New Home: Living Room Dream

As you all probably know by now, we are looking to buy a house. We have been renting the house we are living in now for a year and a half and we rented a house before this one for 6 months, we feel even though we've been told we can do what we want, we feel that we can't do much in the houses! As it isn't our house is it? So this time, we are buying! I am actually quite excited. Only about 3 people know (and family too) as this time i will not be telling many people where i live. From my previous post your most probably know that we are looking for things for the rooms, previously i did the girls bedrooms. Well dream rooms they are! The things we would like in the room! 
Here is a few things i would love in our living room - 

1 - I am still in two minds with these curtains as i like the ones we have got now too! We will probably stick with the curtains that we have got in our living room at the moment and then change a few months down the line. 

2. I love these! They're so cute, and make a room look nice! I've got one big white one exactly like this which is hanging on the corner of the mirror in our living room at the moment. I think it fills up space and makes an empty looking place/wall look nice!

3. How cute is this cat door stopper? Never really had door stoppers in any of the houses we have lived in, but the house we have seen it is just a totally different layout than our house now and the previous one. 

4. I love plants in the house, not too much though. I like the colour white, and i really like this plant. It's really pretty i think! Isn't it?

5. I saw these canvases in the sale and i am so gutted now i didn't buy them! I wasn't so keen on them when i saw them in the sale, but i really love them now!

6. Faux 3 drawers - I have a lot of clutter - this means papers and more papers! Letters from Mias school and so on! This would ideal, and a nice deco in the living room! 

7. This rug looks so soft and fluffy! I love rugs in living rooms! Since the house we have seen is wooden floored i think a rug would make the room look very cosy!

8. Ahh i am in love with this cushion! That is all i can say about it! Love it.

As you can probably see, these items are all from Matalan and you can see that i have gone for a neutral theme again the same as my previous post about the girls dream bedroom! I also think the colour brown i have chosen is a very warm and cosey colour for a family home. 

What do you think?

A Family Day Out

Last Sunday we had Mia all day - YAY! As she doesn't go to her Dads in week day anymore she goes Saturday morning until Sunday evening which i find very hard - i miss her so much and when me, Iwan and Elliw go out i really wish Mia could be there too- But i am hoping to arrange something where we can have her some Saturdays or Sundays! 

As she came home Saturday Evening, i was trying to think what could we do Sunday? I wanted to go somewhere for a good walk but somewhere Mia and Elliw could run about and enjoy! A place called Llanberis not far from us was the perfect place too go. It is a lovely walk and a wonderful place too go for a family day out. Loads of people had the same idea as us! And to top it of it was such a nice and sunny day! 

Elliw was sleeping most of the walk so didn't get that much pictures of her! Mia absolutely loved running around the field we walked through. We went to the other side of Llanberis where there is a Slate Museum which Mia and Elliw enjoyed! 

I have no idea why, but i find things like that very interesting! Even though i was never good in History in school and failed my History GCSE's i am always interested in History! Just i like to know how people lived at the time and so on! Not wars which is what we studied for GCSE's.

The kids and us two really enjoyed our family day out - and will be doing it again very soon! 

Do you go out places for a Family Day out? Where is your fave place to go?

Having a conversation with a 3 year old!

Ever since Mia (my eldest) started talking i've always tried my best to understand her and have a conversation with her even though most of the time i really did not understand a word she was saying. But i remember this time on a bus, where i had my first kind of conversation with her! I was so happy, more and more words were getting put together. Always wondered how she would chat/moider in the a conversation! 
Now she is 3 - she doesn't stop talking. She is learning much more words now since she has started big school. She has learnt the days of the week in welsh this week, and she is brilliant saying it.
I love just sitting down with her and having a conversation - i find it a little easier now explaining things as she understands but also quite hard as she over hears me say things then i ask her something and she will remember clearly what she over-heard and there is the trouble - madam she is ha ha. 
Now Elliw is blabbing! She has learnt to say 1,2,3 in welsh and now says 'tata' and 'haia' clearly (kindof)
As your child grows up at the start of when they start saying things i think it is only you who understands your own child - i did with Mia and now with Elliw. 

The best conversation you can have is with your child :)

Obstetric Cholestasis

OC (Obstetric Cholestasis) is a condition some women get when they are pregnant - usually starts from 30 weeks onwards. Only 1 in 100 get this condition. It is a condition where there is something to do with your liver. The main symptom of OC is itching. Many women, well most women get itchy during pregnancy, and i find if one person says they're itching then other people tell them to get checked out as it could be this OC. Well to be honest - you will know if you have got this condition. You will know straight away something isn't right. 
Mild itching is just the increase of the blood supply to the skin. This can be your bump (mostly) or your legs, bum, hips, everywhere maybe? But it isn't constant. 
OC is a condition where you will need medical attention. You would need to go to doctors/midwife asap if you think you may have it. As you will need to be monitored and put on tablets and have cream from the hospital as camoline lotion does not work. 
OC usually runs down in the family, and usually only from the mothers side. Weather the mother had OC or/and gallstones. My grandmother on my mothers side (who sadly died a year before i was born) had gallstones, so we presume that is where i have got it from. And now i have gallstones (painful!).
With OC your bile salts don't flow properly, as they are supposed to go from your liver to your gut to help you digest. But with OC the bile salts don't flow properly and pile up in your body instead. 
Once you go into hospital or see your midwife you will get your bloods taken so they know if you have got OC or not. My blood results were way too high so i was in hospital every week with it. I was given 3-4 different kinds of tablets and some cream to help the itch soothe a little bit. 
It is said that if you have OC there is a chance of baby being born premature or a stillborn. With OC being a link to stillbirths they sometimes will induce you 37 weeks. My first daughter was induced at 39 weeks, my second was induced at 38 weeks. I was given a steroid at roughly 35-36 weeks with my second, i was so scared i was going to have her before 37 weeks. Luckily she was kept safely in my belly until 38 weeks. 
Most births/labour with OC are very advised to be at hospital, i was on heart monitior in both my pregnancies and on steroids so i was bed-bound even though i really wanted to get out of the bed (but didn't bother me near the end haha)

Main symptoms of OC
The main symptoms of OC is itchiness all over the body with no rash. Usually the itchiness is worse on the palm of feet and hands. You are itching so much you bleed your self just like i did! My face was red raw when i first woke up with it in my first pregnancy. Usually starts 30 weeks onwards. The itch is un bearable. You loose sleep and it gets worse at night times! (10 times worse!) Dark urine, yellow jaundice of the face are symptoms too.

If you have OC in the first pregnancy then you are to have it in every pregnancy and it will be passed down probably. 

The treatments of OC is tablets and cream but the best treament is - the baby being born! That is when the itch will stop all together - lovely feeling but feels weird since you've been used to it for nearly 10 weeks! 

If you ever think you might have OC then please just go to the midwife. 

Please don't take all this as medical information - All this advice is just my own from my own experience. 
Both my babies were born healthy and were very well looked aftered when they were in my belly by the midwifes and doctors. 

Moving House Ideas

From a previous post you most probably know that we are currently looking around for houses too buy. Well we had our first house viewing last friday - it's the house that we had been eyeing up for a long time and guess what?! It was even more perfect than the pictures. We loved it. It had a decent lovely garden with back road parking and gorgeous views. 2 Living rooms, decent sized kitchen and dinning room, 1 master bedroom, 1 double bedroom and 1 single bedroom, and nice bathroom and small room under the stairs (how cool is that eh?!) It was very spacious! Which is what we really need in a house - especially with two kids. 

Since we had the viewing for the house we have been talking and if we do go for it then the girls will have to share a room because the double bedroom is 3 times as big as the single bedroom. So we would put the single bedroom as a playroom, and i have already been thinking what theme i can do the girls bedroom and play-room! Here are some of the designs i have been looking up at ; 

As you can see i've gone for a very neutral, modern and girly theme here. It can grow with them but it is still young. 

One - I love the colour pink, and i thought this quilt cover was beautiful! Really did catch my eye! I can just picture it on my girls bed sheets right now!
Two - Ah how cute is this white soft bunny rabbit? Lovely to just put on show such as on a shelf like number six.
Three - I was stuck between this one and another style but i just absolutely love this! It's just very plain and just very modern and goes with the rest of the colours!
Four - This chair is so cute! Great you can get it personalised too! There were quite a few other cover designs but this one caught my eye the most. Love it! 
Five - This retro alarm clock would look fab on the shelf or table as a deco!
Six - I love shelves, really handy too keep stuff like photos etc!
Seven - How lovely is this mirror?! Goes with everything in the room, i think every room needs a mirror! Makes it look bigger too. 

So at the moment i am looking around for things. The girls have already got chester draws and a small wardrobe so i will probably paint them white to go with the bedroom with one wall light pink the rest white, or the other way round maybe?

At the end of the day, we need to look at money.

- Have i got enough money too buy new furniture?

Well at the moment, no i haven't. So most things will probably be handmade but that makes it more personalised doesn't it? 

Of course, whenever you move house, you always end up having to spend money you didn’t expect.  That’s why it makes sense to save money whenever you can.  The obvious place to start is your mortgage.  Getting the right deal here can really boost your finances.  

In fact, if you’ve been in your house for a while, you might want to look at remortgaging.  Remember that the best deal on the market when you took out your last mortgage might not be the best deal now.  Use a remortgage calculator to check.

Declutter as much as you can before you move, that way there’s less to pack.  It may not sound like it’ll make a whole lot of difference but it really can!  Also, try and use up all your consumables, things like food and household cleaners and toiletries.

If you’re taking appliances or flat-pack furniture with you, try and find the instructions to disconnect/disassemble and reconnect/reassemble them.  If you’ve thrown them out, look online.  If you can’t find them there, try contacting the manufacturer.  

Getting this sorted in advance can save you money as well as hassle.  If you’ve told your movers, you’ll do all the preparation, you need to make sure everything is ready for when they arrive.  If it’s not, you’ll be charged!  Even if you’re moving yourself, you’ll probably be racing against the clock.

So that’s my thoughts on moving, what about you? 

Have you recently moved? Do you like coming up with design ideas etc?

Paper Themes Review

I was very kindly sent out this ABC poster by PaperThemes. Paper Themes is an online shop who make personalised wedding and special stationary such as gifts and invitations etc! They have been in the market for over 100 years! 

I chose the Personalised Alphabet Poster too review, where you can have it personalised around the start letter of your little boy or girl. 

Mia has already got an ABC poster in her bedroom and i have been looking for one to put in Elliw's and i thought this was great to put up in her bedroom.

Each letter is capital. The size is 297 x 420 mm. 

The Poster comes unframed but they fit standard frames. 

You can order this poster here for £25.00

Overall - I really like this good quality poster. I do think the price is a little too expensive maybe. Or maybe they should give a choice of it framed or unframed. But over all i would really recommend this and their website - they sell wonderful things if you like things personalised like i do! And especially if you are getting married check out their site!

* I was not paid to do this review - i was given this product to give my honest opinion on the product. 

Amber Teething Necklace Review

I was kindly sent a Mother and Baby Amber Teething necklaces. My youngest Elliw who is 18 months was all of a sudden waking up at night, being very sore in her nappy and dribbling loads! So i thought - how can an amber necklace work?

These Baltic Amber necklaces and bracelets are hand-made of natural Baltic-Amber. It is thought that when Amber is on the skin's warmth releases miniscule amounts of healing oils from the amber which are then absorbed through the skin into the blood stream. The other thing is based on scientific findings which have shown that amber is electromagnetically (phew!) alive and produces significant amount of organic, purley natural energy! Amber has also been attributed with protection from illness, enhancement of immunity to disease and infection, and to signify an important exchange between the giver and the gift!

But you still think, does it actually work?!

Well it's not only a lovely necklace! it does actually work! I did see a change in Elliw wearing it. She wore it most days. I put it on her when we were in the house, as i didn't like fact of her wearing it in her pram where she wiggles and moves so much whilst sitting down stuck in a pushchair. (I'm a bit fussy sorry!!) And i took it off when she had naps and went too sleep! I would always be in the room with her, unless i just went into kitchen to do a wash or the dishes! 

Her nappy rash had calmed down, she stopped waking up at night! So the necklace must have worked! I was quite suprised because some part of me thought it wouldn't but it did! I was so happy! And Elliw loves having it on, and one really good thing is, the necklace isn't big enough for them to bite it like she wants to do once i put it on, then she just forgets about it! 

While your child wears this necklace you should not leave them unattended. They are also made for wearing not chewing. Take the necklace off when sleeping or unattended! 

Mia has had a few toy princess necklaces from magazines and shops and Elliw goes ahead and breaks them then all the beads are all over the floor! Well what i really like with this necklace is if the necklace breaks none of the beads will go all over the place because the string is knotted between each bead! How good is that eh?! 

And look how easy it is too close this necklace! 

It fastens with a screw clasp which is very easy too close and open but difficult for your baby to do! Ideal!

You can find Amber Teething Necklaces here & here

Overall - we are very happy with this product. We would really recommend this product to any parents who have teething babies! 

Framed Grandma Photograph Notonthehighstreet Review

I was very kindly given the chance to review a fantastic product from the lovley site notonthehighstreet. I chose the 'Personalised Framed Grandma Photograph Print'. I thought it would make a lovely gift for my nain who will be 70 in October. I can not wait to give it too her! 

You can choose any word you want such as Nain, Grandma, Nan, Nanny or whatever you call your grandmother. Which i think is great because most of these shops and online sites don't let you have a choice It's either Grandma or Nana mostly. Lovely way to make it very personalised for a special person. You can also have these done in Mam, Dad or Brother etc! 

You get too choose an A4 or A3 size! 

You get too choose which frame, size and colour of mount you want which is fab! I chose the white wooden frame with the mushroom coloured mount. 

I chose 4 pictures - one of my Nain and my eldest daughter Mia one where Mia was newborn, One where Elliw was newborn and the other of Elliw recently. I thought it was nice having a mix of old and new pictures! 

I think its a lovely idea that you can personalise your caption - i wasn't 100% sure what to put on here but i just wrote 'Lots of love from the grandchildren xxx' 

Delivery was very fast and parcel was very wrapped up safely.

Overall - I really do love this product and i do think it is worth the money. It makes it very personal for either your self of the person you are buying it for. Lovely thing to have on the wall i think! 

You can order one of there here for £38.99 

Crazy Soap Review

I was kindly sent this Crazy Soap set to do a review. I couldn't wait too put my girls in the bath and use them as i knew they would love it! I'd never really hear or seen anything like these before and from having these too review i have already put the Crazy Soap Foam on the girls' Christmas List YAY!!

Bath time foam soap
You can get this in either white foam or green foam! How cool is that?! When i saw on the bottle you could shape it, i thought 'no way?' because it's foam yeah! So i think i was a little too excited too use this too ha ha! Well anyway.. you CAN shape it! It doesn't stick on to your hands either, Mia wanted to make ball shapes with it and then i'd clean her then! She had so much fun with this! The first thing we did because it was foam was we squirted the foam on mia and Elliws head, had to be done lol! Elliw didn't even notice we had done it lol! 
What i liked about the foam was it had a lovely fruity smell to it!

The Foam soap can be shaped and bounced! There is PH balanced formula to gently cleanse and moisturise delicate skin! Also it is SLES and Paraben free!

It's quite important to most parents to know what is the ingredients in the things we use for our kids ?! Here are the ingredients to the Bath Time Foam Soap -
Butane, Isobutane and Propan - these are natural colourless and odourless gases which can be used in the formulation of shaving cream, cleansing products, hair conditioners and make up! 

Palmitic Acid - This is a fatty acid which is found naturally in skin so this makes it very safe to put on your child's skin! 

Triethanolamine - This makes the Ph balance right and keeps everything in order.

Parfum - This makes the lovely smell in Crazy Soap! 

Citronellol is just a natural scent derived from plants such as rose, geranium and lemongrass!

CAUTION - Please read the label if you decide to get this product.
Foam must not be squirted in the eyes, ears, nose or mouth! Do not allow contact on carperts, walls or any furniture! Can be stained. 

Bath Time body paint
Mia didn't want this on her, i have no idea why, so we used it on Elliw! But only a little bit! 

I think Mia would have enjoyed it if she would of let me use it on her but she was very determained she did not want it. So i gave up! They say it is easy too come off the skin, i didn't find it that easy to come off really but eventually it did! But i do think if you want your kids too have fun in the bath this soap would be ideal for your kids! 
This is available in red and blue colours! 
When she came out of the bath, ahh she was so soft! Which i really love is a soft babies skin. 

These are the ingredients used in Body Paint from Crazy Soap -

Aqua - Well it's water! 

Glycerin - This is a moisturiser originating from a vegetable sourse. This helps to prevent dryness and make sensitive skin soft and smooth! 

Propylene Glycol - This works as a humectant which causes the skin to keep moisture by preventing water from escaping! 

Cocamidopropyl Betaine - This creates the BUBBLES!!

Xanthan Gum - this is NOT gum - it can be found in many food products to thicken and stablise them.

Glycol Disterate - this is a skin condition that makes the skin soft whilste increasing the controlling thickness of the product. 

Laureth-4 - This looks after Glycol Distearate when it is lonely as a stabilizer, Glycol Distearate always needs this Laureth 4 too work properly! 

Parfum - Well obviously too give it a lovely smell! 

DMDM Hydantoin - this is an organic microbial compound which Crazy Soap use as a preservative.

Methylchloroisothazolinone - Ahhhh! This is a preservative with antibacterial and antifungal effects withing the group of isothiazolinones. 

Mehylisothiazolinone is a preservative. Which Crazy Soap use it to prevent bacteria and mould growing in their soaps!

CI 42090 and CI 16035 are the colours Crazy soap use to make their Soap Body Paints! Lovely but and radiant red colour! 

CAUTION - Must always be used under adult supervision - do not use on damanged or broken skin, do not swaller. Do not make contact with face or floors, furniture etc! 

Overall - I would really recommend these Crazy Soap Foam and Paint! I am even buying them as a Christmas present and after! 
You can look at their website here and purchase them on Amazon.

Have you seen the Giveaway i'm doing? Check it out here and win yourself a Crazy Soap Set! 

98 Days Until Christmas!

Time for the trimmings and lights to go up soon, Won't be long and the kids will have fun setting up the christmas tree, leaving a carrot and milk for santa and rudolph, are you excited?
I am a little bit too excited for Christmas this year! I wasn't that excited last year, i was too worried with the money, depression and anxiety BUT this year i can not wait and enjoy myself with my partner and kiddies! Also Mia will be 4 and Elliw will be 21 months by Christmas. I've already started Christmas shopping and looking around for bargains of the toys i want to get them! 

Also i actually love this cold weather for some reason! Last year i was much bigger in weight than i am this year, so i found wearing jeans and hoodies way too hot for me. I couldn't stay in them long before i had to take them off, this year i can wear a hoody and jeans and a waist coat on top and still feel fine and cosy! Lovely feeling. (for me anyway lol!)

I love the style this season! These are a few of my favourites ;;

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

I love wearing natural light colours, and it's a lovely style for autumn/winter i think! 
Ahh look at number 6! I really love wedges, they are so comfy! Not quite sure if i could do the school trip with them or go for a walk with the girls but i would have to get used to them before even thinking going out with the girls - knowing my luck Mia will be really naughty ha ha! 
10 and 11 are my fave! I love Ralph Lauren clothes/shoes. These are super cute! I love leopard print too! Those shoes are just adorable! 

For Christmas this year which is in 98 days by the way .... :) I know roughly what to get for Mia and the things will be to do with Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse and Sofia The First, All her fave programmes and characters! With Elliw i'm finding it quite hard at the moment but i am buying them both a pram which i know they will love! Maybe Elliw a bit more though seeing as Mia is a bit of a tomboy since she was born! Lol. 

Have you started you christmas shopping yet? 

The Naughty Step

(Photo credit-Google Images)

The Naughty Step
Good or Bad?

Some parents agree and some parents don't agree with the Naughty Step or Time out. Well for me as a parent of two daughters the Naughty Step has been good & bad for me. I went through a stage where the Naughty Step wouldn't work for my eldest daughter who is nearly 4, but thank god she has slowly kind of gone out of the bad habit she had of her tempers. I've even started too use the naughty step on my 18 month old (who is my youngest) i never believed to use the naughty step if they don't understand or can not talk, but i had to use it and it has worked. What Elliw did was everytime they sat on the table too have food when she thought she had finished she would throw the plate on the floor with all the food and then try do the same with Mia's which she did manage to do most of the time. So everytime she did this she went straight on the naughty step and we kept putting her back on every time she came off it! She didn't like but she hasn't thrown her plate since! YAY!! 

How long should a child stay on Naughty Step/Time out?
You go by how old your child is. For example if your child is 4 then they stay on the naughty step for 4 minutes. If they are 9 then they are on naughty step for 9 minutes etc. 

Here are a few tips on using the Naughty Step -
1. Every time they come off the naughty step you start the time all over again. For example - You have a 4 year old - so on naughty step for 4 minutes. - She/He decides to come off naughty step after 3 minutes.. You put them back and then start the 4 minutes all over again.
2. NEVER give in. If you do then the Naughty Step/Time out will not work.
3. Use the same spot/chair every time.
4. Don't let them near toys or anything interesting that might make them think going to naughty chair is going to be fun! 

How do i know when to put them on the naughty step?
When they are miss behaving. Give them 3 chances. On the 3rd chance you tell them if they do it again then they go straight to the naughty step. If they ruin that chance then you take them/carry them to the naughty step, sit them down, and go down to their level and tell them in a calm voice why they are on the step, then just walk away.

Is my child too young for a naughty step?
I've always said if the child can not talk properly yet or understand things then no a naughty step should not be considered but going through the experience i've been through last week, my 18 month old daughter throwing her food all the time at food time, we put her on the naughty step and it worked. So i think for 12 months on wards yes you can use the naughty step. Just to make them realise what they have done is wrong.

What do i do when my child's time is up on the naughty chair?
After the time has finished, go up to them go to their level and explain to them once again why they were sent on the naughty step and then ask them what do they say too you, then give a cuddle and a kiss.

My child keeps coming off the naughty step?
Don't worry. Don't show them you're stressed. Be calm. Keep taking them back to the step without saying anything and re-start the time all over again. It will be better for you in the long term. It is very hard but worth it. It will learn them! 

In all honesty i think the naughty step is a life saver! I think it helps children realise what they do wrong. It is very hard to do for us parents but it is how the child learns what they did was wrong. 

Do you use the naughty step for you children?

Fave blog of the month!

Every month on the 17th i will be writing a post letting you know which blog has been my fave too read this month! Well i do have a few blogs i like too read so i will make sure i don't repeat bloggers :) 
This month my fave blog too read is.......

*drum roll*


You are probably following OhSoAmelia yeah? If not you can find her blog here. Her blog is a parenting and lifestyle blog filled with great tips, advice, DIY crafts, Recipes and much more! Well to start with, The blogger behind OhSoAmelia is a girl called Kerry Louise, and she is a really really nice girl! And very easy to get along with! She has a gorgeous little girl called Amelia who i have met! She is absolutely beautiful! 
I'll be honest i do check her blog daily! Because i love reading her posts! They're always really interesting or really helpful/useful! I've been following her blog since i started blogging and before that, It's lovely seeing how much Amelia is growing up! And really nice that Kerry's blog is so popular, she deserves it after the hard work she has put into her blog! 
I love her DIY Crafts that you can find here . They're unusual and she explains very well how to do them! 
You can tell through her blog that she is doing the blog for little Amelia - You can tell how much that little girl is loved. She is always so happy in her pictures. 
Another thing i love seeing on her blog is posts related to Homes ... I really do love her style it's like a vintage style, really nice! 
She has also reviewed a few things which are related to her blog, so if you are looking for a great review of a product you are thinking too buy, check here if she has had the product and read her great detailed and honest review.

If you haven't followed Kerry (OhSoAmelia) yet go ahead -



Say CHEESE for the camera!! 
This is a new thing for Elliw - Every time the camera is out or my phone she always says CHEESE and does her posing cute face! I love it! 
It's mad how much she has grown - she still doesn't say much words but she understands much more than i think! These past few weeks have got me noticing how much she has grown - like this saying 'cheese' for the camera and posing. This morning she started saying 'baby' or when she doesn't want to do somthing, she says 'na' or 'no' or 'no way' and she makes sure we understand her ha ha! 

At 18 months she is a little behind with what her eldest sister was at this age but i think this is all to do with her being the 2nd child too! Mia does and says a lot of things for her so Elliw is just a little lazy hehe! Can't blame her! If someone else is going to do most things for you, why bother trying eh?! I wouldn't haha. 
But she is slowly coming to learn a lot of new things all at the same time!

ALSO what she has stopped (thank god!) every time they sit on the table for dinner, when she THINKS she has finished her food she flings her plate from the table, and last week we put her on naughty step straight after it every time she did it, and we knew she didn't understand much about it but we kept taking her back to make her thinkg every time she does it she is going to the same 'naughty step' place and last few days she hasn't done it! YAY!

Dinner for children.

As most children are back too school by now most of us make packed lunch boxes for our kids! Well i make packed lunch for my daughter Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays for when she goes too Dinner Club which is pay £4.50 for. I wonder sometimes is it worth it? But next year she will be in full time school and i'm already thinking should i still give her packed lunch or should i just let her eat school dinners? I'm really stuck on what to do, but i have got nearly a year too think about this which is okay! 

In every packed lunch i make Mia, and dinners what i do at home i always try and make it fun and nice too eat! They always have bread with the crust cut off because Mia hates crust, and it is always cut up in soldiers as Elliw is very fussy! For dinners at home i will share 1 packet of crisps between them both which is usually Pom Bears, Skips or Quavers. Once or twice a week they will have a small chocolate bar on their plate for Dinner. and they will always have something healthy with it too weather it be fruit, chicken/ham slices or salad. I'm lucky that Elliw will eat any fruit and any salad but she isn't keen on the chicken/ham but Mia loves the meat and leaves the salad and only eats strawberries and bananas with fruit. 

As for breakfast Mia will have coco pops with milk, and few slices of toast with fruit and Elliw will have slices of toast with fruit. 

I try my best to make sure they have fruit at least once or twice or maybe more a day! 

Their snacks are usually crackers and fruit. So as you can probably tell, salad and fruit is a main thing in the house! We have to buy 2 packs of bananas 2 packs of strawberries and grapes and yet we still have to go to Co-op down the road to buy more in the middle of the week. Just as i am saying this i will have too go down tomorrow too buy some more salad and fruit!

Their Tea is a like a treat for them, but i still make sure something is healthy on their plates. Such has potatoes, veg, meat etc! Their favourite is chips, chicken drummers or turkey dinosaurs! 

I don't care if my children have a McDonalds now & then as a treat. As they will have a chocolate from the shop once a week too! I don't agree with some parents being 100% strict with their children with food, at the end of the day they are kids, and kids will be kids! 

I find since i have cut down the sweet treat to once a week instead of daily they enjoy it so much more! 

Are you fussy with what you put on your child's plate for food?

Do you treat your children now & then? 

Are your children in school full time? Do you give them packed lunch or school dinners?

Life On Mondays - Catch up post!

I know it is Tuesday today but i've not been well and been full of cold since Saturday and just so tired! So didn't come on here last night plus coming home from Slimming world quite late last night so now i am posting this! 

Life On Mondays is something i do every Mondays (well started last week) where i post a picture with what was happening! 

I've used todays (Tuesday) photo because i didn't take any yesterday! 

Well today has been quite a busy but kind of lazy day at home as usual. Since Mia is in school 1pm-3pm on Monday and Tuesdays and in 11am - 3pm the rest of the week. Monday and Tuesdays are quite lazy - and we just stay home. But today (Monday) as i took Mia too school at 1pm i took Elliw for a walk in the pram up to her Nains ( Grand mothers ) house. But she fell asleep for her nap! and slept most of the time that we were there so me and her Nain just had a catch up really while she was sleeping peacfully in her pram! 
I went to Slimming World 6.45 and i had maintained which i knew was going happen. But this week is a fresh start - and a fresh new me! Day 1 and i already feel great with my new eating plan! 

What have you been up to today (Monday)?

Why not follow us with Life On Mondays - 
Write a post every Monday (if you can) and link up pictures with what you did today!

PretendToBee Monkey Cape Dress Up Review!

We were kindly sent a Monkey Cape Dress Up from PretendToBee. We were given a choice and i let my 3 (nearly 4) year old daughter choose, and of course she chose the Monkey Cape! 

The first thing i absolutely loved about this Cape was how soft it was with the velour material! 

 I waited the next day too show this too my daughter as we were really busy on the day i recieved it, so i hid it in the Dining room! But i was so excited too show her the next day! Ever since she has played with it most days! 

The velcro fastening is very handy with this Monkey Cape! And i love how it is so easy for the child to put on themselves! As most fancy dress costumes it's trouble putting them on. But this one you just put on the head and close the cape with the velcro. Simple! 

Overall - Mia absoloutley loved this product. She has never been the one too dress up in fancy dress clothes - but this one she loves wearing it! Even tries putting it on Elliw but Elliw hates things on her head ha ha! I would really recommend this product for your little monkeys :)! Great gift for Christmas coming up now! 

You can order these Capes here for £11.95.
The sizes are 'One Size' 3-6 years. 
Check our their other product here

* I was not paid too do this review - i was given this product for free to do an honest review - all opinions are my own no - one else's.

Night Terrors

(Credits - Flickr – thejbird)
I'll never forget the first night my eldest daughter started having Night Terrors. She was around 2 years old. I was pregnant with Elliw at the time. 
Me & Iwan were sleeping one night - next minute we heard a massive scream. We ran out of bed and Mia was just sitting up in her cot, eyes open but not knowing what she was doing. She did'nt realise we were in the room with her. She didn't take no notice of anything or anyone around her. Next thing, she was fast too sleep again. Me & Iwan were actually freaked out as she was screaming so much and was really sweating over this. This happened quite a lot of nights after this. I was staying up for hours hoping she will not go through it again - hoping she is ok - wondering what is it? - wondering why does picking her up make it worse? - why and how doesn't she notice we are in the room when she has them ? Well one night the night before i was going to go to doctors i typed in what she was going through - and that is when we found out she was having Night Terrors. 

If your child has Night Terrors here are a few tips too know -
Make sure nothing is reachable around your toddler, as they might grab things & hurt.
Do NOT pick up or wake up your child through this. 
They do not remember a thing the next morning. They are still sleeping while they are having these Night Terrors.
Night Terrors do not harm your children.
Night Terrors are common too children aged 3-6 years old. 

Why do Night Terrors happen?
Night Terrors are common in families who have past families who have had the same thing or sleep walking. Night Terrors attacks can happen when anything increases a child's sleep such as tiredness or fever. But they can come on out of nowhere and usually happen after 2-3 hours innto the child's sleep.

A child who has Night Terrors will just scream, maybe lash out, grab things, throw things, will have theyre eyes open even though they are not fully awake and may even get out of bed. It will probably freak you our and make you think what is wrong with my darling child? 

But a positive thinking is - the child does not remember nothing the next morning - even though you are worried it's always good to know the child doesn't remember anything. The child will eventually grow out of this most probably. Most do. 

What should i do when my child has a Night Terror?
Wait in the room with your child to make sure they are safe until they calm down.
Do not try to wake up the child, and do not try to comfort the child as this can get them much worse than what they already are. Even thought it is very scary too watch - it is just best not to do anything and just wait there to make sure they are safe while they are having these Terrors. 

Do your children suffer from Night Terrors?