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Just Another Linky #40

 Welcome! Hello! I hope you all had a lovely week. Thank you so much for linking up and I want to say a huge welcome to all the newbies too. It's so lovely reading so many different topics each week and it is really nice seeing so many people from different countries linking up to this link als…

Finding Out Baby's Gender

14 Weeks Pregnancy Update

I haven't really enjoyed this week if I am honest. I have been feeling pretty ill for most of the week, especially last weekend and the start of the week. I struggled to do many things. But on the other hand I am fine. I have noticed my itch with Obstetric Cholestasis is getting a bit more str…

My Pregnancy Weight Loss Journey #2

You may have read my post from last week saying I lost 1.5lbs at my local Slimming World group. I was a little disappointed because scales at home said differently. However, Wednesday evening after group I felt motivated. Even stuck to plan after group but the following day I struggled because we didn't really have any food in the house where I could have a full meal on plan. So I really struggled.

Tips To Run Your Own Linky

I do advise Bloggers, especially new bloggers to link up to linky's as they are great for finding new blogs to read and gaining traffic. However, many people also think about running their own linky. To run your own linky is hard work. It takes time, a lot of time. But there are also many things to think about before starting your own linky and that includes research too.

Welcoming Baby Into Our Family

We are near the end of January and I still can't believe that by the end of July me, my partner and my girls will be welcoming a new baby into our family. I thought my days of pushing a pram, changing nappies, cleaning up sick, sleepless nights and feeds were over for quite a good few years. We kept Elliw's pram away nearly a year ago now and I remember I felt so weird but also felt a little free without having to push a pram. But a year down the line I will be pushing a newborn baby around. I am getting overly excited now.

Blue Monday

On the 18th January, it was Blue Monday. Apparently the saddest day of the year. I was contacted by the lovely people of Wynsors World of Shoes to see if I would like to receive a VIP box filled with goodies for Blue Monday and beat the blues! I was really excited to see what goodies I received in the surprise VIP box, along with the shoes I had chosen. In the VIP box I received - A pair of trainers, Small tub of dark chocolate, Barry M nail polish, small notebook, Wooden frame and Re-useable bag.

So how are these goodies supposed to help you stop feeling Blue on Monday?

The First Trimester

I am finally in the second trimester of my pregnancy. I am so glad I am out of the first trimester. It felt like I was in the first trimester for so long! I have a pregnancy app on my phone and it is so nice seeing Baby look like a proper baby now instead of a little alien (hehe!). Every Monday (and sometimes in the week) I open up the app to take a look at roughly what Baby looks like and it just gets me so excited.

Gro-Clock Review

I must admit, I have been very lucky since day one with Mia. She has always been a good sleeper, even in the hospital she was the only quiet baby on the ward and slept through most of the night. She had her first full night sleep at 3 months old. She co-slept with me as I was single at the time so I had the room in my bed. We co-slept until roughly 7-8 months when I decided it was about time she started sleeping in her cot. She would wake up between 1 and 3am every night but eventually she stopped at the age of 2 and has slept all night since.

Elliw on the other hand was different. It took her 7 months until she had a full night sleep. She still wakes up now and then. Elliw is an early bird but sometimes it is a bit too early. We have got into a good routine of getting them both to bed by 7pm every night but the mornings can be a struggle when Elliw wakes up extra early, sometimes before the sun even comes up.

The Gro Company got in touch with me a couple of months back asking if I would like to review a GroClock. I instantly said yes as I thought it would be perfect to try and help stop the very early morning and also learn Elliw more about the time. We have used this clock a few times, not all the time yet because I am wanting to move them both into the same bedroom and that is when we will be using it on a daily basis.

How Facebook Has Helped My Blog

When I first started my blog I was always a little unsure to take my blog into the social media world. But eventually I made a Facebook and Instagram page and about a year later I made a Twitter account. I was more nervous on making a Facebook page as I wasn't quite sure how I could get any tr…

Baby Wishlist

Since Elliw was born a lot of things have changed. A lot of baby things are a lot more modern and look a lot more fresh now. Seeing as Baby will be my last ever baby/child I am wanting to buy what I want but of course if I can't then I won't cry over it! I have been brought up to budget and…

Saturday Snapshot // My Sunday Photo

Day Out in Aberystwyth

When I was younger, a good few years before I had Mia, my Dad used to be with someone down South Wales. We used to go down South quite often and always either on our way there or on our way back we would stop in Aberystwyth for a small break for food and most of the time get out of the car and go for a walk. At my age, I hated the walking part but looking back I have to admit the place was lovely and I wish I had appreciated it a bit more. I now haven't been there for over 7 years.

Saturday morning my partner told me we were going to Aberystwyth as he had seen a car for sale and wanted to have a look. I couldn't wait, so I got myself and Elliw dressed. Mia had gone to her Dads for the weekend. We got in the car within 40 minutes and off we went. When we arrived at the car garage, we took a test drive of the car and lets just say, we wont be calling back again after the mould and stink inside the car.

Just Another Linky #39

 W E L C O M E
Welcome back to week #39. Thanks to everyone linked up last week and I noticed some newbies too so a huge welcome and a huge thank you to you all too! Hope you all have a fab week.

The Rules... • #justanotherlinky is open Saturday morning until 11.55pm Monday night. • If you are link…

13 Weeks Pregnancy Update

I have to admit, the past week has flown by! I do sit down sometimes and think that this pregnancy is going really slow. But then I think how far I am and how far gone I was when I found out and it has actually gone pretty quick. I can thank the morning school runs for that I think, school hours just fly by. This week has been a little different to my last week. Not a huge difference though. By the way, I did breathe my stomach in my photos, so you could all see Bump better! Couldn't breathe in anymore ha ha.

Last week I decided to go back to my local Slimming World group and restart my weight loss journey whilst pregnant. I thought I could try and lower my BMI and make this pregnancy a healthy one. Not eating junk all the time like I did with my other two. I have been put high risk pregnancy and I wrote a post on how I felt being high risk. I do feel disappointed in myself. I knew I am a high risk pregnancy near the end due to Obstetric Cholestasis, a liver disorder I get whilst pregnant but luckily the full burst of it hasn't started yet and only get the itch now and then which I can cope with for now.

Slimming World Week #1

As you may know, I started going back my local Slimming World group last week to re-start my weight loss journey. I am determined that I will loose weight during this pregnancy. I do not want to gain weight like I did with my two previous pregnancies. I am also under consultant because of my weight and being pregnant so I would like to take my BMI down quite a bit during my pregnancy. Cross fingers!

My first week hasn't been too bad - in fact it has been brilliant. I felt so motivated. I stopped snacking on the kids food, I stopped eating white bread and I stuck to plan 100%. Although I went over my syns a little bit over the weekend, I had under 15 syns on the Thursday and Friday so it kind of balanced it out I guess. My home scales were looking good and I think that was one part of the reason to why I was so motivated. I also didn't have a takeaway, which I usually have one with my partner every week. So I am happy with that. I have been really pleased with the meals I have cooked from scratch this week. Here is what I have had for my dinner this week:

Boy or Girl?

When I announced the exciting news that I am expecting my third baby many people asked me if I wanted a boy or girl, but most people said that a boy would be nice this time. I don't mind people asking me these but it can get annoying when it's the same question off everyone. In all honesty…

How I Feel Being High Risk In My Pregnancy

I went to my second midwife appointment today. I was running late as I wasn't feeling to good as I was going on the school run. When I got back home, I cleaned the kitchen and made my usual porridge and fruit breakfast. I managed to sit down and eat and then my partners mother came in the hous…

1000th Published Post

I have been waiting to write this post for a very long time! This is my 1000th Published post! Well if I am honest, the post about my second scan is my 1000th published post but I accidently forgot to click publish on this post first! So I will just 'pretend' this is my original 1000th pos…

The Second Scan - 13 Weeks Pregnant

At our first scan they told me I was 10 weeks 3 days, when I had worked out I was 12 weeks (and some days) pregnant, so they took us back 2 weeks and Due Date moved forward. This did make sense because it took my 16 days to find out I was pregnant with Baby. I was a little gutted I was early on because I was just so excited and it felt really slow, but Baby was all healthy and wriggling around non stop!

The second scan, we had on 18th January at the same time, but different day to the first scan, at 11.20am. My partner came with me and I was really excited to see how much Baby had grown but also still a little worried in case something was wrong. After trying to find a parking space, we finally found one after 20 minutes of looking and we arrived at the scan department around 11.15am. We didn't wait long until we were called in.

Slimming World Green Thai Chicken Curry Recipe

Before I visited Thailand I was never keen in trying out Thai food. I always used to get pretty miserable if my partner tried to get me to try it. All mainly because I thought every single dish was going to be extremely spicy and not to my taste. When I went to visit Thailand, my mind was changed completely. I have been more interested in trying out Thai food and even with a bit of spice too. I won't go for the extremely hot food but one of my favourite Thai foods has to be Green Thai Chicken Curry. When I started my weight loss journey, again, with Slimming World I was really excited in trying out new recipes, recipes I hadn't tried out before. One of the recipes I saw was Green Thai Chicken curry - I just had to make it.

How I Feel About Becoming A Mum Of 3

Since I found out I was pregnant with Baby #3 I haven't really thought about how will I cope when Baby is here and how will it be, up until recently. Mia woke up early hours of the morning the other week and Elliw had woken up too but Elliw had woken up a few times in the night previously too! Safe to say, I was miserable and I was tired. It did come to my mind, how am I going to cope if all 3 kids are awake early hours in the morning? This time round I am going to breastfeed, so that also comes to mind. Luckily, I do have my partner so he can help in some ways too.

A New Look For Life-As-Mum

I have been blogging for just over 2 and a half years now and never have I been 100% happy with my layout. I have always been a little jealous over other bloggers design and could only wish I had those good HTML skills like I used to and make my own layout. Today, I took a big step and decided to buy my very first layout for my blog on Etsy. I wasn't looking for anything 'over the top' and nothing too expensive either.

Re-Starting My Weight Loss Journey

You all may already know that I am pregnant with my third baby. In 2014 I lost 3 and a half stone with Slimming World. The following year I went on my first ever holiday abroad to Thailand and I gained just under half a stone, since then I have just been gaining it slowly and now my gain is 2 and …

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Taken Summer 2014

Just Another Linky #38

 W E L C O M E
Welcome to week 38. I just want to say a huge thank you to every single person that links up to #justanotherlinky each week. Never did I think that this linky would be so successful and popular each week - without fail. I also would like the lovely co-host Kirsty too!
Please read t…

12 Weeks Pregnant Update

I have been super excited to write my first ever pregnancy update on my blog! I have written a few posts before this about how I found out I was pregnant, how my girls reacted and much more. But this is post I have been really excited about. I am finally starting my pregnancy journey through my bl…

Budget Yourself This Valentines

Valentine's Day will be here soon and up to now me and my partner haven't planned anything. We will probably end up having some steak and chips at home, the same as what we did last year. With Valentine's Day being so close to Christmas and the January Sales it can be pretty expensive. But it doesn't have to be. Valentines Day should be a day were a couple appreciate eachother and spend time together. You don't have to go to that fancy restaurant, or buy her the perfect and most expensive flowers or perfume. You can keep in budget and keep it simple but still have a good time with your partner. Here are a few of my tips on how you can have a good Valentines Day and not spend a lot of money -

How My Girls Reacted

It was extremely hard keeping such big news from the girls for so many weeks. Especially because I was so tired and feeling like utter rubbish through the day. Falling asleep on the sofa or on the bed and not being able to explain to them that I just wanted a two minute nap. All close family membe…

Baby Clothes with NEXT

Since finding out I was pregnant it hasn't really felt really until I had my first scan. Then after a few days it stopped feeling 'real' up until recently when I felt my Baby bump harder than normal. Although it hadn't felt real, I did start buying some clothes quite early on. I had no idea how far I had gone or if everything was ok when I started buying things - which is wrong I guess but I had hope and I just wanted to see if it made things a bit more real.

Since the scan I am forever looking on websites and in stores at baby clothes. I can not wait to hopefully find out what we are having in our private booked 3D scan at the end of the month. Today, I am sharing a few of my favourite newborn unisex, girls and boys clothes from NEXT online. I have bought a couple already and I will state below which ones I have bought already.

2015 In Photos

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Family Day Out

Yesterday, Sunday 10th January 2016, we went out as a family. We hadn't had a family day out for quite a while and because we had taken Elliw to Seaquarium in Rhyl whilst Mia was at her Dad's I thought it was about time me, my partner, Elliw and Mia went for day out somewhere. So seeing as Mia was in her Dads from Friday night until Saturday evening, we thought Sunday was the perfect day to go somewhere. I woke up pretty early with the girls whilst my partner had a small lie in.

Why I Don't Want My Girls Going To Secondary School

Ok - maybe it's not the fact that I don't want them to go to big school, it's the fact that I am so worried and nervous that they are going to have the same experience as me. Secondary school for me wasn't all that great. I had some good times and I had some pretty bad times too. D…

#MirrorMyMummy with George at ASDA

I was recently contacted by the lovely people from George at ASDA to take part in a campaign called #MirrorMyMummy. I was given a certain amount of money to spend on some clothes for my girls and myself. George is one of my favourite places to buy clothes as I find the quality of their clothes fantastic for all ages. I found it quite difficult to find some clothes as there is such a big range of beautiful clothes for clothes, baby and womens.

I decided to choose a mixture of clothes and added a few new shoes for the girls also. I thought since I am now expecting Baby #3 I could add something small for Baby and add a couple of maternity clothes from George Maternity Range. There is a wide choice of tops, dresses, trousers and much more. The grey maternity t-shirt has a longer back than the front which is what I liked about it. It also has great detail around the neck of the t-shirt. It went perfect with the black jeggings from the plus size range. I also included a tunic striped navy top from the womens range.

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