How crazy is it that it's nearly 2018? This year has flown by, and I'm pretty sure that each year flies by even faster than the last. The kids are growing too quickly and as they say "the days are long but the years are short" and it's so true. One of my biggest new years resolution for 2018 is to concentrate on the house. I am already putting money aside to start saving for a few things, but I've also started a few things such as painting, decorating and sorting a couple of rooms out, ready for the new year. There are so many things I have on my list to do throughout next year, and I'm really excited to start it and write my journey too.

I'm aiming to re-decorate every single room in the house. By decorating, I mean doing all the painting, taking down wallpaper and painting those walls instead and even changing carpets in some rooms too, especially mine and my partner's bedroom and Freddie's bedroom too. I'm going to look into painting or replacing some Skirting boards too as some have gone really dirty and not so nice over the years. Especially that we still haven't replaced or even painted some since the previous owners were living here.

I've got some kind of theme in my head for the whole house. For our family room, which is the front room of the house, I'm hoping to get someone in to take down the horrible ugly bumpy wallpaper that we have all over the room and on the ceiling (yup, we have a wallpapered ceiling!). Then I am going to paint all the walls, some white and some navy blue. I never thought I'd like the colour navy blue on a wall until I started searching photos of family rooms on Pinterest. I'm also hoping that sometime next year, most of Freddie's toys will be up in his bedroom so we can get some of the room back, which will mean, a lot more space.

Also hoping to complete our hallway and landing. Our hallway is a nightmare at the moment. I'm having trouble finding space to keep all of our coats and shoes. They're just all over the place, and it doesn't give that warm, welcoming feeling when you walk into the house, which I really hate recently. I love walking home to a warm feeling - but right now, that's not happening. I'm also going to re-paint the whole hallway and landing to give it a fresh feeling. The walls haven't been painted since we moved in and I can't wait to completely transform the walls.

This post could go on and on. I could be here for hours to tell you all what I've got on my list to do. But I can save the rest for another day. I'm definitely going to be writing down about each room as it goes. Shockingly, our bedroom is going to be done in January as we are getting a new bed, so I thought it was the perfect time to finish decorating and painting our room - which I am so excited about.

Are you going to be re-decorating your home for the new year?

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All words and opinions are my own.


Sunday, 26th of November was the last day my little baby boy had his dummy. For some unknown reason, Freddie has all of a sudden stopped taking a dummy and he has been refusing it every since that Monday morning. At first, I thought it was his teeth or that he was unwell, but I think he's just weaned himself off it - which is good as we now don't have to worry about taking the dummy off him when he's older. But not so good as when he cries too much, there's no other comfort to help him calm down other than cuddles from my partner or myself.

Everything seems to be moving too fast. Not long ago he weaned himself off breastfeeding, now off the dummy and he's going through the stage of wanting to do things himself too. He hates sitting in the pram for too long, he loves to walk everywhere, he tries his best to put his shoes on himself and the rest. It's absolutely adorable watching him learn new things and especially, watching him grow up each day and I feel extremely lucky that I'm able to watch him every day. But my god, time is going too fast.

Everything seems to be going too fast recently. He's learning so much and changing so much too. He's so different to the girls, but still so amazing. Cheeky and such a comical little character, he's clingy but so cuddly too. He's definitely changed in the past few weeks and I feel lucky that I am able to watch him grow and learn new things each day as they pass. I feel so proud, of all three of my children. To think he was this small chunky baby 16 months ago. The one who kept me up for most of the night, feeding on demand and constantly wanting cuddles. I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Everything is changing. He's so amazing. 


I have a lot of memories from my childhood and something I love, is I have memories of playing games with family and friends. Nowadays most games are downloaded as apps on tablets and phones. But there are still tonnes of games out there where you can put down the technology and communicate and have fun with friends and family. Pass The Pigs have some hilarious fun games that are brilliant for parties. I, for one, definitely know that I will have tonnes of fun with these games over Christmas.

Having games that are different to the original kind of games are a lot more fun too. Mia's also getting to the age where she is starting to understand more about board games and although she still tries to make up the rules as she goes along, we can play games much better with her now than we used too. Playing games together brings out the giggles, possibly little arguments between the kids but most importantly, the memories.

Pass the Pigs comes in a handy travel case, pop into your bag and you are ready for a game anytime, so if you are traveling to see family it’s the perfect entertainment on the go. Pass the Pigs Party are ideal for when you want to play with family and friends at Christmas.

Pass the Pigs 
Hours of fun are guaranteed with this exciting Pass the Pigs game. Perfect for taking on the road, the Pass the Pigs game comes in a handy travel case, so there’s never a dull moment to be had!
Pass the Pigs is a game of skill for 2-6 players, it comes with a handy carry case, 2 pencils, 2 pigs and a pocket-sized score card.
Suitable for ages 3+ and available for £9.99rrp.

Pass the Pigs party
·The version for party animals! Now there are EIGHT pigs in the game to play with. Roll your piggies to try and be first to match the position on your card, get bonus points if you do it on your first go! Be the first to rack up 100 points. £14.99rrp.
o 8 small plastic piggies (four pairs)
o Deck of 30 cards

o Carry case

Now the lovely people behind Pass The Pigs are kindly giving away two of their games (the ones mentioned above). If you're interested to be one of the two winners, please read the terms and conditions, then enter the Rafflecopter below.

Terms and Conditions:
1. There are two winners - Winners game will be chosen at random by me (Life as Mum)
2. Winners will be contacted on the 7th of December and will need to reply by the 10th of December so your prize can be delivered to you in time for Christmas. 
3. If there is no reply from the winners within 10 working days, another winner(s) will be chosen.
4. Prize is ONE of the games mentioned above.
5. Winner will need to provide their name and address before the 10th of December, when contacted by me on the 7th.
Giveaway ends on the 6th of December 2017

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The family room is where everyone loves to get together, discuss their day, hang out and enjoy each other’s company. It’s fair to say that a considerable amount of time at home is spent there when not cooking in the kitchen or relaxing in your own bedroom. Because of this, the decoration and furnishing of the family room matter, as the space must be an inviting enough to make you want to spend time there.

Here are a few ideas for making the family room better.

Protection from the Sun

With family rooms that manage to get a good amount of natural light, there’s sometimes a need to reduce the amount of sun shining in to make it bearable once again. This is especially true with second-floor rooms that catch the full blast from the sun during the early to mid-afternoon and don’t begin to cool down until later in the day.
A set of solar shades that pull down is an excellent way to still let some light shine through while blocking out the strongest sunlight to make it more bearable. Solar shades come in many patterns, so it’s possible to pick one with a design that matches the overall design in the room.

Putting Your Feet Up

For many people, getting to put your feet up on a footrest is about pure relaxation. It doesn’t matter whether they’ve been on their feet all day or they just enjoy the sensation of elevating the feet up off the floor. Chair recliners are the best option if you find that you want to use a footrest often, which avoids needing to move a separate footrest around (or share it with other people when there’s not enough to go around).
The advantage of a separate ergonomic footrest is that reclining chairs are more likely to malfunction when compared to non-reclining ones, purely because there’s a working mechanism at play and parts that can go wrong from prolonged use. Also, you can choose a footrest that is as plush and padded as you personally prefer, as the ones attached to reclining chairs aren’t always that comfortable.

Paintings Give the Room More Character

Hanging a framed painting or print on the wall adds considerable character to the space, depending on what is depicted in the imagery. There are hundreds of thousands of images to choose from with art that’s now printed at high-quality on a canvas or art paper and hung in an attractive frame.
Whether its personal portraits, landscapes, seascapes, or water-based scenes that put a smile on your face and fill you with happiness, the only issue is picking just one image to get produced, framed, and delivered to your door ready to be hung up.
The family room is, in many ways, the central meeting place for the family or a gathering spot for housemates who share the home. You want it to be inviting, welcoming and inclusive. These are all points that can be addressed with the furnishings, decorations, and imagery that’s hung on the wall(s).


If you're a reader of my blog, then you will know that I decided to breastfeed Freddie, my youngest, for 15 months until he weaned himself off. However, I decided to bring in formula when he was around 10 months old, so we combi-fed from then on. He only had formula during the evenings, before bed so my partner could help by settling him into bed too. At 16 months he is still fed formula before bed, and so this Milk Monster that we have been given to review has come in really handy.

As most of us know, formula milk can only be left in a bottle for a certain amount of time, roughly up to 2 hours but it all depends on what it says on the back of the box too, so make sure you read that before setting the time on your Monster Milk. There have been a few times where Freddie will only drink a quarter or half of his milk, which then he will probably drink later on but it's always hard to remember how long it's actually been standing for. We have given him fresh milk in the past, which there probably was no need for.

But not only formula milk, it also includes breast milk too. I was unable to pump enough milk for a bottle, so I never had the experience of pumping. However, any milk, formula or breast, can have an increase of harmful bacteria if left for a long period. This is where the Milk Monster comes in really handy. You can add a timer and strap the silicone strap around the bottle/beaker, for you to know how long it's been there and how long is left until it needs throwing away. It glows in the dark and lights up when you press a button too, so there is no need to put your phone light or bedroom light on during night feeds.

The Milk Monster is available in four colours; Pink, Blue, Green and Purple. I decided to go for the Blue, as seen in the photos above and below. Also, what you probably realise is that we use a beaker. Freddie has never accepted a proper bottle, and so we bought a couple of beakers in the hope he would settle for one of those, and this is one of the three beakers he will take. He has one for his milk, which is the one in the photo and the other two are for his juice/water during the day.

- Silicone band
- Straps around baby's bottle/beaker
- Glows in the dark
- Outer shell and band is dishwasher friendly
- Available in four colours
- Splash proof
- Customise timer
- Backlit screen

These are priced at £12.99 which I find a very reasonable and affordable price.


When you start digging into it, hair is fascinating stuff. For one thing, it is considered the single fastest-growing natural tissue in the body. Secondly, you might be surprised to hear that your hair doesn’t just grow continuously; instead, it goes through different phases; sometimes it grows while at other times it rests. Lastly, of course, your hair is one of the most visible symbols of your diet; poor nutrition can result in dull, dry, fragile or thin hair. Eat right, however, and you’ll support your body in producing the healthiest head of hair possible.
But how do you eat for healthier hair?
Analysis of the components that make up hair suggest that between 65% and 95% of our hair is made from protein; namely keratin. Unsurprisingly, therefore, getting suitable levels of protein in your diet are important for healthy hair. Some experts have claimed that a lack of protein in the diet can produce “weak and brittle hair” and may even result in the loss of hair colour in more severe cases.
Great sources of lean protein in the diet include meat such as chicken, turkey or beef. Eggs and dairy products are also high in protein, as are many beans and pulses. If you’re struggling to meet your needs a range of protein supplements are also available.  
The second most common ingredient in hair is our old friend water. Studies suggest that water can be responsible for up to a third of a hair’s weight, so staying hydrated is crucial. The Eatwell Guide recommends consuming at least 150ml of water per day - roughly equivalent to between six and eight glasses of fluid.
Many of us know that iron is a key component of the haemoglobin in our blood. What most of us don’t realize, however, is that iron also has an important role to play in healthy hair.
One study that investigated patients suffering from persistent hair shedding or thinning found a direct link between the levels of iron in the body and the severity of their symptoms. The experts found that replenishing the body's iron stores - either through an effective diet or through supplementation - resulted in improvements in overall hair quality and health. That said, they were careful to highlight that the improvements seen took some months to achieve, so prolonged dietary support may be required.
Another study analysed 5000 women suffering from poor hair quality or coverage. Not only were participants asked to fill out a questionnaire detailing the problems suffered, but a detailed nutritional analysis was also carried out for each volunteer. The findings suggest that women with iron deficiencies are far more likely to suffer from some degree of hair loss when compared to women with normal iron levels. The experts summarized that “a low iron store represents a risk factor for hair loss”.
Fortunately, a range of foods are rich in iron. These include meat, fish and eggs, wholegrains, nuts and seeds.
Zinc is an incredible element that has far-ranging impacts in the body. For example, studies suggest that zinc plays an active role in maintaining a healthy immune system. It seems that supplementing with zinc can reduce the odds of catching colds and may even speed up recovery times in those suffering from an infection.
Zinc also seems to play a role in the maintenance of healthy hair. A number of studies have shown that low levels of zinc in the body may be linked to hair loss, for example. One group of scientists reported on patients experiencing hair loss and prescribed them with a daily multivitamin. Despite this support, a number of individuals continued to experience symptoms.
The experts then supplemented their regime with 200mg of zinc three times a day. Within six months the hair loss reversed. Interestingly, the scientists also mention that hair loss was experienced again by some participants when they ceased taking the supplement, suggesting that an ongoing zinc-rich diet is important for hair health.  
Many sources of iron in the diet are also rich in zinc, such as beef, lamb and chicken. In addition, spinach, pumpkin seeds and mushrooms are considered great dietary sources.
It’s no secret that vitamins play a huge number of roles in our body, and it therefore should come as no surprise that they’re also critical for healthy-looking hair. While a range of vitamins are believed to make an impact, it is possibly the B vitamins that are best-known for their impact on hair growth. For example, vitamin B5 is believed to give hair strength and shine, which is why so many shampoos include it, while vitamin B7 is believed to help break down the proteins essential for hair growth.  
Eat a diet rich in whole foods, fruits and vegetables to ensure you’re meeting your daily requirement of B complex vitamins. Alternatively, a range of supplements are available to help easily boost your intake.
Today’s modern lifestyle, where we are all strapped for time and rely on pre-made and ready meals, can play havoc on our health - and our hair. Fortunately, we know enough to help reverse these problems and ensure your hair remains in the best possible condition. Drink plenty of fluids, eat a varied diet rich in meat, eggs, vegetables and whole grains and you’ll be heading in the right direction. Lastly, if necessary, consider supplements such iron, zinc and biotin for your best-ever head of hair.  
Thanks to Simply Supplements for providing this article. You can learn more about their biotin supplements here.

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Children’s bedrooms are an important element in the lives of our little ones. They provide a space for your child to relax and unwind, and make the perfect place to practice their hobbies and do some studying. Like all rooms however, child’s bedrooms can often start looking a bit bland and in need of an update, but what if you don’t have the time or resources for a full makeover? Take a look at these tips on the easy ways you can jazz up your little one’s room and get it looking good as new in no time!

Update the furnishings

More often than not, all a room needs for a quick spruce up is some new furnishings. Replace drab curtains and rugs with new, fun styles, and buy a new bedding set in a bright shade of choice. Cushions, throws and blankets with bold colours and patterns can instantly add a welcoming element to your child’s room, and make their ‘me time’ that little bit more cosy.

Update the bed

If your little one’s bed is showing signs of wear, it might be worth investing in a new bed as a sure fire way to jazz up the room. For the ultimate in fun bedroom decor, why not shop online for themed beds? This way you can embrace your child’s hobbies and interests by letting them sleep in a princess themed castle or bus themed bunk bed, and give the room that bold centerpiece it could be missing!

Paint a feature wall

Sometimes a lick of paint is needed to jazz up a space, so think about painting a feature wall in your colour of choice. Bright shades like blue are perfect for children’s rooms, adding a happy, uplifting feel while also having a calming effect. If paint isn’t your thing, you could also create a feature wall using wallpaper. There’s loads of great wallpaper styles out there with mural style designs that are sure to make the ultimate bold statement.

Add some artwork

If your child is a fan of arts and crafts, put their artistic side to use and decorate the walls in their room to create their very own mini gallery. You could put their best pieces of work in frames, or simply hang some wire across a wall and clip the pictures on for a cool, laid back look. The more their creativity is encouraged, the more it should flourish which is great for their growth and development! Photo collages are also a good way to brighten up a space, and can be created easily using a cork board and some pins.

Do you have any tips on how to jazz up your little one’s room? Let us know in the comments below!


For many years, since becoming a Mam, I am mostly seen in black. But for the past few months now I've been trying my best to colour up my wardrobe - by adding brighter colours and adding some slogan jumpers and t-shirts into the wardrobe too, which I love at the moment. When I was contacted by the lovely people at JD Williams, asking if I'd like to review some pieces of clothing, I instantly said yes. I chose three items, one winter coat and two jumpers.

Firstly, they have a great range of women's winter coats. I have a few winter coats at home, but either they don't fit me, or they look too plain. I have been looking for one that I really like, for a long time now. So, when I saw this gorgeous coloured faux fur trim parka I instantly fell in love. Yellow is my favourite colour at the moment and I thought the yellow faux fur around the hood went perfectly with the khaki coat. I was a little unsure of what size to get because I'm quite a large size and it's always a hit and miss when ordering online. I decided to go for the size that I buy from most stores, and I was apprehensive it wouldn't fit, or it'd be too big on the top half and maybe too tight around my hips. However, that wasn't the case. The coat fitted me perfectly, and I've been wearing it most days since it arrived. Many people have commented on the coat saying they like it and I just absolutely love it. It's so comfortable, and I'm over the moon that I finally have a winter coat that's warm, cosy and stylish at the same time.

Thinking about Christmas time and times when I go out for a meal with my partner, friends or family. I thought this beautiful black knitted jumper with ruffle sleeves was a perfect cosy jumper for special occasions. The ruffles are quite large, but I really like it. Although the jumper itself is plain as it's black, the ruffles on the sleeves take that 'plainness' away and add a stylish modern touch to the jumper. It's true to size and really comfortable too.

The last thing I chose was this really cosy grey 'Relax' slogan jumper. The material is the type that can itch your skin when it's on your skin but once worn it's not too bad afterwards. It's warm and so comfortable. It's stretchy, so not so tight on your skin. I absolutely love slogan jumpers at the moment, and the Relax word really brought me to choose this jumper. It goes well with most trousers such as black jeans or denim blue jeans. The perfect casual jumper to relax and feel comfortable in.

* I was kindly sent the items to review.
All words, images and opinions are my own.


I'm sure we all know who the adorable Pooh Bear is from Tales from Hundred Acre Wood. I'm also sure most of us have watched the Pooh Bear movies and read the classic storybooks too about Winnie The Pooh's adventures in the Hundred Acre Woods with his little friends, Tiger, Piglet, Eeyore and Christopher Robin. My eldest loved Winnie The Pooh when she was little, and one of her first ever Christmas gifts from me was a large Winnie The Pooh bear. However, it's not the classic Pooh Bear, it's the bright yellow bear with the red t-shirt.

We were sent the Classic Winnie the Pooh cuddly bear not long ago, and I have to admit, it's one of the softest cuddliest teddies ever. The fabric is fantastic quality and super soft. I love the fact that it's the classic Pooh Bear and it's absolutely adorable. At the moment it's in my bedroom kept safely, I'm in two minds of giving it to my youngest as a teddy, but I may wait until he is a little older when he can look after it properly. Although I'm in my mid-twenties, I do still love cuddly teddies.

This Classic Pooh Bear is the perfect gift for any new baby. It's so soft, it's suitable for newborns. It's such an adorable bear, and I'm sure your little one will have tonnes of memories with the amazing Pooh Bear.

Do you love Winnie The Pooh?


The moment I found out I was pregnant with Freddie, I was so excited. Mostly excited because he was my first boy as I've got two girls. Secondly, because I couldn't wait to start shopping for boys clothes. I'm absolutely obsessed with buying clothes, whether it's for Freddie or for my girls. My taste in children's clothing is probably totally different to a lot of people around my area. I absolutely adore little boys wearing leggings. I've got a few pairs for him, and my love for them started when a close friend of mine was wearing her little boy, my nephew, in them. Not only are they boy leggings, but most are unisex. Just like Lamb and Bear Leggings.

Lamb and Bear is a small business run by the lovely, Alex, who is also a blogger. She designs the leggings herself, and they are absolutely gorgeous and unique. Not only leggings, but she also has a swaddle blanket, sleepsuits and some adorable Mummy and Baby headbands - who doesn't like to match up with their kids? - I do! I was given a pair of the Midnight Leopard Leggings in size 18-24 months to review. As always, I was overly pleased with the leggings. I've had previously bought some leggings from Lamb and Bear when Freddie was younger and have also been given 2-3 pairs of Lamb and Bear leggings from a close friend, that were my nephews.

Her designs are so lovely and my all time favourites are the one we received, Midnight Leopard, Lamb and Bear Zip Sleepsuit, Quack Quack - Eclipse Leggings and the stunning Lamb and Bear Print Leggings. All of Lamb and Bears leggings are 100% cotton and they're great quality. As for size, I am pleased with the 18-24 months leggings for Freddie. He is 16 months old. However, he is a little big for his age. The 18-24 leggings fit him perfectly, with more room to grow into. As for the smaller sizes that I have previously bought myself, I did always go for the size bigger - but he was a very chunky baby! You can read more about her sizing for leggings here. I've always had lovely comments from people every time Freddie has worn one of Lamb and Bear Leggings. If you're unsure of how to style leggings, Alex has previously written a post about How To Style The New Lamb and Bear Collection.

Lamb and Bear is kindly giving 10% off her items if you use the discount code

* We were kindly sent these leggings free of charge in return for an honest review.
All words, opinions and images are my own.


Being parents we always seem to get the kid's bedrooms painted and decorated, but our bedroom still seems to be the last on the list. Our bedroom has had one lick of paint and one wall wall-papered for the past three years. However, the girls' bedroom has been decorated and painted 3 times in those 3 years and is currently having another makeover. With our bedroom being the last on our list of things to do, we just never seem to concentrate on it. This is all about to change in January. From January onwards, we will be putting our heads down and concentrating on getting this house done. Starting with our bedroom and I am so excited. 

We are getting a new bed and will be giving the walls a fresh lick of paint and taking down the black and gold wallpaper so we can paint the wall instead. I am really looking forward to seeing our bedroom lighter and feel bigger too - hopefully. I've got all kinds of ideas in my head at the moment, but I do know that it's going to be a dusty pink, grey and a touch of green/mustard colours. I'm really looking forward to brightening it up and putting our own stamp on in the room. We're looking for new carpets too - and I absolutely love the grey colour carpets, so that's another thing on the list of things to do. Here are a few of my tips on creating that perfect bedroom for you -

Add accessories to make it more 'homely' and comfortable. Your bedroom needs to be a room where you feel relaxed and comfortable, a room you can chill out in after a hard days work. You can add accessories to your bedside table, walls or even floors. It can be anything from hanging some greenery on your walls, placing a clock on to your bedside table or some cushions to your bed. 

Your bedroom is a place where you should feel like it brings out your personality. Don't be afraid to mix it up. Add some bright colours or if you're a person who likes plain colours, just go for it. You don't have to go for a particular theme, mix and match patterns and colours. 

Adding a personal touch to your bedroom can make it feel more like 'your bedroom' - if that makes sense? Possibly adding a wall mural where you can upload your own image from It can be absolutely anything, from a photo of your kids or a photo of your favourite animal. 

I absolutely love hanging photos on walls, shelves and desks. Photos make a room feel more personal, and if you're going to mix match things up, you can mix and match the frames by colour and patterns too. Not only photos, but you could also add some prints too. 

I personally find a carpet is a lot cosier in a bedroom than wooden flooring. Also having a rug on the side of your bed also adds to that finishing touch too. But if you do have wooden flooring, possibly adding a rug can make the room feel cosier and warm too. 

The bedding gives that finishing touch to any bedroom. So it's worth looking around for about 3 or 4 beddings that you like and bring out your personality in the room. You could either go for some bright colours, dark or light. If you fancy something more with a touch, there are tonnes of patterned bed covers out there. Not only that, but you could also add a throw and some cushions too.

* Collaborative post with WallSauce.
However, all words and opinions are my own.


Starting your period for the first time is very scary. I remember starting mine and I was petrified. I had no idea what to do or what to say. I used to hate each month as it came, I still do. However, periods change after having kids, and mine sure have after having three and breastfeeding too. Also, growing up without having a close relationship with my Mother, I never had that support that I wanted off her when I started. I grew up with my Dad, and I was just too embarrassed to talk to him about it. Luckily, his partner at the time was supportive. This subscription box from Betty is an absolute amazing idea for any girl starting and having their periods. Having something to look forward to each month, this BettyBox subscription box for girls is full-packed of things. You also get to choose if you want pads, tampons or a mix of both. 

When it arrived, I was instantly pleased about what the subscription box had to offer. It would have been perfect for when I was younger, but still now in my mid-twenties, I was pleased with the box and the items that were inside. There are four sections in the box: Treat box for you, little travel bag with some normal and thin pads, a box of normal pads and a box of night time pads. When you order a box, you get the choice of either pad, tampons or a mix. Each month there is a different treat box. I was interested to see what kind of treats were in the treat box and I can honestly say I was really impressed by them. In November's box there was; Chocolate Brownie Mug Mix (which was delicious), Pair of socks, Hairbands, Foot scrub, Sleep Tea and Microfibre Cleansing Cloth. I was really pleased with all the items that were in the box.

I personally think this subscription box is absolutely brilliant for every single girl. The box gets delivered to your door once a month, to bring some little enjoyment and happiness during that time of month. We can all feel groggy, miserable and discomfort when we're on our period, but this box will bring a smile on your face each month. A nice little treat to look forward to every month. The box is priced at a very reasonable £12.99 with free postage, which I think is a very affordable price with what is inside. They also use top branded pads/tampons. 

* I was kindly sent this item to review. All words, opinions and photos are my own.


Christmas time is so magical for kids but can be so stressful for us parents. Although I absolutely love Christmas, I still get stressed when it comes to buying Christmas presents for the kids. There are so many out there these days but not only that, I personally don't like to spend so much on a toy/item if I know it'll be just chucked under the bed and hardly played with through the year - or ever. But of course, there will be certain toys I don't mind spending quite a fair bit on if I know they'll play with it. I've gathered a few toys that are suitable for all ages from 5+ years.

Paw Patrol Sea Patroller
This is probably one of the must-have toys this Christmas. Paw Patrol have become quite popular this year. My Middle, Elliw, absolutely loves them. This Sea Patroller has been a huge hit in our house and is great quality too. A figure, vehicle and five other items also come with the Sea Patroller.

Ideal for ages: 5+ years
Amazon for £69.95 here

JOJO Siwa Microphone
If you haven't heard of JOJO Siwa/Bow, where have you been? Especially if you have school kids. JOJO Siwa has been so popular for the past few months, with those gigantic hair bows. There are now more products to add to the JOJO range. The microphone is one. It has the popular hit 'Boomberang' and lights up. Also has other additons. It'll be a huge hit for any child who loves to sing and loves JOJO Siwa.

Ideal for ages: 5+ years
Amazon for £19.95 here

PJ Masks Deluxe Figure Set
PJ Masks sure has taken over recently. They're so popular and really liked by many of the kids these days. This figure set is the absolute perfect gift for any PJ Mask fan out there. They are great quality and in my opinion, well worth the price.

Ideal for ages: 5/6+ years
Amazon for £21.80 here

As above, this is another product added to the JOJO Siwa range. This pretty cool headband and huge bow, with a rainbow colour hair strand, is perfect for any child who loves to dress up, loves to be colourful and of course, the JOJO fans too!

Ideal for ages: 8+ years

Despicable Me Minion Radio Control
If you're looking for a toy that your child is going to have hours of fun with, this radio control minion is the one! With three other characters to choose from too, including the unicorn from the most popular movie Despicable Me 1 & 2, you won't be disappointed. 

Ideal for ages: 5+ years
Amazon for £14.99 here

CocoBubble Bath Bombs and Soaps
If your child loves bath bombs, soaps and bath paint then these from Cocobubble are brilliant gifts to buy. They're all child-friendly and some even change the bath colour which my girls found really cool. Perfect for birthdays as well as Christmas gifts.

Ideal for ages: 6+ years (with adult supervision)
Prices and link on the review page.

Nickelodeon Experimake Superb Soap
If you have a child who loves to experiment and making their own things such as soap. This is the perfect gift. With all the ingredients to make their very own scented soap, this is bound to keep your child busy.

Ideal for ages: 8+ years
The Entertainer for £8.00 here

Any craft kids? They will absolutely love these Shrinkles. Let them colour the pictures in, all kinds of sets available to buy, then put them into the pre-heated oven and watch them curl and shrink in seconds.

Ideal for ages: 7+ years
Amazon for £9.75 here

Wentworth Puzzles
I am a huge fan of Wentworth Puzzles and personally think they are one of the best wooden puzzles around - for kids and adults. Their unique puzzle pieces are different shapes and sizes. Perfect for learning your child while they are having fun too.

Ideal for ages: 8+ years
Amazon for £26.00 here

Chubby Puppies
If your child loves animals and cute little things, these are perfect. With lots of playsets to add to the collection, I gurantee your little one will have lots of fun with these adorable Chubby Puppies.

Ideal for ages: 6+ years
Amazon for £22.99 here

Say goodbye to Fidget Spinner,s the MOKURU are now the new 'in' thing. The simple stick, is so addictive and I'm sure your child will love it - a perfect stocking filler.

Ideal for ages: 8+ years
Amazon for £8.58 here

Luna Petunia
This Luna Petunia doll has been a huge hit in our home. Elliw absolutely loves her, so has Mia. With colourful clothes and bright blue hair, this great quality doll will be a great Christmas present for any Luna Peunia fans.

Ideal for ages: 5-8 years
Amazon for £24.00 here

Tiny Treasure Dolls
These absolutely beautiful looking dolls are the perfect dolls to buy your little one this Christmas. If you have a child that loves to play 'Mum' or 'Dad', these dolls are perfect. With a real life newborn look and a good weight on them too, they are such fab quality and honestly worth the price.

Ideal for ages: 5+ years
Amazon for £53.08 here

Shimmer & Shine Magical Flying Carpet
Shimmer and Shine have become really popular in the past few months. It's a huge hit in our home as our middle, Elliw, is obsessed with them. She absolutely loves the flying carpet set. It comes with the two dolls - Shimmer and Shine.

Ideal for ages: 5+ years
Amazon for £33.59 here

My First Scalextric
This will be an absolute hit in any household I'm sure. But it can also be bought to see if your child is actually really interested in Scalextric, before buying the main big one. This My First Scalextric is perfect for the little ones and will bring hours of fun.

Ideal for ages 5+ years
Amazon for £29.98 here

Fred's Box
This is a monthly subscription box that goes through your letter box each month. It's full pack with up to date goodies. Their boxes are great and affordable.

Ideal ages 5+ years

Martina the Turtle
If you have a child that loves interactive animal toys - this turtle is perfect. She is absolutely adorable when she sings and she even moves too. 

Ideal age: 5+ years
Amazon for £19.98 here

Lottie Dolls
Lottie Dolls are the absolute perfect dolls for any child. They are much more child-like than other dolls and that's one main reason I much prefer them than the other ones. They dress and look like a proper child. With many accessories too, Lottie Dolls are perfect this Christmas.

Ideal age: 5+ years
Amazon for £18.99 here 

These adorable Shnooks have been a great hit in this house with both girls. The adorable shnook grows as you open her from the pack and shake. With wacky but soft hair, your child can brush and style her hair too! At a very reasonable price, this is a perfect gift for Christmas and even perfect as a stocking filler too.

These adorable Snuggle Rascals headbands are the perfect gift for any child who loves playing on the iPad/tablet or listening to music. Also perfect whilst travelling. It connects to a tablet and audio devices and the speakers are removable too. There's an adjustable velcro to close, which makes it extra comfortable on your childs head for fitting. Comes in 8 different designs from an unicorn, giraffe, plane, cat, monster and more.

Pitter Patter Pets Run rabbit Run Playset
You can turn the box into your very own little playset for your rabbits. It also comes with some little beds too. Both my girls have had hours of fun with these adorable little rabbits and its playset. Also contains a tunnel for the rabbits to go through and 3 carrots for them to much on. You can buy the Pitter Patter Pets Runs Rabbit Run Playset here

There we have it - 2017's Christmas gift guide for kids. Have you bought anything on the list for your child? 

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I have just featured them because I honestly do recommend them.
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* Price dates were taken on the 20th of November 2017.