hospital. If you haven't read my previous post a few months ago about it then here is a little bit on why she is with the paeditritian;

Nearly 2 years ago, Mia stopped going to toilet (poo) she has probably only gone properly about 5 times in 2 years. Doctors wasn't much help, gave us some movicol to try, didn't work first time. Second time she was put on the severe chronic constipation. It cleared her but she would go back to how she was after 1-2 weeks. September time we put it down to Lactose Intolerance so we took her to doctors and he told us he will refer her and to keep her dairy free. We had the appointment and talked to a dietitan too. We carried her on being dairy free for about 3-4 months. We were due her next appointment in March, we heard nothing so I phoned up and they hadn't even sent a letter but anyway they made her one and she had one on 6th May. The reason is, she never goes to toilet for a poo. She does for a pee most of the time, has he odd normal accident if she was too slow but for a poo, never does. She constantly does In her underwear all day every day. She still wears nappies to bed and every time I change her it's like changing a 6 month old baby all over again. Its not how a 4 year old little girl should be like no? It's really hard to deal with especially having a 2 year old wanting to potty train too! I got through loads and loads of knickers for her weekly you wouldn't believe me. We also go through 7 packs of wet wipes a week. Loads of people have told me, 'Be more firm' , ' Tried a reward chart?' , 'Praise her more' , 'Put youre foot down more'.. and so on... It really hurts me when people say things like that but I don't blame them because they don't know how hard it is, they don't know how stressful it is. So I can't blame them. However, I have tried all of them - nothing works.

So, on 6th May I took mia out of school that day and Elliw was with her Nain. I decided to ask Mia's nain on her Dad's side to come with me because Mia goes there on the weekends. We reached the hospital and we got Mia a magazine. She key questioning me on where we were going, so I told her we needed to talk to doctor. She is so scared of doctors but I reassured her it was only talking. So we called in to the paeditritian, we talked. Then she wanted Mia to lie on the bed too feel her tummy, no chance. So she sat on me knee instead and she did it like that. The un expected came.. We got told that Mia needed 3 blood tests. I was so nervous, my heart dropped. I know how she is having injections. So anyway, we went to Minffordd Ward in the hospital and we went into this child-ish friendly room where the TV was on with Peppa Pig so she happily sat on the bed to watch it.

There was a nurse and a helper, they asked me to lie Mia down, she instantly knew what was happening. I had to hold Mias legs down and Kath held her on the top half. It was horrible. She screamed so much. But because she was movin her hand so much - the hand they wanted to take blood from, it scratched her vein so they had to get a doctor to come and take her bloods instead.

She calmed down and even asked us 'Not doing it again no mam?' Was horrible.

The doctor came in, and there we go again she screamed, kicked and screamed even more. It was a nightmare. Felt like hours but only took abut 5 minutes I think. She was soaked from sweating so much for being so stressed and scared. But it is going to be worth it because she is getting tested for 3 things. So very soon we will know what is wrong.

She was very happy and hyper about 20 minutes after, didn't stop talking! She kept reminding people she was a brave girl, which she was/is!

Very proud of her.

Frozen Is Taking Over!

Frozen has actually taken over out household. Every day I will hear the song 'Let It Go' or 'Can We Build A Snowman'. Even though I absoloutley love these songs and I love the film, it does get quite annoying sometimes especially when the girls sing the wrong words then when I sing it to them I sing the wrong words too because im used to their words, understand? ha ha!

When this DVD came out, I couldn't wait to buy it. Firstly, I went to my local Co-Op shop and they were sold out, I went there a week or two later and they had them back so I just had to buy it! Mia was in her Dads until that evening so I waited until the next day to put it on because I know the girls wouldn't go to bed until late if I had put it on that evening. I really couldn't wait.

Ever since we first watched it, we have it on daily (nearly) the most we've had it on is around 5 times all day! I love Elliws version, she will close the door, sit down on the floor and pretend she is Anna singing 'can we build a snowman' in her own words/language. It is so cute!

When Mia and Elliw sing 'Let it go' they will go on their sides, bend their knees a little, put their hand in their hair and sing 'let it go' ha ha. Mia is older so she role play's the film daily because she understand quite a bit more. I love watching them copy the film. Shows how grown up their becoming.
Have you or your little ones watched Frozen?

Frozen DVD Giveaway!

If you haven't watched this DVD yet then you've probably heard its really good? Well this DVD is a big hit in our house, so I thought why not give one of my readers a chance to win this fab DVD?! All you have to do is read the Terms & Conditions before you enter :-) Good luck!

Giveaway starts on 8th May 2014 at 9pm and finishes on 16th May 2014 at 9.30pm.
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Winner gets 48 hours to reply, if they do not reply within 48 hours another winner will be chosen.
Please do not cheat, as I can see who has entered what etc.
Details of postage etc will be discussed with me and the winner.
UK entries ONLY.

* I have not worked with any company to do this giveaway. My own money is being spent on this giveaway for one lucky winner.

Free Advertisement Giveaway!!

This is my 2nd giveaway for my lovely readers. There will be TWO winners! The first winner will have a Top Banner and the 2nd winner will have a free advertisement on the side. Hope this makes sense to you all? It is quite a simple giveaway to enter, so I hope you all join in :-) All you have to do is read the red writing on what you have to do :-)! Good Luck!

GumiGem Giveaway

This is Life-As-Mum's first giveaway for celebrating One year for my blog! Excited! This giveaway is to give one of my lovely readers a chance to win a Pendant & a Bangle of your choice from the brilliant GumiGem! Which you can find here. How fab is that? All you have to do is read the Terms & Conditions and then enter the giveaway by doing the rafflecopter below.

Terms & Conditions.
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News For My Lovely Readers.

As you might know my little blog is turning One Years Old on Monday, 5th of May! To say a huge thank you to all my readers I am going to do a giveaway daily for nearly a week. Most of the giveaways I am buying myself to say a massive thank you. Here are the Giveaways I am doing this week, starting tonight at 9pm -

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I hope you are all looking forward too these as much as I am!
I am also hoping to meet new readers through doing this and find new blogs, really looking forward to it :-)

The very exciting part..

I am in the middle of sorting out and choosing which one to go for. More too come soon... ;)