Our Wild Night Out With Millets Outdoors

When I was contacted by Millets Outdoors to get involved with their Wild Night Out, I instantly said yes. I am someone who tries to encourage my kids to be outdoors and I'm pretty lucky that all three of my kids love being outside - especially my youngest. Whether it's sunny, miserable or rain, I don't think any type of weather should stop you going outside. There are many things to do outdoors with kids and I am happy to be involved with Millet's Wild Night Out this year.

I decided to join in by taking the kids outdoor camping in our back garden. When I told them that we were going to camp in the back they were super excited and couldn't wait. Luckily, we had some lovely weather which made the whole event even better. We were kindly gifted some items from Millets to help us with our little campout and the kids couldn't wait for me to put the tent up.

The Eurohike 4 Person Pop Up tent was super easy to put up and the kids helped me put it up, which they loved doing. After putting the tent up, I made the kids a little picnic and they wanted to eat it inside the tent, so we put out the picnic blanket and munched away on the picnic. While eating the picnic, we played some guessing games such as I Spy, Guess Who I Am and so on. I love playing games like that, it takes me right back to my own childhood.

The kids also played with some of their outdoor garden toys such as their golf kit, velcro tennis and they also just played around the garden. There's just something good about being outdoors in the fresh air, especially when the sun is out and the blue skies. We had some great fun on our Wild Night Out and have already planned another date to camp outside in the back too - the kids are so excited to do it again.

This is a collaborative post with Millets - we were gifted items.

Family Day Out in Chester Zoo

As it was Freddie's third Birthday last week, we knew we wanted to do something outdoors for his big day as he adores being out. So after a few weeks of thinking, we decided on visiting Chester Zoo on the Saturday before his birthday. All three kids were super excited when we told them that we were going to the zoo for the day. Freddie was full of excitement and telling everyone that he was going to see the animals such as elephants and tigers. But he also thought Fireman Sam was going to be there too, his favourite person at the moment.

We got up early to put our pup in a local kennel for the day and night as we knew we'd be later than 6pm arriving home. We also didn't want to rush home either. We were very lucky that the weather was warm and dry in Chester and one of the first things my partner and I said when we arrived was how shockingly busy it was. We only arrived half an hour after it opened and the car park was heaving with people and cars.

After paying and so on to enter the zoo I was so excited to walk around. The first animals we saw were elephants and anyone who knows me know that elephants are my all-time favourite animals. They are just beautiful. The kids were amazed and adored the baby elephants. We moved on and went straight to see the monkeys.

I must admitt, the rest of the day was on and off for us. It was very stressful with a nearly 3-year-old constantly trying to test our patience by running away from us and playing up every few minutes. Then also trying to please the elder two when we weren't able to properly because of Freddie. It was a difficult day but we also did enjoy ourselves at the same time. We are excited to again in a year or so when Freddie is a little older so he can appreciate it more and hopefully enjoy it more too.

Something Freddie did love was going on the little trains. He loved that you could see the whole zoo from the train and the girls were amazed seeing all the animals as we were passing them. The girls' favourite animals were the tiger, cheetah, lions and a few other animals they had not heard of before.

I thought to finish off this post is just to share some photos of our day.

Happy 3rd Birthday

It only feels like yesterday that I found out I was pregnant with my third (and last) baby. There was something special about being pregnant and knowing it was my last time I was ever going to grow a baby, feel movements and watching my bump grow each week. Also the excitement, nerves and all other mixed emotions you get during pregnancy too. It's crazy how time has just flown by over the years.

Just like my girls, I'll always remember the day I gave birth to Freddie and met my little boy for the first, held him in my arms and giving him the biggest cuddle ever. Straight when the midwives placed him on my chest, I remember looking up at my partner and telling him 'we have our boy!'. Even thinking about that moment right now is making me well up.

When I had Freddie, I felt like a first time Mam all over again. There were so many new baby items around and I was learning new things such as breastfeeding for the first time, suffering from sleep deprivation and just coping with life being a Mum of three. As each year passes all I am thinking is that whatever the milestone is, it's the last milestone I'm ever going to see from a child of mine and it's so sad to think. But it's also amazing at the same time watching my boy growing up every single day.

Freddie is a little boy who loves to test our patience, he's so fiery but he is cuddly, sweet and incredibly funny too. I've written monthly updates from 5 months all the way up to 18 months but haven't written any since. So I thought I'd just write a little update as part of his Birthday post.


Freddie hasn't had a nap since a couple of weeks before last Christmas. He stopped napping during the school Christmas holidays because we were so busy, there was never really a set routine as normal for him to have his nap. He got used to that and I didn't see the point in carrying on nap times in the New Year. Not only that, but I found if he did fall asleep during the day he was struggling to settle in the evening.

Bedtimes are great, with the odd evening or week here and there where he does play up or struggle to settle, but otherwise, he is great. We will put him to bed around 7pm and he will settle himself and sleep until the morning 7-8am, sometimes later and sometimes earlier.

He still loves to snuggle up in our bed in the mornings if there's time and sometimes he will even fall back to sleep. I love how cuddly he is! 

Freds is in age 3-4 years clothes and size 7-8 shoes. He absolutely loves his wellingtons, so rarely wears his trainers or sandals. Many say he is very tall for his age, but I see him average. He's quite big built, not overweight, but I think he looks perfect.

Development wise, his speech is getting on amazing. He is putting words together and is improving every single day. He is a mix of Welsh and English, which I love. He can count up to 10 with a little help. He's coming on really well.

He absolutely loves his yoghurts and is quite fussy with his foods! He still loves his pasta and his favourite is cheese. But just like his sisters, anything with sauces such as pasta sauce etc, he will not touch. It's quite a pain at times, but hopefully he will grow out of it. 

- Adores his wellingtons and wears them daily! 
- His favourite thing to watch is Sam Tan - Fireman Sam. 
- He adores being outdoors and especially jumping in puddles.
- He loves to copy his sisters do gymnastics - and can even do a roly poly.
- Loves his motorbikes, fireman sam toys and cars.
- He doesn't sleep in a sleeping bag anymore! But sleeps with a blanket fleece.
- Still loves to hold a hand when feeling tired or chilling on the sofa.

Happy Birthday Freddie x
Lots of love Mam x

Eco-Friendly Crafting With The Kids

Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay 

If you want to do more to save the planet than just your recycling efforts, there are ways you can
combine having fun with the kids, reusing rubbish and doing your bit for the environment. It is no
secret that the world is highly polluted with our everyday use of plastic, paper, and general waste
and if you want an alternative to just putting the right materials into the correct bins, then
earth-friendly arts and crafts might just be the answer. They are a great way to make your everyday
rubbish into something useful and beautiful as well as a lovely way to spend time with your children.
Here are a few ideas for your eco-friendly crafts. 

Make The Most Of Nature
Making things with pinecones, stones, and sticks is always fun, and you know you’re not at risk from
using anything harmful to the environment but simply enjoying nature. You can make pretty much
anything with materials you find in the park or the woods, try making stick men, jewelry or beautiful
pictures. Not only will you make some pretty crafts but also have a great time outdoors and teaching
your kids about nature. 

Reuse Bottles, Cans, and Jars
Making eco-friendly crafts teaches and encourages your children to care about the environment and
gain an interest in recycling. As you will know, plastics are a problem when it comes to pollution, this
problem is only getting bigger, and it is mainly prevalent in our oceans. Reusing bottles, cans, and jars
is a great idea when you want to make something with the kids, and these items are especially useful
for recycling into your own holders and containers. You could try a pencil holder, a plant pot, or a bird
feeder from a plastic bottle. Collect all your metal bottle cap, and you can create a bottle cap table or
decorate a tabletop for any part of your home.

Reuse Paper and Boxes
Any magazines and newspapers you have read can be reused as can cardboard boxes which take up
room in your house. Boxes are great for making things like dollhouses, or even just decorating a box
which you can then use as a memory box or to keep special things in. Magazines and newspapers
are good for making pencils, paper roses or paper mache 

Don’t Throw Away Your Clothing
There is no doubt that your wardrobe will be housing plenty of clothing that you no longer wear or your
kids have grown out of. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to throw them away. Using your old
clothing is a great idea for unique and beautiful craft projects. You could upcycle the clothing to wear it
again as something new or cut it up to make rugs, blankets, or toys. Take a look at the
Levi Strauss Foundation, which has some fantastic ideas for crafts that use denim. You could try
making coasters, aprons, dog toys, or bracelets with your old jeans.

Use Your Old Jewelry
You will probably have plenty of costume jewelry that you do not wear anymore, and this is also an
excellent resource for crafts. You can reuse the jewelry or make your own jewelry from items around
the house. You can turn old milk jugs into earrings and necklaces, use old nail varnish to create jewels
for rings and accessories and you’ll have new and unique pieces that no one else will have. You could
also decorate old frames, make magnets, or create a flower brooch tabletop decoration.

You might need extra supplies from the shop to make some of these fantastic creations you have in
mind, so be mindful of buying eco-friendly materials so as not to add to the problem.
Think plastic straw alternatives, environmentally friendly eco glue, recycled paper, All-Natural Craft
Paint, and reusable stickers. 

Remember, there are loads of items you’ll find lying around the house that can be used to make arts and crafts. For example, with an empty egg carton, you could make anything from a stylish jewelry box to a crocodile. Toilet paper and kitchen paper rolls are also great items for crafts, and you can make something as simple as a kaleidoscope and Minions to something as complicated as a Christmas wreath and toilet paper roll flowers.

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Easy Ways to Make Your Family Home Safer

As a parent, you’ll know how important it is to make sure that your home is as safe as it can be. It’s
the place where you raise your family, so you’ll no doubt want it to be a safe place for your children
too. There are lots of changes you can make in your home if you want to boost its safety and they
don’t all have to be particularly complicated. In fact, most are very easy and we’re going to discuss
some of the best now.

Keep Dangerous Products Locked Up

The home is full of things that are functional yet dangerous in the hands of children. The kitchen and
garage are particular danger zones in the family home. You want to make sure any chemicals and
cleaning products are safely locked away and out of the reach of your children. The garage with all
its tools and garden appliances should be off limits to them as well.

Add Window Stops

Windows also pose a risk. When you have small children, they’re often keen to climb anywhere and
everywhere they can. Clearly, that poses something of a problem to you because you don’t want them
climbing up to an open window and risking a potentially devastating fall. That’s why window stops,
which prevent windows from being opened more than a few inches, should definitely be used in your

Install an Electric Fire

You don’t need me to tell you that fires can be risky and scary when you have children running around.
No one wants to risk that kind of accident, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the ambience of a fire at
all. An electric fire offers you the ideal alternative so think about whether you should install one of these
in your living room. It could be just what you need.

Keep Humidity Levels Low and Prevent Mold

Humidity is something you can control in your home with the right tools. It’s one of those things you
should think about because it’s not just about comfort; it’s about safety as well. When humidity levels
rise too high in your home, mold can become a problem and mold spores have the potential to be
dangerous, so it’s something to think about.

Ensure the Right Alarms Are in Place

Finally, you should think about the alarms you have throughout your home. With the right alarms, you
can ensure your family is always kept as safe as possible. For example, you can ensure
carbon monoxide is detected fast and doesn’t become a threat. You’ll need a burglar alarm and smoke
alarms throughout the home too. All of these things are essential.

As all parents know, the home is littered with all kinds of potential dangers and doing everything you
can to mitigate them is essential. The ideas discussed above will help you with the process of
beginning to do that. Each of them will go some way to making your home a safer place for your

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How To Care For Your Car Tyres

If you're a car owner then you will know that it is very important to maintain your car tyres and make sure that they are in good condition, suitable for the road. Car tyres should be checked daily, if not, every time before you go out on a car journey, short or long. Although car tyres could stay on your car for ten years from the date they were manufactured, it's recommended they get changed every 5 years. You can get good quality car tyres from Elite Direct. There are a few other things to think about when maintaining your car tyres:

One thing to check is that your car tyre pressure is the correct PSI. If you are unsure of your tyre pressure for your own car, you should be able to find the recommended pressure in your owner's manual or on a sticker somewhere in your car. Normally it's recommended your tyres are between 30 and 35 PSI.

As well as the pressure in your car tyres, you should keep a good eye on your tyre treads. The legal tread depth minimum is 1.6mm but it's also recommended by professionals that you should change your tyres when they get to 3mm depth. If you are unsure how to check your tyre treads then you could always go to your local car garage to let them have a look for you.

Not only checking the pressure, quality and your car treads, but it's also important to keep an eye on feeling any unusual movements while you are driving. If your steering wheel is vibrating then it's very important to get your tyres checked as it can be very dangerous and also damage your car suspension.

This is a collaborative post.

You probably already know that the legal tread depth minimum is 1.6 mm. But do you know why safety experts recommend that we change our tyres when they get to 3 mm of depth? Car expert Jonny Smith demonstrates why millimetres make metres of difference.

Saving Tips To Buy Your First Home

When you get the keys to your own property, its extremely exciting. A new chapter of your life
where you can do what you want with your home without a landlord telling you different.
However, getting to this point isn't easy. You need to save a lot of money to be able to purchase
a property. Here are some saving tips that you might find useful.

Open A Savings Account

The best way to start encouraging saving is to open a savings account. You should make sure
that it's one you can touch until it matures so that it deters any temptations you may have
about dipping into the fund. A Help To Buy ISA is certainly worth having if you're either a
first-time buyer or looking to buy a new build. This means that you can add in a set amount
each month, and it ends up becoming another bill that you factor into your monthly expenses. 
a few years, you’ll have the full amount needed Do a bit of shopping around when it comes to
your savings accounts as banks will offer different rates of interest, amongst other perks for
you joining the bank for the first time as a customer. Whenever you get extra funds that you
weren’t expecting, it might be a good idea to have a separate account to the ISA where you
can put any extra amounts in. With the ISA, you are restricted to a maximum of £200 a month.
But you may have the ability to put in more than that every once and awhile.

Cut Down On The Luxuries
Luxuries are considered things you pay for outside your rent, your household bills, and food.
These luxuries are something you want, rather than need, and it can end up being costly each
month. Of course, it’s good to treat yourself every now and then, but it can stop you from
saving more money to go towards your first property. Look at your current outgoings and see
where you are able to make sacrifices. Gym memberships and monthly beauty appointments
can be the most costly, and you’ll be surprised by how much you can save over the year if this
money is going into your savings rather than into someone else’s pocket. Indeed it’s a sacrifice
for now, but it’ll all be worth it when you’ve got the money available to purchase your own home.
Remember, it’s only temporary!

Look At Housing Options
It’s worth looking into different housing options like build to order flats or shared ownership.
Wherever you choose to buy, there’s alternatives and hdb bto, Aug 2019 explains how to build
to order flats are becoming increasingly frequent. Depending on your financial situation, there
are a number of options available to you, so it’s worth exploring these even if you think they’re
not suitable for you.

Create a Side Hustle 
A side hustle is something that you do outside of work to earn an extra income. Everyone can
do it, it’s just about finding a talent or skill that you can profit from. Maybe you are a dab hand
at DIY? There’s plenty of platforms that you can take advantage of to sell your services to
households who need a handyman or woman. Or is art more your thing? Perhaps writing a blog
or a novel is your passion? Think about your talents and skills and you might find that you can
make some sort of income from it. Every little helps towards your financial goal, and a side hustle
will certainly come in handy. If you’re looking for some inspiration, then do a bit of good old
fashioned brainstorming to figure out what it is you are good and what can make an income.

Live Within Your Means
Living within your means is where you literally get by with the very basics. And like cutting out
luxuries, it can mean less time is wasted saving money. Know exactly the amount you make and
the bare minimum you can live on. Stop relying on credit cards and keep them locked out of sight
and preferably not on your person. Ensure you have no overdraft so that you’re not dipping into
money that isn’t yours. And create an emergency fund so that you can still be putting money into
your house fund, even if you have a bad month.

Opt For Staying In Than Going Out
A social life is important, and it’s good to keep up a connection with your friends and family
members. However, most social meetups end up costing a fair amount because it means you’re
grabbing lunch or a few drinks or maybe going to see a film. Instead of going out while trying to
save, offer to stay in instead. Eating in and entertaining is going to cost a lot less than it would if
you went out. Most of our wages will often be spent on entertaining and eating out, so try to cut
this down as much as possible.

Sell Stuff You No Longer Need
Every household can benefit from a good declutter, so it’s worth doing the same in order to find
some belongings that maybe you don’t need anymore and can sell on. Old CDs, DVDs, jewellery
and clothing can all go to a new home where it will be appreciated more. It’s amazing how much
we can collect over just a few years, so start hunting for the treasure that will boost your house

Buying your first property is a rewarding milestone, so follow these tips to help make this dream
a reality. Start by opening a savings account or HTB ISA and cut down on your luxuries, living
within your means for as long as possible. Create a side hustle using any skills or talents that
you might have that could earn you some extra cash and sell anything that you no longer use or
need. You’ll soon get yourself to that financial goal eventually and it’ll all be worth it in the end.

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