2015 is coming to an end and I thought it would be a good idea to write a post and gather all the main things that have happened through the year. There hasn't been a lot of change through 2015 but there has been some exciting news to end the year. We came into 2015 with snow and it doesn'…

We Have Some News! - Pregnancy Announcement

I was due on 1st November and I didn't come on. I had negative tests and a negative blood test from the doctors but 16 days later, I just had that feeling. So I took another test and that was when I had the positive test! Yup!

We are expecting baby number three!
I will be writing how I have be…

Our Christmas 2015

First of all, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. My girls have been super excited for Christmas this year. Mia has really understood Christmas and Santa a lot more this year. I finished my wrapping around 12:30am Christmas early morning. We were then woken up at 6am by Elliw then at 6.30am by Mia. They saw their filled stockings hanging on the side of the bed so they both went into Mia's bedroom and excitedly opened them. We all then went downstairs by 6.45am. The girls were super excited to see so much presents.

We let them open a few presents then we had a break for breakfast. Then they carried on opening the rest of the presents. After they finished opening the presents in the living room we took them into the front room which had their new kitchen, easel board and a really cosy huge cuddly caterpillar.


Just Another Linky #35

 W E L C O M E
Welcome to #justanotherlinky week #35! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas! I also hope everyones keeping safe from the floods! I was supposed to spend Christmas with my side of the family today but the floods are awful where they are so we have decided to keep safe and stay ho…

Making Your Home 'Rainy Day' Proof

Kids love to be entertained at all times, whether it’s glorious sunshine or a dismal downpour that won’t let up. The great outdoors generally provides its own entertainment with parks, beaches and shopping centres taking the ‘entertaining’ pressure off you, so it’s sensible to have a backup plan in mind for when the weather isn’t playing ball.

This means that you need to get creative in your own home to make sure your little ones keep out of boredom-induced mischief. Here’s a list of methods to make the most of your space for those miserable, rainy days.

A tiny hideaway

It takes a small amount of effort and money to spark the imagination of children. Adults in this day and age grew up with very little in the way of technology, having to rely on overactive imaginations and being easily pleased – wouldn’t it be nice to take your children back to simpler times? Minus iPads, mobile phones and Peppa Pig?

This is where making dens comes in…

Whether they opt for a kitch tipi made from old bed sheets and anything to hand that can hold it up, or a tower of cardboard boxes to hide from the world, this will occupy their minds for a few hours leaving you get some stuff done or put your feet up!

Junior GBBO

What’s not to love with baking? With enough ingredients in your cupboards, you could spend an entire afternoon attempting fairy cakes, cookies or even a fish pie! The eager anticipation of watching something rising in the oven will have the children excited and hungry for the tasty treats in store.

Dreambaby® Adjusta-Car Shade Review

Keeping baby and child happy in the car is a bonus when you are planning to travel with car. Especially during those sunny summer days where the sun is really shining through the car windows. It's a great idea to buy a car shade for the back windows for baby and/child. We were recently given two car shades to review from Dreambaby®. The Dreambaby® Adjusta-Car Shade™ Stretch-It, Shape-It, Fit-It™ is a new car shade which is a little different to all those other car shades.

Vine House Farm Bird Feeder Review and Giveaway

It's always nice doing things together as a family, especially during the holidays. We were given a box of DIY Bird Feeder from Vine House Farm to review. The weather has been pretty awful for us recently so I have decided to wait until after Christmas to do the bird feeder with the girls, so …

Christmas Countdown

When Mia was born in 2009 she was only 20 days old for her first ever Christmas. All she did was sleep, feed, cry, dirty nappy and sleep again. That is all she could do. She had lots of cuddles off family though. This year has been different. She has actually started a countdown. First off she cou…


I was contacted by Redrow to see if I wanted to take part in their #VeryMeThisChristmas campaign. They wanted me to share a post and a photo that captures the story of my blog. I love telling people how and why I started blogging. It has changed my life. So if you are interested in my story, then …

My Sunday Photo

Just Another Linky #33

Welcome Welcome back to week 34! How exciting this is the last linky before Christmas and we have one more until 2015 ends! How mad is that? I hope you have all had a fab week and finished your Christmas shopping! I would also like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and I hope you all have an amazi…

Life Just Gets In The Way

You may have noticed in the past couple of months I haven't been posting as much. I usually post on a daily basis but the past couple of months my posts have been a bit everywhere and they are mostly just reviews and so on. Life simply just gets in the way sometimes. It won't sound big or …

Christmas Concert

This year is different to any other school year. This year is Elliw's first ever Christmas concert. To think last year she was sat in the pram watching Mia and this year she is a part of it. But it was a little different this year. I was really looking forward to watching both my girls on the same stage on the same day and night, but the school decided to do the Nursery Class concert separately. Which did work out better in the end, even though we had to spend more for tickets.

The first concert was Mia's on the 10th December. Mia had been going on for a while that she is an alien in the Christmas concert. I wasn't quite sure why there were aliens but it was a part of their show. I must admit the show was fantastic. The singing was great - they also sang their own version of the famous 'Let it Go' by Frozen. Fantastic. They also sang the welsh version of 'Hallelujah' which was fantastic and gave me goosbumps. The only downfall was Mia was stood behind some really tall kids (a year older than her). It was a shame because I couldn't really see Mia singing or take proper photos of her either. There were some times when we couldn't see her at all because the children in front were so tall and actually stood right in front of her. But other than that, the show was fantastic.


Pampers Baby-Dry Pants Review

There are many choices of nappies and pants to choose from for our babies and toddlers these days. We all want the best for our children and from my experience, nappies are different for every child. Many parents have to switch nappies because of leaks and the nappy not being able to hold the baby's or toddlers pee/poo. Especially when they are on the go with crawling or learning to walk it's important to have the right nappy for our child.

When the child is on the go you can start using pull up pants. These are much easier to get on and a help for the start of toilet training. We were given a pack of size 6 Pampers Baby-Dry Pants for us to try out and write a review. With the stretchy and soft material these pants sure are comfortable for toddlers on the go. We chose a size 6 for Mia. When she wore pants to bed she would pee quite heavily during the night and we had always bought another brand so I was interested to see how these Pampers Baby-Dry Pants would hold. Mia said they were very comfortable on her to wear and she had no leaks during the time she wore the pants.

Elena Miro Top House of Fraser Review

I was recently sent a lovely from House of Fraser. The top is from the plus size range on their website. With 3/4 sleeves and a lovely design flower pattern on the front. House of Fraser offer a good choice of plus size clothing on their website. I would personally say you would need a thin vest top underneath the tunic top because the silk-type material in the front is pretty thing. The back of the top is grey and a bit thicker material and so are the sleeves. The back is longer than the front of the top which is something I always look for in a top.

Our Weekend Away in Birmingham with Travelodge

My partner and I went to Birmingham for a long weekend to review the Travelodge hotel. Birmingham is around 3 and a half hours away from us so we didn't arrive at the hotel until around 8pm. On our way down I phoned Travelodge to tell them about our late check-in and the woman behind the phone was really nice and said it was fine and she would check us in then.

When we arrived in Birmingham we parked in the multi-story car park which costs £15 every 24 hours. Travelodge gives you discount if you park there and stay at their hotel. We were there for two nights and the ticket cost around £11 instead of £30, which isn't bad. When we finally arrived at the hotel, which is a two minute walk from the multi story car park, we were greeted by a friendly man behind the counter. He gave us the cards for our room and explained to us about breakfast times.

We had to use our cards to go in the lift. Our room was a decent size with the usual double sized bed, desk with kettle, cups, tea and coffee, a place to hand your coats and clothes and a flat screen TV on the wall. The bathroom was the usual toilet, sink and stand in shower. We did notice there was no air con in the room, so we did have the window open most of the night as it was a bit too hot for us. Before we settled in for the night we decided to go downstairs to the bar for a drink and something small to eat. They offered a late night menu which included things like chips, pizzas and onion rings etc. We didn't really enjoy the pizza but I guess everyone has different tastes in what they like.

Twistshake-Bottle Giveaway

There are so many bottles to choose from for your baby these days. We all want the best for our little bundle of joy don't we? Twistshake bottles want you to be able to give your baby the attention and time he/she deserves. The Twistshake bottle contains an innovative mixer next that dissolves…

Just another linky #33

WELCOME Welcome back to week number 33! We are getting so close to Christmas! This week, again, has been a very busy week for me! I've tried commenting a few posts. But I have read all, so don't worry :)! I hope you have all had a brilliant week. Me and my partner are off to Birmingham to r…

I've Been A Mam For Six Years

My eldest daughter turned six last Saturday so that means I have been a Mam for just over six years. I honestly can not believe how fast these six years have gone. Many things have happened in between the years. I was a single mam then I met my wonderful partner when Mia was roughly 15 months old.…

Lush T-shirt Review

I recently received a black t-shirt with the words 'Eat Sleep Blog Repeat.' from Lush T-Shirts. I felt that the t-shirt suited me well seeing as I am a Blogger. The t-shirt cost only £14.99 and comes in various colours such as Pink, White, Blue, Red and Black. Sizes are Small - XXL. The t-…

Stocking Fillers Under £10 For Kids

This year I have decided I am not going to buy cheap small toys for stocking fillers. I am going to concentrate on buying things they will use and get plenty of use of too. I have gone through a few sites and have gathered a few bits that will be great for stocking filler gifts for kids and all un…

Plans For Our Kitchen in Future

When my partner and I started looking for a house to buy we knew we wanted a decent sized kitchen. We have private rented two houses and both kitchens have been a pretty good size. The house we have bought and living at now the kitchen is smaller than the two previous houses but we are hoping that…

EYFS Resources Review

EYFS Resources offers many things for an early years setting such as resource packs, accountant help and much more. EYFS Resources also have other services such as a childcare start-up package, nursery school work and product branding and much more. EYFS Resourceses offers childminders, nurseries …

My Sunday Photo

My Sunday Photo

Just Another Linky #32

WELCOME Welcome back to week #32! I can not believe this linky is on its 32nd week! Time really has flown by. Right I have a confession to make... I am really behind in everything. I haven't had time to read posts this week due to personal reasons. Things haven't been good this week BUT I h…