100 Blog Post Ideas

Since I started blogging I am forever thinking of different blog posts to write. Half of them I forget because I haven't written them down and the other half I remember later on in the day or week! I would really advise to jot down a blog post idea the minute it gets into your head. You can jot it down in a small pad or in your phone. Here is a list of 100 blog post ideas for pregnancy, parenting and lifestyle blogs. I hope they are useful for you.

1. (number) facts about me
2. (child name) monthly update
3. House tour
4. Weight loss update/story
5. Pregnancy weekly update
6. Family dishes
7. Ideas for healthy lunch boxes for kids
8. Christmas/Halloween/Summer Craft ideas
9. Plan A Birthday Party
10. Planning a Christening
11. Top 5 Parenting phone apps
12. Top 10 Gifts For Kids
13. Birth Story
14. Healthy Snack ideas
15. An Open Letter
16. Why I Blog
17. 10 Things I have learnt since becoming a parent
18. Why I Love Being A Mum/Dad
19. Baby clothes haul
20. Looking back (old photos of kids)
21. Top 5 Family films
22. Top 5 family friendly places to eat
23. How to baby-proof your home
24. Tips to handle temper tantrums
25. Does it get easier as they grow older?
26. Dummy debate
27. Pushchair/reigns debate
28. Favourite outfit of the day/week
29. Winter/Summer walk with the kids
30. Things to do in (your local town/area)
31. Top tips from a parent of (number of children)
32. Tips to find the right pushchair/pram
33. Hospital bag list
34. Things a new parent need to know
35. Co-sleeping debate
36. Tips to settle your child
37. Top 5 most annoying kids TV programmes
38. Top 5 most educational kids TV programmes
39. How to make a school run less stressful
40. Tips to make your garden child friendly
41. Things never to say to a pregnant woman
42. Things you should never say to a new mum/dad
43. Life before and after parenting
44. Preparing your child for nursery/school
45. Financial tips for children
46. Best outfits for kids
47. What is the ideal family car
48. Best family friendly places to visit in Wales/England
49. Tips on travelling long distance with kids
50. Ways to entertain your children on the train/in car
51. Top tips on surviving a long flight with children
52. Tips on travelling alone with kids for the first time
53. Things you will experience when you are a school mum/dad
54. Things you didn't know about me
55. My favourite places to visit
56. My favourite room in the house
57. Potty training tips
58. Night time training tips
59. 20 Roles of a parent
60. The meaning behind my blog name
61. How to cope with a newborn
62. How to cope with a poorly child
63. Tips to take the dummy away
64. How to make your bathroom family friendly
65. How to make bath time fun for kids
67. How make a family friendly kitchen
68. 10 things my kids argue about
69. Are boys or girls easier?
70. My dream living room
71. 5 Things to do without the kids
72. 10 signs you live with a child
73. Keep your child safe this summer
74. Tips to keep you child safe abroad
75. Keep your child warm this winter
76. Winter saving tips
77. Top 5 family friendly holiday destinations
78. Newborn baby VS (age) year old
79. Tips to find the right childcare setting
80. How to choose your birthing partner
81. Share a personal story
82. Tips to help stop bullying in school
83. Keep your child safe on the internet
84. Ways to discipline your child
85. Top 5 story books
86. Kids bedroom ideas
87. What's in my changing bag
88. What's in my child's school bag
89. Why I taught my kids (language)
90. Tips to help your childs speech
91. 5 things I don't like about being a mum
92. 5 things I love about being a mum
93. How survive the early mornings
94. Why I let my child play the iPad
95. Tips to keep your relationship alive after having a baby
96. Reasons why I love to blog
97. My blogging space
98. 50 things that make me happy
99. Choosing the right bed for your child
100. How to get on top of your washing/chores with kids

My Christmas Wishlist

Anybody who knows me, know I absolutely love Christmas! Of course, as you get older the less presents you receive and especially when you have children you don't really receive any presents as the kids get the presents instead. I always look around online and sometimes in shops at some things I would love to receive or purchase myself if I had the money. I am really into the monochrome style at the moment and would love to have a small office space to myself in my bedroom and just do it a monochrome style office - one day!

Letter Mug 
The Bloggers Planner
Paco Rabanne Lady Million Perfume

What would you like for Christmas this year?

Elliw's Speech Development Update

I wrote Elliw's last speech development update a few weeks ago. She has certaintly improved a lot more again the last few weeks. We have had many family members, friends and school teachers tell us that Elliw's speech has improved and they can understand her a lot more. It's amazing how quickly she has come along. We went to our last ever speech therapy last Friday - yep last ever one! - and the speech therapist was amazed on how much Elliw had improved. She told us to just carry on what we are doing to help her at home by describing things and objects, and other things and she will be fine. She said there was no need for Elliw to come and see her again. Which was sad in a way because Elliw loved going there but of course I was over the moon that my daughter has improved so much.

Elliw currently goes to a speech school in the afternoon three times a week and she will be getting reviewed Christmas time and more than likely she won't need to go after Christmas. Which means she will be in her local school every single morning instead of two mornings a week. So back to 3 school runs a day for me - how fun. Elliw will be very confused to start with but I think she will get used to it and it will be nice for her to make more friends at school and catch up with work that the kids in her class are doing.

I am so proud of my little girl and how much she has improved with her speech and language. It really is amazing how much of a difference a few months can make. I love having little conversations with her now and it's less stressful as we are able to understand her a lot more.

My Sunday Photo

Just Another Linky #31

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Sorry not featured post this week guys.



Christmas Gifts For Kids

Finding the right gifts for a child at any age can be stressful and hard. Most parents struggle with money when buying gifts. Kids toys can be so expensive this time of year. That is why it is always best to shop around first before buying the first thing you see. This way you can find better deals and you can save money for Christmas. My Voucher Codes have created a Christmas gift finder monitor where you can find the gifts you want to buy and compare prices with other retailers. We all want to save money for Christmas don't we?!

Here are few gift ideas for kids -  

Windmill Stackeroo
Wooden toys are fantastic for every child, any age (recommended age 18+). Easy to clean and they will last much longer than plastic toys. This wooden stackeroo is great for a child who is learning about colours and learning about co-ordination. There are 7 bright colours and is aimed to help the child learn about 3D.

Pretend Play Post Office
This is one my girls favourite toy. With over 150 pieces with this brilliant post office from Early Learning Centre, your child won't be bored. It's great for a child to pretend play and learn whilst they are playing too.

Pretend To Bee Monkey Cape
Another pretend play gift. Every child loves to dress up, don't they? This Monkey cape will be great for any child who loves to dress up and be silly.

Pabobo Night Light
This Pabobo night light is perfect for any child who is scared of the dark. This night light gives a nice dim light into the room. Not to bright to wake up or keep your child up. This light is perfect to help a child fall asleep peacefully.

Great Gizmo Toys
Great Gizmo have some fantastic toys and I was lucky enough to review some toys and two gorgeous soft teddies last year. They are perfect for young babies and toddlers. Even great for young children who loves teddies.

Pancake Pile-Up Game
Kids will have lots of fun with this pancake pile up game. My girls loves playing with this game and it's a fun family game for Christmas, any other occasion or just a normal day.

Innotab 3
You have probably heard of the Innotab 3S. This Innotab is great for learning young children a few things. It comes with a camera that faces both ways and some games already downloaded. You can buy additional games online or in the shop. The child can make their own personal profile with their photo and name. This will keep them entertained and busy for a couple of hours but also they will learn a few things out of it too.

Mama Koala Bear - Cloud B
Do you have a baby/toddler or young child who struggles to sleep? Mama Koala Bear may be your answer. This soft koala with different soothing noises will sure help your child settle down too sleep.

The Girl Who Lost Her Name Book
This book is fantastic for a child to learn and spell their name. Each book is personalised and each child will go on a fun adventure to find each letter of their name.

Roses and Dragons Party Bag
These gorgeous party bags would be great for parties and any other occasion such as Christmas. For the girls they have some gorgeous tutu bags which are carefully handmade and made perfectly. You will not be disappointed. Each bag is filled with many things related to the bag you have chosen.

Wooden Shack Toy Box
Of course after Christmas toys need to be kept somewhere. This wooden shack toy box is great for storing toys. It is not too deep for a child to search for toys and it is a strong well made wooden toy box with colourful pictures on its front, sides and back.

My First Jewellery
These gorgeous jewellery is perfect for any little princess who loves necklaces, earing and bracelets. With many different designs too choose from you will want to buy everything! and at great prices too.

Girls Christmas Clothing

I love shopping around for Christmas clothes for my girls, whether it's online or walking around the shops. I tend to buy them a Christmas outfit to wear on Christmas day, every year. Many shops are selling such lovely items of clothing this year for babies, girls and boys. Here I have rounded up a few clothing guides from a few different shops.

Cat Selfie Top | Checked Leggings | Santa Dress | Bunny Sequin Jumper | Red Tu-Tu | Dress | Fine-Knitt Jumper | Patterend Dress | Red Christmas Jumper

Grey Tu-Tu | Charcol & Glitter Stars Jumper | Teal Metallic Jumper | Faux Fur Jacket | Red Cardigan | Unicorn Skirt | Gold Dress | Black Polka Dot Dress

Chunky Knitted Jumper | High Roll Neck Jumpers | Pink Sequin High Roll Neck | White Lace Dress | Grey Sequin Dress | Gold Flower Dress | Fabric Dress

5 Ways To Relax

Being a parent can be hard work and exhausting. Every parent deserves time out and a time to just relax and unwind even if it's just for 5 minutes. We all deserves time to ourselves, don't we? Sometimes it can be hard to have that time to ourselves when we have a child to care for but we should all make sure we have that time every now and then.

Once the kids are in bed in the evening go run yourself a nice hot bubble bath. If your kids don't settle at night you could either ask your partner or if you don't have a partner, keep the kids busy by switching the TV on or bring something out that will keep them busy and safe.

Even if it is just for a couple of hours, it is always nice to have a child-free day/hour. Even over night and being able to wake up and not rush out of bed because a child is wanting your full attention at 6am. Many people decide to different things when they are child free. You can spend your free time by relaxing in front of the TV, catching up on some sleep, catching up on work or doing the house work! Maybe you could catch up with some friends or family too.

Even if you go out with the kids for a walk it can be relaxing (sometimes). If you really feel like you need to unwind and relax you could try and ask someone to look after the little one(s) for you to walk around the block once or twice (or more). The fresh air is good for de-stressing.

If you can try and do most of the housework during the day. That means that you can relax in the evenings with a glass of wine or a bar of chocolate (yum!). Put your dressing gown on with your slippers and have a cosy winter evening!

If you really want to go all out for a relaxing day, a spa could be a good idea. You can either go on your own, with your partner or with a friend. Either way it will be relaxing for you and you will definitely feel relaxed.

What do you do to relax and unwind?

5 Ways To Prepare Yourself For Christmas

Christmas can be an expensive and a stressful time for many of us. Many of us worry if they have bought enough for their children and family and others will worry about Christmas or space in their home. There are many ways to prepare yourself for Christmas. The last thing you want to be on Christmas is stressed and that is why it is always best to try and prepare yourself.

1. Sort each room out
There are many things you don't need in your house. Many items can be taken to Charity shop or you can sell them on to get some extra cash before Christmas. Sorting out each room before Christmas can make you feel less stress as you know there won't be added house work to do once all Christmas presents are open!

2. Pay your debts
If you have any debts with any company or any friend or family member, try and pay them off before Christmas. Celebrating Christmas and entering a new year knowing you don't have to pay anything else off can be a weight off your shoulder. If you have a big debt and struggling, sit down and write down what you can afford to pay each week or month or work out a debt arrangement scheme to lighten the load & get your finance in order.

3. Wrap early!
Don't let Christmas Eve be a full evening of wrapping. Try and wrap presents bit by bit or if you are in the mood - do it all in one evening before Christmas Eve! You will feel less tired on Christmas Day and you can relax more on Christmas Eve.

4. Christmas crafts
If you are not in that 'Christmas' mood then try and make some Christmas crafts with the kids to put yourself in that Christmas mood. Even decorating the house may help you get into the Christmas spirit.

5. Plan gifts
Write everybody's name down on a piece of paper and write what you are wanting to get them. You can search online to find a rough price for each present which will also help you budget this Christmas.

Are you prepared for Christmas this year?

Cosy Winter Evenings

I have always loved those cosy winter evenings. The evenings where you can snuggled up on the sofa with a blanket, fire on and watch TV with a cup of tea. I dislike how cold it is during the day but the cosy evenings sure do make up for it, doesn't it? Sometimes anyway.

1. Dressing gown
I love my dressing gown in the winter days and nights. If it's a cold day or evening you will always see me in my bright pink dressing gown! I desperately need a new one though, a longer one!

2. Log burner
The best thing we ever bought for our home was a log burner. It is perfect for those cold winter evenings. Diming or switching the lights off and just cosying up by the fire with a cup of tea is the best.

3. Hot drink / cup of tea
A hot drink is a must in the cold winter days and evenings. Keeps your body warm and it's just nice having a hot drink in the cold weather isn't it.

4. Slippers
I live in my slippers! Especially during winter I try and find some warm cosy slippers to wear. A big must on my list to get cosy in the winter evenings. I always try and buy a few slippers during January sales because I do see prices go up on cosy slippers near the winter and I always grudge paying more than £5 for slippers!

5. Cosy blanket on the sofa
I love those evenings when the kids are in bed sleeping and I am cosying up on the sofa or in bed with a cosy fluffy blanket!

How do you spend your winter evenings?

5 Tips To Stay Warm This Winter & Save Money

Winter is here and I think we all know it. The gloves, hats, winter coats and scarves are out. The rain, hailstones and the winter ice feel wind makes an appearance most days. Well it has done for us up here in North Wales and it hasn't been nice. Winter can be a very expensive time of year for most people but it doesn't always have to be that way. There are ways you can safe money in Winter.

1. Light up your log burner / coal fire
If you have a log burner or coal fire you could light that up instead of the heating. If you are worried about the kids waking up in the middle of the night cold then you could always put the heating on in the middle of the night but atleast in the evenings and day you have saved money by lighting a fire. Plus this can make an evening very cosy.

2. Warm pyjamas
Again, if you are worried about your kids waking up cold, buy them so winter pyjamas. Fleeced pyjamas are great for winter. Keep them warm and cosy during the night. And make sure they wear socks!

3. Buy a winter duvet
You don't have to put the heating full blast for the night. Keep it low and just buy yourself (cheaper) a new winter duvet. You are sure to get warm and keep warm once you are a sleep.

4. Wear layers and long sleeved tops
If you are cold during the day, wear long sleeved told and layers such as a jacket, two tops or a dressing gown - or all. This will save you a fortune instead of keeping the heating on through out the whole day and night.

5. Only put the heating on when you really need it
Sometimes people are just in the habit of switching the heating on. Do you really need it? Could you wait a few more hours? It will save you money in the end.

What tips do you have to keep warm this winter?

My Sunday Photo

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Six Years Old

Mia is my first born. My eldest daughter. I fell pregnant when i was 16 years old and if I am honest with you I don't regret it. I have no regrets having my beautiful daughter. She taught me to grow up quicker and be a lot more mature. I lost friends on the way but that really doesn't bother me. Right now I have the most beautiful, funny and confident little girl who will be turning six years old on the 5th of December. I can't explain how lucky I feel to have such an amazing daughter.
Watching Mia grow up these past years has been amazing. I am one lucky Mam. I do wish the years would slow down a bit but I am loving every single second watching my baby grow up to be a little lady. Mia has become a very independent little girl. She knows what she wants. Such as she knows her dress style - but to me it looks pretty silly and mix-match but if that's what she likes then so be it. Although I do try and help her sometimes but she doesn't have none of it! Her favourites to wear are dresses, tights and skirts. She loves sparkly pink, glitter and leopard prints.
Mia was an easy baby. She slept for the full night from about 3 months old. She co-slept with me and I loved it. I was single and I loved my cuddles but as she grew older I found it harder as I felt it was a lot more tired because of course, when you have your child sleeping in the same bed you can't really fall asleep properly because you know someone is there next to you. So around 7 months I moved into her cot and from then on she woke up 1am - 3am every night until she was around 2 years old.
Mia has always been a huge fan of pen and paper. She loves to write and draw. I have lost count of the amount of notebooks she has gone through. She is currently learning to read herself in school and doing amazingly well. I am learning the English books at home and she is learning welsh at school. She struggles more with English but she is slowly getting there. She is doing fantastically well with the welsh words and books. She had parents evening a couple of weeks ago and she is doing really well in school. She loves going in groups and numeracy, which is a shocker because I hate maths. I was really bad at it!
Mia is a brilliant big sister to Elliw and her other younger sister on her Dad's side. Mia can be a right bossy boots towards Elliw and does tend to boss her about a lot but that is Mia! Every day she will play 'teachers' and it's so funny to watch because all I see in her is me as a child. Everything she loves to do such as playing school, writing and drawing, is everything I loved to do when I was a child. So it is lovely to see that my daughter has the same interests and hobbies as me.  
I am not quite sure yet to where we are going to go for Mia's birthday but we are planning a family day out just the four of us and I am really looking forward to it. I am planning a small party for her after school the day before her birthday and she will go to her Dad's on Sunday to spend the day there.
I honestly can not believe I will be a Mam to a six year old!

Things Are Changing...

Yup! What it says above (and the title of this post). From 2016 things are going to change on my blog. I have thought about it for a couple of weeks and I am so excited. I can't wait. I am not going to tell you what or how it is changing... that is a waiting game! You will all know January 2016. I am so excited for this change on blog.

That is all I am going to say for now. 42 days until New Years Day.. not long too go!

Top 5 Family Christmas Films

Everybody is talking about it and you have probably seen decorations up too! Yep! Christmas is on its way and there's not long to go either. Christmas for children is about waking up in the morning to a room full presents from family and Santa Clause. Christmas to me is a day to relax and spend with family. My most favourite thing to do on Christmas day and the weeks before Christmas is to light a fire in our log burner, cosy up and watch a Christmas film.

Home Alone
I think Home Alone is one of the most loved Christmas films out there. An 8 year old trouble maker called Kevin McCall is accidently left behind at home whilst the rest of his family are away abroad. Kevin finds himself in trouble and must protect his family home from two burglars. Home Alone is a very funny film which the whole family will enjoy.

Polar Express
I must be honest.. I only watched this film last year. I heard of it but never sat down to watch it. It didn't seem the film that I would enjoy BUT it loved it. This film sure does give you that Christmas feeling. This film is about a young boy who has a ride on the Polar Express to the North Pole and learns a few good things on his travels. Another great film that the whole family will enjoy.

This film is hilarious. A perfect family film for all ages. This film is about an 'Elf' named Buddy played by the brilliant actor Will Ferrell. Buddy was brought up with Elf's and is unaware of his humanity. When he is in the 'real world' with other humans, to go find his father who is on the naughty list! There is a lot more to this great film. A must watch.

The Nightmare Before Christmas
The first time I watched this film was last year. I really enjoyed it and so did the girls. I would say this is another great family film. Jack Skellington discovers Christmas Town... but he doesn't really understand the concept! Another must watch - if you haven't watched it before.

The Grinch
This is one of my all time favourite films. Also played by one of my favourite actors Jim Carrey. The Grinch isn't really a big fan of Christmas and plans to steal Christmas. This funny and great Christmas film is a must watch and a great family film.

Have you watched any of these films? What's your favourite Christmas film?

Just Another Linky #30

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My favourite post this week is from muminbrum's post about a winter wedding theme!



Decorate A Family-Friendly Home

Whether you are renting or buying a house decorating can be one of the most exciting parts for most. But when you have children there are many things to think about to make your home family-friendly. One of my most important thing to have when you have children is space and storage. You need room to keep their toys, clothes and other essentials.

The living room should be the heart of the house. The room that will be filled with many memories as it will be the room you all will spend the most time together as a family. When you have children you will probably not be able to have your 'dream' living room. Ideally when you decorate a family-friendly living you will need to think of a few things:
- Ideally no plants or ornaments on the floor or in reach of babies/toddlers.
- The TV would be best stuck up on a wall or on a high TV cabinet so toddler can not reach.
- Make sure there is plenty of room for baby to crawl/walk, so ideally no coffee table in the middle.
- Hang photos up on the wall. This can make the room look cosy.
- Add a rug, again this will make the room look cosy and homely.

Begehbarer Kleiderschrank unter Schräge : Modern dressing room by meine möbelmanufaktur GmbH

When you decorate your child's bedroom, it should feel cosy and relaxing. A bedroom should feel like a peaceful and relaxing room for adult and child. Although I am sure through the years the child's bedroom theme will change as they grow older.
- Build indoor wardrobes for extra storage. You could also build a few extra shelves in wardrobes.
- Sort all toys into separate boxes.
- Keep some toys on wall shelves and bring down when needed.
- Black-out curtains are great for a child's bedroom at any age
- Warm colours can make a bedroom feel relaxing and cosy
A bathroom is what adults and children use several times a day. Whether we need the toilet, brush our teeth, wash our face, go to the bath/shower or even for us parents to have two minutes peace from the kids! (Odd place I know!) There are many ways you can decorate your bathroom to be family-friendly. You can check out some bathroom ideas over at Homify.
For some, the kitchen is the heart of the house. I would love an open place kitchen one day. Of course, a kitchen is where all the food gets prepared and cooked. A place where you have memories of baking with the kids, the kids doing a mess with the flour, and a place where you cook your favourite meals for the family.
To make a kitchen family-friendly it may be best to be sure the sharp knives are kept away in a locked cupboard or a high shelf where your child won't be able to reach. A kitchen looks beautiful when it is brightly painted or wallpapered.
Do you have any tips on how to decorate a family friendly home?
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Christmas Gift Guide For Him

You can miss out that special man in your life can you? That special man may be your brother, nephew, Dad, Grandad or your partner. I really look up to the men in my life. They all mean the world to me. In today's Christmas gift guide I will be gathering some gift ideas for those special men in your life.

Not For Girls Mug
Curry Chips Chocolate Bar
Dad and Son Tops
Wooden Laptop Desk
Star Wars Mug
Music Pillow
Gaming Chair
Star Wars Bluetooth Speaker
Star Wars Biscuit Barrel
Remote Holder
Man Bowl
Messenger Bag

Will you be buying a gift for that special man in your life this year? Has this Christmas guide helped you think of ideas?

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Hua Hin, Thailand

Thailand was never a place that I thought I would visit. I had never been abroad before I went to visit Thailand early this year. Thailand was never on my list for places to visit either. One of my main reasons we went to Thailand was because my partners parents have a house there and they go to Thailand every 3 months for a 3 week stay. So in February we decided to join them.

The flight wasn't the comfiest. I didn't enjoy it but I think I was really nervous and just something I had never experienced before. With the long hours of travelling and just sitting down - it wasn't my cup of tea. But the flight back wasn't as bad. I knew a bit more and I just watched a few films to pass the time.

When we arrived at Bangkok airport I was so glad the flights were over. I was absolutely shattered and so was the girls and everyone else. When we stepped out of the airport to wait for the driver, the heat came right at you. It was weird. Can't really fully explain how hot it was, just that it was very hot. Not heat like you get in this country either, no where near.

We spent every single day in the pool outside the house. We learnt Elliw to swim but Mia was a bit too scared to get into the pool. We would spend a good couple of hours or more in the pool most days. We would visit a shopping centre called Market Village every single day too. There are 4 or 5 floors if I remember rightly and it was huge. The basement had small stalls of people selling cheaps and copies. Then the other floors had shops, food places and the tops floor had a cinema.

We went to visit the beach two or three times during our three week stay. I wasn't very keen on the beach. It was hot and you would be lightly covered in sand, your hair, face, between your fingers - everywhere. Both girls experienced riding a horse on the beach which they both loved but they weren't very keen on the beach itself either so I think that was one of the reasons we didn't visit the beach much.

A few days we just travelled around in the car to see the views, buildings and beautiful statues. We went to see monkey mountain one afternoon after a visit to the beach. The girls loved it. We didn't get out of the car because of course, the whole place was covered with free monkeys running and jumping about. I managed to take a few photos whilst we were there. The girls were over the moon and overly excited when they saw these monkeys.

We went out for food every lunch time and most dinner times. Their food cafes and restaurants aren't like ours in this country. Hardly any of the ones we went to had walls. They were all open. It was weird at first but I got used to it in the end and it was nice, and you really didn't care in the end because the heat was so hot you couldn't really feel the difference. My favourite foods whilst I was there was Chicken and satay sauce, Garlic and chicken and Chicken and cashew nuts. Since coming home I have eaten a lot more Thai food and been interested in trying a lot more Thai food too.

There are many things to do with children in Hua Hin, Thailand but also things for couples, singles and for the whole family. Me and my partner had a few hours to ourselves so we went to visit Vana Nava Hua Hin water park. Vana Nava Hua Hin is a huge water park with many big slides and other water fun things to do. There are also places to eat inside the water park and places to sit and relax. If you do ever visit here then I would advise you take care of your feet as the floor is extremely hot! So watch your children's feet too.

I had some amazing experiences when I was in Thailand. I went on a scooter for the first time ever. I was petrified but I was so glad I went on it. I have never been on a motorbike or scooter so it was a pretty big thing for me! And of all places, I try it in Thailand. A place that the roads are full of scooters and motorbikes and they don't know road safety very well either! I also got the amazing chance to ride an elephant and get up close and give a baby elephant a cuddle. It was amazing and I felt comfortable because these elephants were well cared for at the charity.

I really do miss Thailand and I really can not wait until we visit Hua Hin again. If you are thinking of somewhere to go abroad I would definitely recommend Hua Hin, Thailand as there are many things to do in Hua Hin and I am sure you won't regret visiting the beautiful place.

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First Christmas Gifts

Christmas is exciting for all of us. But a Baby's First Christmas can be very exciting and special. A Christmas you won't forget. If you baby is less than 6 months old it can be pretty difficult to know what to buy for their first Christmas. On this post today I have gathered some Christmas gifts for 0-6 months and gifts for 6+ months.