Maintaining Your Fitness When You Have a Hectic Family Routine

When you have kids, your life inevitably begins to revolve around them. Not only do you begin to
prioritise their wants and needs - putting them before yourself - but you also have the commitment
of ensuring they’re in certain places at certain times. You’ll find yourself occupied with the gargantuan
task of ensuring they become healthy, happy and well-rounded adults. You’ll find yourself running
them back and forth to nursery, school, after school clubs, extracurricular activities and more.
All things considered, it’s not all too surprising that many parents find themselves struggling to fit
their own exercise routines into the mix. Where are you supposed to find the time? But it is extremely
important that you remember you need sufficient exercise too. It is generally recommended that the
average adult gets one hundred and fifty minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week or seventy five
minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise a week. The good news is that this is generally achievable.
Here are some tips and tricks that will help you hit these targets - no matter how far off they may
initially seem.

Remember Exercise Doesn’t Need to Be Expensive

When we have kids, we tend to find ourselves being pretty frugal with our own purchases. We’ll find
ourselves thinking that money spent on ourselves could be better spent on our kids. But it’s important
that you give yourself a little here and there. Exercise really doesn’t need to be expensive. You just
need to prioritise the areas you choose to invest in. You should make sure you have good gym wear,
like a reliable and supportive pair of running trainers, breathe easy fabric tops and stretchy gym
bottoms. It’s also important that you ensure you have any support you may need, like knee supports,
ankle supports, shoulder supports, or other supports. Once you’ve got the basics, exercise can
actually be completely free. A run around the nearest park doesn’t cost a thing!

Consider Personal Training

Another reason people often end up swerving exercise is because they find themselves running
around after their kids instead. We’ll end up taking our little one to an extra activity instead of heading
to the gym like we planned. Or we’ll just feel worn out by the general demands of our little ones and
choose to rest and do absolutely nothing when we find ourselves with an hour or two free. But you
do need to exercise and there are ways to encourage yourself to stick to your routine. The most
effective thing to do is often to get in touch with a personal trainer. Knowing you’re paying for
personal training, or that you’ll be letting your trainer down if you don’t turn up to your session is
often sufficient reason to stick with your plan and keep up with your fitness routine. Personal trainers
can also create a workout that ticks all your boxes and will help you achieve your goals more
effectively. Take a look at some reliable and recommended personal trainers at

Exercise With Your Kids

Exercise can actually be a family affair that you can get your kids involved in too if you find you
don’t have time away from the kids to carry out your own work out. In fact, exercise can be a fun
activity and a great bonding experience. Consider taking a bike ride through the park if you all have
bikes. A walk through a nature reserve can also be fun. Swimming is a great day out where your
little ones are bound to enjoy splashing about - and it can teach them a valuable and potentially
life saving skills at the same time. Exercise doesn’t necessarily have to take place outside of the
house either! You could stick the stereo on and have a little family disco, where you all dance
about the house and build up a sweat with smiles on your faces.

These, of course, are just a few ways you can incorporate exercise into your already hectic schedule. While exercise may not feel like a top priority, it really is essential for your health. It’ll improve your stamina, build your strength, optimise your flexibility, and general make you healthier all round - this is beneficial for you and the little ones you’re looking after. So, lay more emphasis on it and make it one of your priorities!

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Pop Pop Hair Surprise

Both my girls are now at the age where they love finding new collectable toys. They've collected a few different toys throughout the last few years, but when they received the new Pop Pop Hair Surprise Collectables, they were super excited. I personally think these Pop Pop Hair Surprises are different from all the other collectables out there. There are over 25 characters to collect, and they are sold separately.

Pop Pop Hair Surprise are 3 characters in 1, and you need to open the Pop Brush to reveal the surprise inside. The brush becomes a spray bottle, and it also includes 4 hairbands, and 2 hair clips for you to use on your Pop Hair Pets or on your own hair which my girls found super cool (their words!) Aswell as over 25 characters to collect, there are over 4 different themes too.

These adorable Pop Hair Pets are definitely going to be a big collectable this and next year. They are super adorable, and not only can they go in your hair to style, but they are also pencil toppers too. Great for taking to school and showing their friends their new Pop Hair Pets.

Which Pop Hair Pet will you find?!

- We were gifted some items in return for this honest review.

Top Tips To Help You Budget Beyond Payday

If you're a reader, then you may know that I went back to work, from being a stay-at-home Mam, in February. It's been a significant change to our lives, mentally and financially. We're all getting used to the change slowly and something I love having back is knowing that I have a payday to look forward to at the end of each month. But saying that, something I have struggled with was budgeting my wage after payday. 

PayPlan have recently realised a new quiz, called Diagnose Your Spending, to help people think about their spendings throughout the month after payday, and also share some of their advice and some resources to help them improve their financial situation in future. I've taken the quiz myself, and it's given me some great information to help me deal with my spendings throughout the month before my next payday. 

I thought I'd also share some of my top tips on how to budget your money beyond your payday, to help you not get into any financial troubles before the next payday. 

1. Direct Debits 
Any bills you are paying, from TV License to your internet providers, setting up a direct debit will help you not miss any monthly bills. Many people decide to pay their bills themselves instead of direct debit, this mostly ends up in late payments and then the person receiving some letters reminding them to pay. Direct Debits are great for getting bills paid on time.

2. Write Everything Down
If you're someone who struggles to budget. Try writing all your spendings down in a budgeting notebook. This will let you see correctly what spendings need to go out and what expenses you could possibly cut out such as takeaways etc. This will help you massively budget between one payday to the next. 

3. Bank Savings
You could take a look at possibly opening a second bank account to place some savings into it. This could be anything from adding as little as £1 per week or even your loose change at the end of the week. Having some savings could be a great help in future if an emergency arises such as as a large household item breaks that need replacing. It's always great to have some money aside in case of an emergency. 

4. Prioritise Your Bills
When payday arrives, make sure you pay your most important bills first and then pay the rest of the bills that need paying. Never budget your money for the rest of the month until you have completely paid your bills first. If you don't do this, it may end up in financial problems. 

5. Budget Your Food Shop
Whether you do a weekly, fortnightly or monthly food shop, doing it on a budget always helps. The first thing you could do is to look around and see where you can find the cheapest supermarket to buy your food. The second tip for budgeting your food shop is to write a list of the foods you want to buy, making sure you check your cupboards etc. first incase you double buy. Thirdly and lastly, by making sure you only buy what is on the list. 

What are your top tips to keep in budget? 

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Deciding To Have A Baby: A Guide

Deciding to have a baby is an exciting and memorable time in your life. However, the thought of bringing a new life into the world can be extremely daunting, especially if it’s your first child. Fortunately, there is an endless amount of advice and guidance out there to help make pregnancy easier.

With this in mind, here’s a useful guide to help couples planning or expecting a baby.

Book an appointment with your GP or midwife

You should book an appointment with your GP or midwife as soon as you discover you’re pregnant. Your midwife will register your pregnancy and prepare a detailed care plan that will be used to support you throughout each stage of your pregnancy. At this point, it’s important to check how healthy you are and take any necessary action to ensure a safe pregnancy.

For instance, medical experts advise against smoking or drinking alcohol while pregnant as this can damage the baby’s development and lead to long-term health issues. While pregnant, it’s also vital that you get all of the necessary nutrients to keep you and your baby healthy. Folic acid and vitamin D are both extremely important in pregnancy, and many women take supplements to ensure they’re getting the correct amounts of these nutrients.

Fortunately, you can easily purchase specialist pregnancy vitamins and supplements online through popular websites like Health Monthly.

Tell people you’re pregnant

When you decide to tell your family and friends about your pregnancy is completely down to personal choice. Some couples choose to tell their closest family members about their pregnancy straight away, whereas others prefer to wait until they have made arrangements and had sufficient time to process their own feelings and emotions.

According to medical advice on the NHS - “Many women wait until they’ve had their first ultrasound scan, which is around 12 weeks, before they tell people about their pregnancy.” This is largely due to the fact that the risk of miscarriage reduces significantly at the end of the first trimester which is around 10 to 12 weeks into the pregnancy. 

Understand your maternity options

It’s important to research your maternity options early on in your pregnancy. Understanding the different options will allow you to make informed decisions about your pregnancy. This includes key elements like where you want to give birth and what pain relief/medication you would like administered during labour.

Remember, that you can still change your mind about where or how you would like to give birth at any point during your pregnancy, but having an idea will help you explore different options and feel prepared for the birth of your baby. If you’re unsure about anything, then be sure to seek advice and guidance from your midwife.

Finally - don’t panic

It is important to remember that becoming pregnant marks a huge change in your life and it’s completely normal to feel a range of emotions - from joy and happiness to shock and anxiety.

Many couples experience mixed feelings when they discover they’re pregnant and you should always take the time to process the news properly. Remember that there’s plenty of useful advice and guidance available to support pregnant couples and new parents, so make sure you take advantage of these valuable resources.

Enhance the drama of movie night with these moody lighting tips

Let’s face it; at this time of year when it’s increasingly cold and drizzly outside, meaning that many of us can’t bring ourselves to even get into the car to drive to the nearest cinema, it’s nice to be able to revel in the finest entertainment in the comfort of our own homes.
But whether you’re binging on everything that Netflix has to offer or watching Die Hard for the 20th or 30th time, there’s no doubt that even some of the most seemingly insignificant details can contribute significantly to your efforts to achieve a faithful cinema-esque vibe in your abode.
So, here are some of the best ways to achieve just the right mood on movie night in your home, using little more than lighting.

Repaint the TV room
Whatever you call the space in which you tend to watch movies at home – the ‘TV room’, ‘home cinema’, ‘man cave’, you name it – a lick of paint can be great for imbuing a certain mood that will put you perfectly in mind of the local Cineworld.
Nor are there many rules about what paint colours do and don’t work for the purposes of illuminating a home cinema, with both darker and lighter hues being potentially suitable.
However, there is one clear rule here; don’t go for white or near-white. This is a shade that causes light to bounce around the room too much, thereby imperilling that understated and broody mood you’re probably aiming for with your home cinema.

What about the lighting itself?
The lighting that is most suitable for your cinema room will largely depend on how you intend to use the space. If this room is intended to be exclusively a home cinema, you won’t need much in terms of general interior lighting, so you might wish to prioritise the purchase of floor washers or a starry sky to quickly introduce some of that authentic ‘cinema’ feel.
An alternative eventuality, of course, is that you will also need the space to double up as something else – for instance, a place to watch sport during the day, or somewhere more child-friendly than would exactly be the case for an out-and-out home cinema.
There’s no need to despair if this is the case for you. It simply means you need to be a little more ingenious about installing slightly more versatile lighting, such as ceiling recessed LED downlights for boosting general levels of illumination.
While we’re on the subject of versatility, though, it’s worth bearing in mind that the style of your lighting fixtures will be just as central to your efforts to achieve a genuinely ‘cinematic’ mood. You might look to a brand like PAGAZZI, for instance, with its floor lamps that exude a feel of early 20th-century retro sophistication, just like those art-deco cinemas you might’ve attended in your youth.

Be aware, too, of the light that could get in from outside  
The windows will certainly be another key factor if you’re trying to create an appropriately lit home cinema. Again, you’ll have greater freedom here if the space isn’t set to be used for anything else. You might even have the luxury of perhaps getting rid of the windows altogether to reduce the scope for unwanted light to get into the room while you and your beloved are in the middle of watching the most emotive bits of The Lion King.
Have you been striving to emulate that perfectly moody ‘home cinema’ feel in your own TV room? If so, feel free to share your thoughts below, or check out Real Homesmore comprehensive guide to making your dream cinema room possible.

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The UK's Best Drives

When I was younger, my Dad always used to take my brother and I on a car road trip and it was one of our favourite things to do. I love sightseeing and still up to this day, I still love sitting in the car and my partner driving through different places from small villages, cities and seasides. It's just like watching the world go by, seeing some beautiful sceneries and not forgetting finding new places to visit too. LeaseCar have listed some of the UK's Best Drives and it includes places from Cotswold, The Lake District, London Dorset and more.

The Lake District is a place I have been longing to visit and it's been on my list to do for a long time now. The trees, mountains and all the adventures to be had there it's definitely the kind of place my family and I would love to visit one day. My Aunty also lives nearby, which means we would also take a trip to see her too.

As shown in the infographic I've included below, another that takes my eye is Brecon to Devil's Bridge. It looks like an amazing road trip and I must admit, Wales has the most amazing sceneries with mountains, trees and the fields. Talking about Wales, I live in North Wales and a couple of my favourite Road Trips are through Caernarfon front road, especially during the evening when you see Caernarfon Castle in the dark, during the day-time the views along the road is just amazing.

Another Road Trip in Wales I love to take is down to Aberystwyth. Half way in Wales, Aberystwyth is a beautiful place to have a walk along the front. During the summer it's a great place to go spend the day on the beach. Other days, there's a castle and a park near the front you could explore.

Here's the infographic LeaseCar made sharing some top travel influencers favourite Road Trips:

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Newborn Baby Checklist

Finding out your pregnant is a very exciting time in your life and then those months of planning and preparing making sure you have everything before the arrival of your little one is even more exciting. There are thousands of different baby items around these days and from experience - you don't have to spend hundreds of pounds buying things, you can easily prepare for your baby on a budget. It's all about organising and looking around.

Something that helped me when I was both, preparing for baby and preparing for my hospital bag was writing a checklist. I wrote many checklists throughout my pregnancy and from experience of going through pregnancy three times, here's a checklist that will make sure you have everything for the arrival of your little one.

Of course, there are probably a lot more things that I haven't listed on there. But from experience, these were the main things I personally bought to prepare for the first few months and beyond of having a newborn. I had the UPPAbaby Vista Pram for my third baby and it was amazing - a pram I would definitley recommend. As well as the Kiddy UK Car Seat which lasted up until my boy was 15 months old.

Making Your Home Cosy for The Chillier Months

Welp, summer has officially left us (though it did feel like it checked out some weeks ago), and now
we’re all beginning to look forward to the chilly autumn and winter months. A lot of people
understandably enjoy the spring and summer seasons, but there’s much to love about the colder
months. For one, it gives us the opportunity to enjoy our homes to the max. But only if we take steps
to make sure that it’s as cosy as possible! Below, we take a look at a few tips that’ll have you on your
way to a relaxing and comfortable home, which will be perfect for those warm and cosy nights
watching movies. 

Focus on the Living Room

It would be nice to have a home that was cosy throughout, but let’s be real for a second -- that’ll just
take too much time, and autumn is already here. As such, it’s best to focus on the rooms that will be
getting a lot of attention in the coming months, such as the living room. If you have a living area that
is warm, comfortable, and has the right entertainment setup (hello, binge-watching), then you can live
the season well. Your bedroom should also get some attention, too. 

The Essentials 

We can make our home look inviting, but looks are only half the battle -- it’s how the home feels that
will have just as big an impact. As such, it’s recommended that you ensure that all the essentials are
in order before the real chill comes. This will involve making sure that your boiler is working properly.
If it has been some time since it was last serviced, then get it seen to by Kiasu Workforce. There’s
nothing worse than waking up on a cold morning and realising that your heating is no longer working. 

Linen Upgrades

The tips we’ve mentioned so far have been about making sure that your home is in generally good
shape to ride out the autumn and winter seasons. But how about going the extra mile, and not just
making autumn in your home manageable, but actually kind of awesome? One way to do this is to
invest in the softness. Upgrade your towels, sofa throws, and your dressing gown, and you’ll be able
to stay comfortable wherever you are. You might also consider adding an extra shaggy rug or two,
especially if your carpet is a little dated.

Cooking Options 

There are few things better than riding out the rain and the wind in the kitchen, cooking up a warming dish for the whole family. But you’ll need a few things first. An autumn cookbook will be a good starting point, as will making any essential kitchen improvements if it’s not currently up to standard. With the correct kitchen tools -- such as a slow cooker -- you can ensure that you can eat well through the entirety of the season. You’ll get bonus points from the whole family if you learn how to make cookies and cakes, too.

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5 Hobbies To Help You Chill Out

With so many people coming under stress from long hours at work, or from their own personal lives, the need to chill out has never been more vital. If you’ve ever sat down with a book and struggled to concentrate, you may have come to the realisation that relaxing is something that sometimes needs a bit of practice. If you’re trying to become a far more chilled out person, then here are few ways to cultivate a peaceful mind.


Many people would scoff at the idea of meditating, as it’s so often associated with yoga retreats or hippy culture. However, the mindfulness that is cultivated through meditation has benefits that extend beyond just being a little more chilled out every now and then. It allows us to take a moment and consider our actions without rushing into decisions simply out of stress or impulse. Studies have also found that it not only reduces stress but also improves your capacity to retain knowledge and pay attention.



We have never been more glued to our phones, and many claim that this is giving us an incredibly short attention span. If you want to find a hobby that truly takes your mind away from your present reality, then reading is just about as good as it gets. Taking up a hobby that keeps your eyes away from your phone or tablet, and absorbs you into a ripping yarn, can only be a good thing.


If you want to find a reason to step outside and breathe, then vaping is just about a good a reason as any. Not only is it an affordable hobby, but you can also try out different flavours until you find some that suit your own particular tastes. Companies such as Ultimate Juice have a wide variety of flavours and long-lasting battery packs (or mods) to keep you going.


If you’re on a bit of a slim-line budget, then running is one of the most wallet-friendly hobbies to take up. Unlike walking or hiking, you can see the benefits incrementally as you experience your stamina improving with every run. The endorphins you release are also particularly excellent for stress-busting. It’s also the perfect excuse to listen to your favourite music or listen to a new podcast.


Did you know that gardening has been found to reduce the stress hormone cortisol? The attention you give to organising your garden beautifully and helping plants flourish could be hugely useful to your mental health. Perhaps try starting with a few potted plants, or even a small herb garden. You may just find yourself delving into a new, relaxing hobby.

Hobbies not only provide us with a passion to indulge in but also a way to escape everyday reality. Finding a pastime that resonates with you could be an ideal outlet for your creativity and mind. Finding new hobbies is one of life’s great pleasures, so always make time to discover something new.

AniMagic Interactive Pets

I feel quite lucky that both my girls, aged 7 and 9, still like their soft toys. Both their beds, especially my eldest, are full of soft, cuddly and adorable soft toys. They were both kindly gifted two AniMagic Interactive Pets and they were so excited to receive them. I used to love Animagic when I was younger and both girls have owned some AniMagic pets in the past.

Mia chose to have the AniMagic Goes Wild Owl who's name is Arty. He is all white with bits of grey and the first thing Mia loved was how fluffy and soft he is. Along with the Owl comes it's sleeping place - a tree. When your child places the owl in the tree, it will drift to sleep. Mia loved this and puts him to sleep while she goes to school and again when she goes to bed herself. When you give Arty lots of snuggles his big eyes lightly glow - which Mia was amazed by.

Elliw has Peri the Penguin and I must say, he is absolutely adorable! Just like Arty the Owl, he is super soft and fluffy and his eyes glow softly when he gets some snuggles. Peri also comes with an igloo for him to sleep. When he is taken out of the igloo, Peri gets excited and chirps!

Both girls love having their new AniMagic Go Wild Interactive Pets and I do honestly recommend them. They are currently £19.99 and they are well loved by my girls. I often hear both Arty and Peri chirp away when the girls are playing with them. A great gift this Christmas or any other special occasion such as a birthday.

* We were kindly gifted these items.
However, all words and images are entirely our own.

The ABCs Of Keeping Your Kids Safe At Home

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Protecting our children is a priority that unites all parents, and there are many different elements
to consider. However, given the amount of time spent at home, it makes sense to start with this
part of your life. Thankfully, creating a safer home for your son or daughter is...well, child’s play. 

Focus on these three key elements and you’ll be sure to create a perfect home environment or
your child. 

Accident prevention  

Preparation is always the best form of protection, not least when dealing with young children. If
you’re not careful, the property will house an array of threats. Therefore, you must take all of the
necessary steps to prevent those accidents from occurring. Nobody wants a trip to A&E. 

Childproofing the property can include many different elements. Covering plug sockets is a great
starting point while fireguards and kitchen door locks are useful too. Meanwhile, foam covers on
sharp table edges can be useful when your toddlers are running around on relatively unsteady feet.
Of course, keeping dangerous consumables and materials out of reach should be high on the
agenda too. 

Finally, you can reduce the damage from trips and falls by making smarter flooring choices. Or
removing furniture or other items that could pose a danger to your child’s safety. 

Backyard safety 

Spending more time outdoors can only have a positive impact on your child’s wellbeing. The fresh air,
increased physical activity, and exposure to vitamin D are all steps in the right direction. However, you
need to take the necessary steps to keep your child safe. 

Wearing suncream is just the start. Creating a childproof garden will prevent slips, falls, and bumps.
Meanwhile, you need to set clear boundaries so that your child doesn’t play with potentially dangerous
items from the shed. Having garden games to keep them entertained should help. It may be necessary
to remove water features and other dangerous elements. 

Then again, you can stay on top of most situations simply by being out in the garden too. Bonding
through gardening is a great idea. You can also create a comfortable patio space for when you just
want to oversee things. 

Computer safety 

For any generations, safety inside the home and in the garden would’ve sufficed. Nowadays, we are
living in a digital era, which is why online protection should be on the agenda too. Kids will need to use
technology on a frequent basis, but they need to do it in the right manner. 

One of the best ways to achieve this is to keep them away from dangerous platforms. Avoid social
media platforms where they could meet strangers and stick to private messaging with their friends.
Playing games for Mac can be another great technique. It keeps them away from various dangers. 

Parents can also set parental controls and notifications to monitor their child’s activity. When supported
by the idea of bookmarking their favourite sites and games, the threat of hacks, bullying, and bribery
are reduced. It’s great news for you as well as your child.

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5 ways to make a small home work for a big family

With house prices climbing and wages stagnating we are all forced to make smart choices when it
comes to the family budget.  Years ago families would have looked to purchase a bigger home as
they added more children to their family, in 2019, this is not an option for many.

In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the smart ways to make a small home work for a large

1) Separate the rooms.

If you have more than 3 kids it can be challenging to fit them all into a small home, but the best way
I have found is to separate the boys and the girls into separate rooms.  The reason for this is that
when you have boys and girls in the same room they are going to argue over the decoration of the
room and the space required for their toys.

Separating boys into one room and girls into another will still give them the illusion of having their
own decorated bedroom, and they can all share the same toys rather than getting boys and girls
toys mixed up causing drama.

After separating the rooms I would recommend installing some bunk beds.  Bunk beds are a great
space saver and you can even get them with double beds at the bottom and a single on top, the
double bed is perfect for fitting 2 smaller children in, while your older child can go on the top bunk.

2) Invest in functional furniture.

Having a small home with a large family is going to cause some problems, the biggest being space. 
You can help your situation out by investing in functional furniture that has inbuilt storage.

Instead of buying a dining table with 6 chairs you could opt for a smarter choice and invest in two
benches.  Benches often come with storage underneath them and can give you extra storage while
still looking stylish.

You can opt to make these choices throughout your home too.  In your bathroom you could choose
to install towel radiators which hold your radiators instead of putting them in an ottoman, this frees
up room and also gives you lovely warm towels.

3) Get rid of furniture that's not needed.

As your family expands you are going to need more furniture, but in my experience families buy
too much furniture and their homes become overcrowded.  My advice would be to either sell
furniture that doesn't get used much or put it into storage for the time being.  Self-storage can
be a great space saver for growing and large families.

I used self-storage when my first child was born as we couldn't afford to move home at the time
and all of our rooms were full of baby equipment.  Self-storage allowed us to store some of our
larger furniture until our baby grew older and didn't need as many large items.

4) Give clothes to charity.

Clothing is one of the biggest killers of space there is.  It doesn't matter how organised you are,
your clothing seems to creep up on you and take over your home.  

Not only does having too much clothing take up room in your home but it also makes your life a
living nightmare when you have to get your children's clothes ready and you have a top that's
4 months old and bottoms that are 2 years old in the same drawer.  

To keep on top of having too much clothing I would recommend either selling your clothing
online or giving it to charity if you can afford to.  Not only will your home thank you for it but
you will also be helping others out who are not as fortunate as you.

We now give all of our clothing to charity after 6 months of usage.

5) Get creative with spaces.

In a small home, you have to be smart with everything you do, otherwise, it will become a dump
that will make you anxious and unhappy.  Being smart and creative with your rooms is a great way
of having more space in your home.  

One way of being creative in your home to free up space by using furniture of different shapes to fit
the rooms you have.  Instead of having rectangular basins in your bathroom you could opt for round
ones, this may seem silly but the lack of edges makes the room feel larger and it makes the room
easier to navigate around.

You should also look to fill any alcoves that are not in use.  Alcoves can offer vital storage space for
books and other children's toys, just don't overdo it because you could clutter your home worse than


Living in a small home as a big family can be difficult, but it can be done.  I have lived in a 3 bedroom
property for years with my partner and 3 children and by making the choices above our home is more
than big enough.

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