Hampergifts Review

I was recently asked to do a review on a Christmas Hamper from Hampergifts. I just had to say yes! I love hampers, and when i went on their website too choose which Hamper i wanted too review i decided too choose something that Iwan would like a bit more - Since i'm trying too loose weight! But i did try a few things in the Hamper. 
I chose the 'Christmas Treasures' Hamper. It really caught my eye. The gorgeous basket and the bottle of wine! I'm not a huge fan on wine but my partner loves drinking wine. 

The Christmas Treasures Hamper contained - 

Bottle of Gonzales Byass Altozano Verdejo-Sauvignon de Castilla (Wine) - This is an award winning bottle of wine which i only had a sip of to try it and i did think the taste was quite nice, but as i've said i'm not a great fan of wine so my partner had it, and he really liked the wine! 

The Wooden Spoon Wholegran Mustard & Splitfire Ale - We both liked this! 

Chocolaterie Diane Belgian Milk Chocolate Truffles - We absoloutley loved these! 

Cottage Delight Bramley Apple Sauce - We always use Apple Sauce with most things in this house - This Apple sauce was gorgeous! It is also an Award Winner! 

Cottage Delight Pheasant Pate with Pork & Chicken Liver - I'm not keen on Pate so Iwan had this, and he did like it.

Edinburgh Preserves Rosemary Savoury Biscuits - These were lovely biscuits! 

Traditional Brandy Christmas Pudding - I love Christmas Pudding but i'm quite fussy with them! I have to get the same one every year. So i was interested in to trying this - and i loved it!

The Wooden Spoon Citrus Grapefruit & Lime Marmalade - This was lovely!
Cappuccino & Chocolate Caramel Belgian Pieces - I was in love with the Caramel chocolates and Iwan loved the Cappuccino ones! 

Delivery came between 3-4 days. The contents came in a lovely wicker basket closed with leather straps which i loved! I fell in love with the basket. The way they presented the Hamper was very elegant! Perfect for a Christmas Gift or a Gift for any special Occasion. 

Overall: I loved reviewing this product. It was a big hit in our house. The way they present the Hamper is really nice. I would really recommend this. 

You can buy this basket from Hampergifts for £47.50 here!

* I received this Hamper to do an honest review. All words and photos are my own.

MyLittleBigTown Books Review

I recieved 3 books from My Little Big Town last week. I was quite excited to show them to Mia and Elliw. They were very colourful! To top it off, Mia loves Monsters. The books we recieved were;

'Where's the Scone'
'The Monster Book Of Colours' By Calvin Innes
'The Monster Book Of Numbers' By Calvin Innes

We all sat down on the sofa, TV off and read the books. Mia loved the pictures and i thought the books were really good for her age especially. The big writing which made it easy for us parents too read to the children, but also taught them the colours and numbers. 

'Where's The Scone' 
This book was very educational, which got Mia's mind working with the little 'quiz' on the back of the book asking for them to look for things in the book after reading it. An ideal book if you own a nursery or Childminding business and a great Christmas present. 

'The Monsters Book Of Numbers' 
This is learns the child numbers from 1-10 then 25 then 50. But what i think makes this book more exciting and different from other Number books is how colourful it is and the pictures are of Funny Monsters, which most children like! The monsters also have very funny names! 

'The Monsters Book Of Colours'
Same as above. Great colourful book with pictures of Monsters. Very educating and learning a child the colours in a fun way! 

What is great about these 3 books is how the Monsters look silly and colourful, and the names are very funny/silly which make reading the book too the children fun for the parent too! 

Overall: I really enjoyed reading these books with my children, and will be enjoying reading them again and again! It's a great fun way to learn children the numbers and colours and to get them thinking! I do think that wooden books would be great for the younger children who love these books. My youngest loved them but kept biting them too! 

* I recieved these books to do a review. All opinions are 100% honest and all my words and photos.

Bed Routine

It's very important for a child to have a bed routine, especially if they go to school. From newborn to 1 years old they should sleep roughly 11 - 17 hours a day, this includes naps in the day. We all know when a baby gets tired, when they start being moody about everything, crying over nothing, losing their temper quickly etc. 
Usually most parents start a routine for their child when they a few months old. It's quite important to stick to that routine every day - as boring as can be it will pay off in the end. But most parents think what time should i put my child too sleep? Here is something you may need to think about when thinking of a time -

0 - 2 months - 10.5 - 18 hours. 
2 - 12 months - 14 - 15 hours.
1 - 3 years - 12 - 14 hours.
3 - 5 years - 11 - 13 hours.
10 - 11 years - 10 - 11 hours.

Both of my daughters go to sleep between 6pm - 7pm every night. Mia will wake up between 6am - 7am and Elliw will wake up roughly 7am - 9am. So they get their full sleep! And i get my quiet evening! 

When starting your child to a bed routine it's quite important to stick to it and have the same routine daily. Here is a simple bed routine most people do -

- Bottle/Feed
- Bath
- Brush Teeth
- Get changed to comfortable pyjamas.
- Read a story/Sing a gentle soft nursery rhyme.
- Switch the light off (Maybe a night light if they don't like the dark)
- Reassure them that they are save by saying 'Night, Love You, See you tomorrow'

Do you have a bed time routine for your child?

Shop With Ladida.com

"Ladida is about creating a beautiful childhood"

La-di-da is a lovely boutique in New Jersey. La-di-da started in 2008! And has come a very long way since - with selling up to date fashion clothes from many brands such as Amelia, Liho-London, EGG Baby and much more. They choose their designers very carefully. The clothes at Ladida are very edgy and very unique! 
I love the clothes in Ladida, they are very unique and gorgeous! 

How gorgeous are these items?! Great for any occasion or just day-to-day wear.

Ladida sell a range of items, such as clothes, accessories and shoes. They sell clothes/accessories etc for babies and children up to 12 years old! 

If you want the up to date fashionable look for you child, but also lovely good quality clothes for your child then shop at Ladida.com

They now do FREE Shipping to Europe.

** SALE **
*** From the 25th November for one week. 40% off sale! 

* I wrote this as a sponsored post for Ladida.com

Planning for Christmas 2013

Planning for Christmas 2013
Christmas may come but once a year but from October onwards the shops fill their shelves with gift boxes, chocolates, decorations and gift wrap. The preparations for the festive season seem to come earlier each year and with Christmas now only a month away, it’s time for the Christmas preparations to be underway. So here are some things to love about this time of year.

Christmas Shopping

The calm before the Christmas shopping storm

Even though it can be stressful hitting the high street at the weekends and battling the crowds in search of the perfect Christmas gifts, roaming the shops with a group of friends can be good fun – especially if you make time for lunch to break up the day.
If you plan to get your Christmas shopping done at least a week (or two) before Christmas you can enjoy that great sense of achievement that the hard part is over and you can look forward to wrapping your gifts whilst listening to your favourite Christmas songs.

Christmas Jumpers
For years we dreaded opening a Christmas present only to find a tacky, ugly Christmas jumper inside. Nowadays, rather than receive a knitted homemade effort from a distant relative, we head out to pick up our own novelty numbers. Yes, the Christmas jumper has been making slow comeback over the past decade or so, with many people going out en masse to buy them.

Check out this excellent reindeer jumper ala Mr. Darcy at FancyDress Ball.

Christmas Movies
One of the best things about this timeof year is watching Christmas movies. From the tear-jerking classics to heart-warming family festive tales, these are the movies you can only get away with watching at this time of year, so cosy up on the sofa and make the most of it!

Christmas Music
With only a limited amount of time to listen to your favourite Christmas hits, why not put together a playlist and enjoy listening to as much as you can this festive season. Nothing gets you into the Christmas spirit quite like rocking out to some Christmassy jams while you deck the halls and trim the tree.

Kids Cards Kits Review

Mia and Elliw have always loved Arts & Crafts! My eldest also absoloutley loves stickers. So when we had the chance too review these Kids Cards Kits from here we couldn't wait! 

Delivery came within a week! Which is great - as there is nothing worse than waiting around for delivery! We recieved two packs which containted 12 cards and 12 envelopes which also contained stickers to make personal Christmas Cards! What a great idea especially with it being so close to Christmas now! 

As usual my youngest wanted to draw on hers so i let her - my eldest was happy enough to just use the stickers. They had so much fun doing these cards! The card is thick and not floppy card like you get with most things like this! 

The child has to make the picture with the stickers which is really good i think as it gets them thinking! We were sat on the table for about an hour doing these - we had so much fun! You can make 6 different designs on the cards which include, Santa, Snowman, Robin, Christmas Tree and 2 children. 

Would i recommend these? Yes i would. I think they are good to keep your child busy for a while and gets their thinking caps on as too where the stickers go on the card to make the picture.

Here are the cards my girls made! I love them! I think they're really special and i will be giving them out to family this year - i can't wait!

You can buy these cards for £6 a pack on their website 

* I was given this to do an honest review. All words and photos are my own nobody else's. 

How To Deal With Toddler Tantrums

Has your toddler had a temper tantrum yet? Terrible 2's, Naughty 3's maybe? As little as these little kids are - they sure know how to make a drama and get all the attention right?! It can be very frustrating and stressful for the parent but it can also be a bit more frustrating for the child. Here are a few tips to help you deal with your Child's temper tantrums -

#1. Toddlers can't talk full sentences and explain things like we can so it is hard for them to tell us exactly what they want - so instead they throw a massive tantrum! This is their way of showing us parents they're not happy with something and yes, we are the ones trying to work out what is wrong! Go to their level and try speaking a steady voice and just be patient and explain to them that there is no need to loose a temper and try and talk and find out what is wrong.

#2. Not enough sleep can bring on tantrums! With being over-tired. I always find if Elliw doesn't have her nap for atleast 20 minutes at 1pm then she gets really grumpy and moody after 3pm! It's always best to try and let them have a nap if they go down that is!

#3. Not getting their own way! This is where they have to learn that they can't get what they want all the time. This is where us parents come in and teach them that they can't have everything. 
#4. Frustration. Toddlers explore everything they see! Well mine do anyway. If they can't do something that they want to do, then they throw a massive tantrum. They throw anything they can see and my youngest will throw herself back and scream! This is where the 'Naughty Step' comes in to my house. If i see that they throw anything then it is straight to the naughty step.
#5. Patient. Being patient is the main thing when a child has a tantrum! If we get stressed or shout back then it makes the situation and the child much worse which will be much harder for the child to calm down!
#6. Attention. A lot of toddlers throw tantrums for attention! They don't realise that other people need attention too - especially if you have more than one child! If this happens - best thing to do is ignore them having the tantrum and let them wait their turn. 

#7. Calm down. Calm your child down when they have a tantrum! If you think or see your child starting getting into a temper - sing silly songs or talk about the day you have had! Calm them down and make them laugh to forget what they were going to have a temper for! 

#8. Ignore. Most tantrums it is best to just ignore. Don't take no notice, as the more you take notice the more they have tantrums as they get the attention for it! 
#9. Avoid. If you find what starts the tantrums then try and prevent it! 

#10. Thinking they know everything! This is my eldest daughter all over! She is at the age where she thinks she knows absoloutley everything! Everything she says is right - and in this situation i just ignore her if she throws a temper tantrum over thinking she is right. I will correct her but only twice - after that i will ignore.

#11. Shopping. One of the worst places a child can have a tantrum is outside/shopping! They get so bored and probably fed up sitting in the pram or trolley so they throw a tantrum or maybe they've seen something they want on the shelves that they can't have! One tip - do NOT give in. Try and bring things with you to make the shopping trip more entertaining for them.

How do you handle tempter tantrums?

Things to buy a toddler this Christmas!

The Canvas Cloud Review

I love pictures, if you saw my living room, then all you can see are photos on the wall. I only put pictures up which mean something too me like my children and our families. With canvases i am really fussy. Especially with quotes and writing. When i got the chance too review a personalised wordart canvas from was just so excited!
I had too choose words i wanted to put on. As you can see i chose all of our names 'Bethanie, Iwan, Mia and Elliw' I chose 3 dates, 5.12.2009 & 5.03.12 are Mia and Elliw's birth dates and 19th May 2011 was the day me and Iwan started our relationship. 
Every single word written on the canvas means something to me & my family.

The delivery was great, it got delivered within a week. The customer service was fab! Very friendly and patient. I have ordered canvases in the past and been very dissapointed in the quality of the canvas and of the print and writing on them but with this canvas it was totally different! The canvas was great quality and so was the writing! It wasn't blurry like what i have had previously from other companies.

Would i recommend the Canvas Cloud? Yes i would. Ideal Christmas present or just something for your family to stick up on the wall in your house.

You can view prices and other samples of their work on their facebook page here 

* I was given this canvas for free to do an honest review. All words and photos are my own - please do not take without my permission. thank you

Fever Designs - Portland Dress

I got the great opportunity recently to review a gorgeous dress from
I chose to review a red Portland Dress which was £59.99 and you can purchase this dress from 
Every mother likes a new dress/top/trousers too add to their wardrobe! When i got the chance too review a clothing of my own choice from FeverDesigns i was so excited! I love new clothes, i hardly buy new clothes for myself as everything goes on my girls. So having this chance felt like Christmas had come early for me ha ha! 

I was really looking forward too try this on! The delivery was very quick, next day delivery! Which is great if you order something last minute. If you're looking for a dress too wear this 
Christmas then Fever Designs is where you need to shop.
I was quite surprised how comfortable this dress was when i put it on! With it's stretchy material it doesn't cling onto you and it's a dress you will feel comfortable in for the whole night!  The length goes just above the knees which i really like as i'm not keen showing the top half of my legs.  Even though it isn't a clingy dress, it is a fitted dress and it shows off your figure which is great i think! The side ruche detail makes this dress even more gorgeous! I think it helps make your figure more curvier! 
The back is V-Neck and with cap sleeves. 

Overall: I really do love this dress! I wanted to find something i could wear once i hit my 2 stone (loss) target  by Christmas. I think the colour red is great for Christmas and for occasions.   

* I got sent this dress too do an honest review. All words are my own and nobody else's.

Snicky Book Review

The Snicky Guide To Falling Asleep.

I had the chance too review this wonderful book from SnickyBooks. I wasn't quite sure what to expect to be honest as i was told it was a book to help make sleep more fun! When i received this book, i read it before i showed the girls and i wasn't quite sure how the girls were going to take it. But i love the colourful pages and how the story isn't so long, so very easy for children all ages! And the pictures of 'Snicky' SO cute!

So, Friday afternoon i sat the girls down and switched the TV off and we read this book. They absoloutley loved it! Mia actually did expressions exactly the same as what Snikky was doing in the pictures. She loves the book, and i do think it is one of her favourite book by far at the moment! 

The author of this book Pamela Ann Will made this book to make sleeping fun for children! And it really did do that for my eldest daughter Mia. She loved reading the book. 
It did surprise me how well Mia enjoyed listening to the book, and loved looking at the cute picture of Snicky! 

It was really fun reading the book to! Alot of laughter was happening when we were reading it! It was a lovely way to bond! 
This book is published and sold on iBookstore at the moment and from the US. It would be fantastic if you could all have a look at her website here! I'm sure you kids will love this book just like mine did! 

Overall: I was very pleased with this book, it did really surprise me how well Mia reacted to the book, and how much she loves the book! 

* I was given this book for free too do a review. All words are 100% honest. All pictures are my own - please ask if you want to use. We really do appreciate this opportunity.

Win 7 Fab Prizes From Funky Giraffe!

Very excited too do this competition! A great way too celebrate my 10,000 page views! FunkyGiraffe is giving my lovely readers a chance too win 5 bibs, 1 t-shirt and a pair of moccasins! How fab is that?! And to top it off you, you get too choose which ones you want from their website 

 * Please note there are more designs/styles on their website! 

Please read the Terms & Conditions before entering this competition -

Terms and Conditions

I do check on entrants, so any cheaters will be deleted from the competition.

Competition ends 24th November 2013 at 9pm.
Winners will be e-mailed by me within 24 hours then e-mailed by Funky Giraffe within 48 hours after me e-mailing you.
Winner gets too choose any design.

Shoplet UK Review

I was very excited when i was asked if i would review products for Shoplet UK. I just had too say YES! Ever since i was a little girl i've always had a pen and paper in my hand! I loved writting, every Christmas the best presents i had was new notepad or new pens! Pretty sad i know. But i absoloutley love Office Stationary and i'm very happy i have the chance to be on Shoplet UK's Product Reviewer Program!

I got sent a Sample Pack by ShopletUK with a few different things. Here was my honest view of all the products sent -

Z-Grip Flight Blue Pen 
I'm really fussy with pens! They have too be smooth and comfortable too write with! This blue ball point pen is actually the best pen i've ever written with! The rubber grip makes it ideal if you are writting alot which i do! 
You can buy a pack of 10 here for only £10.05

HB Pencils 
Pencils are one things i hardly ever use really, but i tried these and i wasn't that keen on writting/drawing with them but my girls absoloutley love them! They love the colours! Especially my eldest! These are recycled graphite pencils which are made from recycled CD cases and from UK waste.
You can buy these here for £1.44 each.

Touch Velvet Peel & Seal Wallet Envelope (Royal Blue)
This envelope feels really nice!! The envelope was closed when i was given this, the seal was very sticky and you could tell it was 100% sealed! As most envelopes i get i have to put selotape on top of the seal! These would be great for Wedding Invites or Special Occasions! A must buy!
You can buy these here!

Pritt Stick
A Pritt Stick is a must have in every house with children! But also it's quite important we get a Non-Toxic glue stick. And this is what this Pritt Stick is! Non-Toxic! Perfect. It is also a washable pritt stick which is ideal! and every pritt stick now has 10% more glue in it. Also made in the UK.
You can buy these here in pack of 10 for £8.54

Glo Elasticated Folder
I was given a red A4 polypropylene Glo Folder! It comes in 4 colours. Name card & CD holder inside! Ideal for all your paper work which also have elastic strap closure to keep your papers safe!

Avery labels
I think these labels are very handy especially if you are posting parcels or posting abroad! It makes the parcel/letter look very formal! I was given different sizes and also transparent labels too which i think is really handy, so you don't have too have the plain white background on every label! Every label is easy too peel. There are different kinds of sizes for these labels! You can get this range here.

Nescafe Coffee & Plastic Paper Clips
I was also sent a sachet of Nescafe Coffee, I don't drink coffee, so my partner had it - which he really enjoyed! The Paper clips were really handy! I got given different sizes which were quite handy really. Easier and safer to place papers together, especially if you have children around who like climbing things too grab all your important papers down!

Cambridge Notebook
I love notebooks, i'm sure i go through 100's every year! I spend so much money on notebooks, and there is nothing worse than buying a notebook and when you write, the ink goes through to the other side! That is what i loved about this notebook! The ink doesn't go through and the paper was nice too write on! Each book contains 160 pages. What i also loved about this was it is a wire bound notebook and has high quality paper which tears too full page size and is also hole punched! Ideal for businesses!

* I was given this Sample Pack for free from ShopletUK too do an honest review. All words and pictures are my own, please do not copy. 

Win 4 Tickets Too Blackpool Tower!

Win Family Tickets too The Blackpool Tower!
(4 tickets too win. Up to 2 adults & 2 children or 4 people)

Blackpool Tower offers entertainment for all the family, all ages! Adults and Kids! 
Blackpool Tower and I are giving you the chance too win 4 tickets too Blackpool Tower which gives you access too 4 attractions!

Visit www.blackpooltower.com for more information.

* Please Read Terms & Conditions below before entering! *

*!*Terms & Conditions*!*
Competition ENDS Sunday 24th November 2013 at 9pm.
Winner will be e-mailed by me & then by Blackpool Tower
NO cheating as if you do, you will be cut out of the competition (i can view what you do)
UK Residents only

Plan A Birthday Party!

Once your child starts school, most parents start doing parties. Some start from their first birthday too! As we all know parties can actually be quite a stressful thing to plan - worrying if you've got everything ready or not and wondering who is going to turn up and who's not going to turn up! So it's always best i think to write everything down. Grab a note book, sit down and plan the party. Here are a few tips too think about when you plan your party - 

I'm very fussy with choosing invitations, that is why i have too make my own invitations. It's very easy if you have the right programme. When making or buying invitations always make sure you have more than you've invited just incase you forget someone! Also send your invitations out atleast 2 weeks before the party! Don't leave it last minute! 

Food & Party Bags
Make a list for the food and what you want too put in the party bags. You don't need to buy the expensive things for parties as most of the time there is always a load left over! And again buy more party bags just incase.

Think what kind of entertainment you would like in your childs party - something your child will enjoy too. For example - Print activities out for the children, Bring your own games or/and toys too the party, Classic Party games such as pass the parcel etc. Or how about leave the entertainment on other people/things such as maybe hiring an entertainer? Bouncy Castle or Face painting.

Do a budget
As i stated above, most food gets wasted in parties so how about set yourself a budget on how much you want to spend and stick too it, Even if it means looking around in shops or websites.

Booking a place
In most places it's always good to give enough notice that you want to book a date for the party. I book my daughters' parties about 1 or 2 months before. Maybe it would be a good idea also too book the place suitable for other people too! So it is easy for them too get to.

Time and Date
When thinking about the time and date it can be quite difficult sometimes. Always best to do it on the weekend, Maybe a Sunday? Or if you decide to do it in the week, do it after 3.30 as there are children who don't finish school until 3.30.

Theme and Cake
You think about what your child likes to think as a theme weather it is a colour, character or something else. Mia's favourite is Doc McStuffins and Jake The Neverland Pirates! 

What else do you too plan your child's party?

Thorntons Christmas Hero

I'm taking part in the Thorntons Christmas Hero Competition where they asked me too choose someone who i think deserves a hamper of their yummy chocolates! As it is close too Christmas - it was like a 'Secret Santa' I was very excited too do this!

The person i chose who deserves this more than anyone was my partners Mam, Carys. Even thought i have only know her 2 and a half years, she has been through so much in her life. When i first got with my partner Iwan.. Carys was going through having a Kidney Transplant. Through one of the most difficult time of her life I've never heard her complain about life, she is a true insparation! More than anything I am so lucky too have such a great Nain for my two daughters. As you probably know Carys isn't Mia's (my eldest daughter) real Nain but since the first time Carys saw Mia she has been absoloutley amazing with her. I couldn't ask for anyone better too be a Nain too my two daughters. It really does mean so much too me how Carys and Roni (her husband/Iwans Dad) has taken Mia on like their own Grandchild and treat her exactly the same as Elliw (my youngest). 

My mother doesn't do anything with us, so having Carys there is amazing. I grew up with my Dad so i never had a 'mother figure' - no woman i could turn around too and know she will be there me. But Carys has been there for me, I feel like i can talk to her about anything. She's been there for me through thick & thin since we have known each other. Couldn't ask for a better mother figure in my life.

Carys was over the moon when she had these Chocolates. Her favourite ones were the Turkish Delights, Coffee Creams and the Mints! 

I really don't know where i would be now if it wasn't for Carys really. She (& Roni) has helped me & Iwan so much through so much, we can't thank her enough. 

When i fell pregnant with Elliw - I was so scared/worries about everything - Especially that i had also moved half n hour away from my family too - but Carys made me feel welcome, and made me feel like i wasn't alone, since i hardly knew anyone round here at the time! She always came over and i always went to her. She went to nearly every single midwife appointment and my appointments in the hospital whilst i had Obstetric Cholestasis with my pregnancy and was there straight away too baby sit Mia or take me to hospital if something felt wrong - and i needed monitoring. 

Amazing woman.

Most of all - I am so greatful Mia and Elliw have such an amazing grandparent. Always there for them no matter what. Like my daughter calls her 'Nain Carys' and every time Elliw and Mia see her they are so happy & excited! :-)

I was given this Hamper to give too someone special who deserved it and too take part in the Christmas Hero Competition with Thorntons!

The Canvas Cloud GIVEAWAY!

Life-As-Mum & The Canvas Cloud
Have you always wanted that Personalised Canvas where words and numbers mean something too you? Maybe the birth dates of your children? Wedding Day? First day you met your partner? Or maybe a song that reminds you of something? Then this giveaway is perfect for you. 
I have been given the chance to let ONE of my special readers win a Personalised Word Art Canvas! by The Canvas Cl

To enter just do as it says below :) Good Luck!!

-*- Please read Terms & Conditions -*-
This giveaway is only open to UK residents.
Winner will be announced on my Facebook Page here.
Winner will be announced within 24 hours of giveaway finishing.
The winner will be sent an e-mail within 24 hours of giveaway finishing.
The winner will be chosen at random via rafflecopter from all the people who have entered.
Giveaway closes 22nd November 2013 at 9pm.
If i have no reply from the e-mail within 14 days then prize will be offered too another entry.
To enter this competition you must do it through rafflecopter.
You are more than welcome too share this on any social media site.

Any questions please e-mail me at awbsphotography@outlook.com

Mia Wyn 3 Years & 11 Months

This is a day late - sorry! In just a month you will be 4 years old! 4 years ago around this time - i remember feeling so scared! I was only 17 (just turned in August) i was young, i was worried and i just didn't know how everything was going to turn out like. But my god - you've been amazing. You're a fantastic big sister too Elliw. You're a kind, caring and loving girl. Everyone mentions how polite you are and how funny you are! 
You're still part time in school at the moment. Next September you will be full time! Scary stuff! But i know you will do really well. 
You're getting really good with your writing, letters and numbers.
You know how too spell your own name - but you do it either AIM or IMA haha! Makes me laugh all the time.
I absoloutley love how you come up to me sometimes, hold my face and tell me you love me and you've called me your hero. It really does melt my heart. Hearing things like that off you makes me so happy. 

Things you love at 3 years & 11 months are ;

- Drawing/Colouring.
- Your notepads.
- Writing.
- Singing.
- Dancing.
- Watching TV.
- Your wellie boots.
- Going for walks.
- Watching Hugglemonster and Mickey Mouse.
- Listening to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme Song.
- Going in the car.
- Going too your Dads for the weekend.
- Playing with your friends.
- Tickling Elliw too make her laugh.

From an 8lbs 9oz baby girl too turn out to a bright, intellegent beautiful child makes me so happy. 
Love you so much


Elliw Elen 20 Months

My youngest daughter is 20 months today, can't believe how fast time has gone. Where has my 9lbs 8oz baby gone? I've loved every minute of watching her grow up. Growing up from a helpless little baby girl too a wild little toddler. I love how different it has been watching Elliw grow up than to how it was when Mia was growing up. I've found Elliws milestones are a little behind than what Mia's was but that may be because I need too share my attention with both girls. 

Here are a few things Elliw can do and likes at 20 months 

- Loves dancing.
- Loves babbling.
- Loves playing with her big sister.
- Size 5 in shoes.
- 18-24 months in some clothes but mostly in 2-3 years.
- Loves dancing too Mr Blooms Nursery and Mickey Mouse.
- Love watching Curious George, Mickey Mouse, Mr Bloom, Rhyme Rockets and Mr Tumble.
- Slowly starting too say words.
- New word is TOODLES (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!!)
- Still has 20 minutes - 2 hours nap in the day.
- Goes too bed 6pm - 6.30pm every day.
- Still has a full bottle of cows milk before bed.
- Loves feeding herself with a fork/spoon.
- Loves sitting down at the table.
- Loves drawing/colouring.
- Loves it when Daddy comes home from work.
- Loves emptying everything from the shelves and cupboards.
- Loves trying too feed Daddy her food.
- Loves posing for the camera.
- Loves building things such as blocks.
- Loves watching TV.
- Loves throwing herself on the floor when having a tantrum!

She has changed so much even changed the last couple of weeks. Her personality is so funny! Even she thinks she is funny herself lol. Can be a right handful sometimes but i'm loving every minute of watching this little monkey grow up! 

Love you Elliw Elen 

Love Mam Xxx