Me and Mine - April

I can not believe it's the last day of April! Where has this month gone? It really has flown by. We've had some lovely family days out this month and we've all loved it! On the last Me and Mine, in March I said I wanted to try and get a family photo every month from now on as we will only be a family 4 for another 2 months. It's really mad to think that in July's Me and Mine our first little boy will be joining us.

Just Another Linky #53

Week 53!

Hi everyone! Hope you've all had a great week. I enjoyed reading everyone's posts last week. Thank you very much for coming back {and newbies} and linking up your posts each week. There is still time to enter our giveaway! If you want to enter all you have to do is follow some entr…

Mummy's Sorry

My beautiful girls... Mammy's sorry for not being able to do some things for you both, Mammy just feels tired and not herself  But I can promise you that Mammy is trying her very best, her very best to keep you both happy.
There may be times where Mammy just wants some peace and quiet, So I don…

27 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Can not believe this is my LAST week in the second trimester. I have been waiting and waiting to reach the 3rd trimester and now I just want to hit that 30 week mark. It's starting to go quite slow now considering the second trimester has gone pretty fast for me up until the past week. Baby boy has been making me feel quite uncomfortable this week. I will happily leave something on the floor if it meant I had to bend down and pick it up! 

I have had a rough week with everything. I have come to that stage where I feel like I just need a break from everything but yet again, there's still so much to do and I hope I get the energy to do it very soon so I can just relax in the last few weeks before baby boy arrives. I recently wrote a post about how I am currently coping with pregnancy and two children. It's hard but I am getting there {I have too!}

Ways To Involve Your Children In Your Pregnancy

Finding out you are pregnant is a wonderful thing. Something you will always look back at. For the first time it is really special and scary going through the pregnancy alone. When you are pregnant for the second, third or even fourth {or more} time then you have other little people to think about too. It can be pretty scary expecting another baby when you already have children because you don't know how your other children are going to react. The last thing you want is for them to feel left out. There are many ways you can involve your children in your pregnancy and by involving them, it can help them understand a bit more about the new arrival and also bond with their unborn baby brother or sister.

Growing Bump | 18 - 27 Weeks

If you are a regular reader you may have seen that I did a similair post a good few weeks ago before heading into my second trimester. If not, you can read my growing bump 12-17 weeks post here. I am really glad I have taken a few photos every single week through out my pregnancy and I can't wa…

The Last Baby Bits I Need To Buy

Seeing as I now have just under 3 months to go until Baby boy arrives, I have been thinking about the last few things we need to buy. I don't think I have ever been so laid back about buying the 'main' things. We've been really lucky to be given a lot of boys clothes, so we aren't too bad on baby clothes right now. I still want to buy a few more colourful and monochrome baby-grows.

Coping With Pregnancy & Two Kids

I am not going to lie this pregnancy has by far been the hardest pregnancy compared to my first and second. I do wake up most mornings and think how am I going to last and cope all day? How am I going to do the school runs in the morning and afternoon? How am I going to cope with getting all the housework done. As I am getting bigger and further along in the pregnancy, I have worried more about how am I going to cope in the later stages. It would help if I did drive instead of having to rely on others and having to walk but I guess the walking part is good as any kind of exercise is good in pregnancy, isn't it?

Maternity Style with More 4 Mums

Baby boy is growing more and more each week now, which means my bump is growing bigger. A few clothes I've had to stop wearing because bump is too big and the clothes are just getting to uncomfortable. I am always on the look out for new maternity wear or any other clothing I think that will be comfortable. If you follow my blog and pregnant posts you may notice that I live in my maternity leggings. So, when I go shopping for maternity clothing I always try and find something I can team up with leggings.

Our Trip To The Cinema

Last week my partner decided for us all to go to the cinema to watch The Jungle Book. The girls got super excited and we did use the cinema excuse nearly all week for them to behave! Mia watched The Jungle Book trailer on YouTube a few times and got so excited everytime she watched it. Coming up t…

A Little Walk at Bangor Pier, North Wales

On Saturday Elliw and I went out for the day with a friend and her two children. Seeing as the sun was out I thought it would be perfect to have a walk on Bangor Pier. Bangor Pier is just one of the great places you can visit in North Wales. If you are walking from town to the pier you would never think there is a pier at the end of the road but once you get to the pier, it is beautiful. Especially if the sun is out and the skies are blue.

WaterWipes Review & Giveaway

When going to hospital Mums are advised to bring some cotton wool to clean baby's bottom and parts when they need a nappy change. However, this time I will be bringing some Water Wipes with me. Water Wipes are the world's purest baby wipes ever. They are perfect for a newborn's sensiti…

Obstetric Cholestasis | How I Am Coping | #1

I had Obstetric Cholestasis in my first and second pregnancy so it was no surprise that I was going to have it again in this third and last pregnancy. I started to feel a very mild itch from very early on, roughly 12 odd weeks. When I was 20 weeks + 5 days pregnant I phoned the pregnancy unit at h…

A Sticker To Be Brave

The past week has been hard. I am not going to lie. There is no point hiding it really is there? Sometimes it's better when you just let everything out. You could say it's my pregnancy hormones that are all over the place and yes it's probably true but the things I have found hard this week aren't silly things. They are day-to-day struggles.

Just Another Linky #52 - Giveaway!

Week 52! ONE YEAR! 

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Justanotherlinky! It's week #52 which means this little ol' linky is now 1 years old. You can check out the first ever week here. Doesn't feel like a year already. It really is mad. I just want to thank everyone who has linked up the past…

26 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Ah! How on earth am I 26 weeks already?! These weeks are flying by now but I can see the next few weeks are going to drag as I can't wait to reach the 30 weeks point. I have struggled with bending down and walking a fair distance this week. I have also suffered with leg cramps when I stretch! I really want to do a BIG stretch but after having a huge cramp on my right leg Monday morning I haven't had a good ol' stretch since! Boo! 

Maternity Style with Yours Clothing

I am now 26 weeks and I must admitt I am feeling so uncomfrtoable. I am struggling to get up from my bed or chair, struggling to bend down and also struggling to find something comfortable to wear. It's so important to feel as comfortable as you can during pregnancy and clothing can be a huge help with this. Choosing the right clothing is important, you shouldn't wear something that is too tight for you around your growing bump. It is always best to wear something loose and comfortable (my opinion).

My Plan After Baby is Born

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you may have noticed that I have been on a reollercoaster ride on my weight loss journey. Roughly February time last year I had lost 3 and a half stone, I went to visit Thailand for three weeks and gained at least 7lbs if I remember and ever since I have just been gaining. I am not 26 weeks pregnant and I have my current weight is my starting weight when I first ever joined Slimming World, which I am really dissapointed about. I am trying my best not to go over board in this pregnancy. So far I haven't gained as much as I thought I would in the pregnancy, which is good I guess! However, after baby is born I really want to get my act together and do something about it.

I think back to when I had lost 3 and a half stone and I was happy. I was fitting back into clothes that hadn't fitted me since before I had Elliw. I was fitting into clothes that I loved, not clothes that I had to buy because I had to hide my fat on my stomach, back, hips and legs. I was buying them and wearing them because I could.

Win £30 to spend at Party Bags & Supplies

One of the most exciting times of the year for parent and child is a child's birthday. It's a time where a parent can look back at the years and think how fast it has gone. For a child, they are more than likely to be more excited that they are a year older, a new age number and most impor…

The Girls' Monochrome Theme Bedroom Tour

Top 3 Family-Friendly Summer Holiday Destinations for 2016

Top 3 Family-Friendly Summer Holiday Destinations for 2016
Travelling with children is a great way to bring the family together, share wonderful experiences and make memories that last a lifetime. Choosing a destination for your holiday with your kids can be tricky, so we’ve picked some locations that are child-friendly and offer something for everyone.

My First Born

Mia is my first born. My eldest and still my baby girl. She is a big sister to two little girls, Elliw and her sister on her Dad's side. She will now be a big sister to a little boy in July and she is starting to be very excited about meeting him. She loves asking about him and asking when will he arrive and so on. She is so interested in knowing about him.

My Sunday Photo

" Life is only a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see "

Kid Style #2

I love how different my girls are. They dress different, they act different, they are just oh so different. Mia is at that age where she loves choosing her own clothes. She has been like that for about a year. She hardly ever wears jeans as she feels uncomfortable in them and only now and then wears tights. She loves her leggings too much, just like me! Some of Mia's outfits are totally mix-match but that's what makes her Mia! She has recently asked me to help her choose her outfit which can be stress at times because she does say no to a lot of things. But it can also be fun going through different outfits.

Moving On...

If you have read this post before then you may know that I don't really have a relationship with my Mother. Well, about 10 or so weeks ago I stupidly made an effort to get her number from my aunty (her sister). My aunty gave her my number but Mother didn't contact me and about a week later I ended up contacting her. She told she wasn't well and that was the reason she couldn't contact me. She probably was ill but when the excuse of being 'unwell' has been the excuse for the past 20+ years, It's kind of hard to believe.

Just Another Linky #51

Week 51!
Thank you to everyone who linked up last week! Enjoyed reading all of your posts. Hope you've all had a great week and I look forward to reading all of your posts this week. Here is to week 51

- The host and co-host would really appreciate a comment on their post(s).
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Will You Be Thin After Baby is Born Mam?

Ah. Things kids say eh? The past few weeks have been pretty funny with what my eldest, Mia, has been asking and telling me. When bump finally started to show Mia has made all kind of comments at least once a week letting me know my legs are getting bigger, my hips and belly are fat and asking if I…

25 Weeks Pregnancy Update

I have definitely been feeling pregnant this week. It's starting to get a little uncomfortable now. I have really struggled with the school runs and coping with the girls. Some days they have been good and others they have been a nightmare not listening. It's a bit tough at the moment with Elliw but we're taking it day by day! Her temper can be a little too much though. Other than that, I do feel ok with myself. Pretty tired but that's nothing new.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Wales

I have written many posts about Thailand and why I want to go back there and I still say to this day that I can not wait to go back. We all say how much we want to visit these beautiful place abroad but hardly ever do we see people appreciating the country we live in. I have lived in North Wales all my life and although I have said many of times, I wish I could go somewhere abroad or move to another country, I must admit I do love my country. It's such a beautiful place and we are so lucky to live in a beautiful country.

Mountains - The mountains in Wales, especially North Wales, are just beautiful. Back in 2014 I climbed Wales' biggest mountain, Snowdon, which is 1085m high! Walking up there and seeing the stunning views was breath taking. Most places you go around North Wales you will see mountains and mountains.

- Porthmadog, North Wales.

Things To Pack When Going Away With Kids

Planning a few days or a few weeks away with the kids can be really exciting for both parents and children. When we told the girls that they were going down South Wales for a couple of days they got super excited and when we told them we were having an extra night at another hotel they got even more excited. But before the excitement we all have to do that boring bit which is, the packing!

The Reason I Had an Early Gender Scan & Why I Wanted a Boy

This is quite a personal post and I have been thinking for weeks and weeks if I should publish this post or not. But I have decided to because I have noticed that there is such thing as gender disappointment and I have read a few others posts about it too. I have always wanted a little boy. A little boy I can call my son. Always. I have no idea why and it doesn't mean I love my girls any less.

5 Ways To Save Money In Your Baby's First Year

Looking after a baby can be stressful in many ways. There is that crying, sleepless nights and the money troubles. There are so many things we have to buy a Baby whilst expecting but you don't ever really think about how money will be after baby is born. I do think when you are a second or third (or more) time parent you do think more about these things and wish you had done things differently first time. So, how can you actually save money when you have a baby? 

Pregnancy & Walking

It is important to get some kind of exercise when you are pregnant even if it just means having an hour walk a day. But sometimes pregnancy and walking can be a bit too much for some women. Me, my partner and the girls went away for a few days last week which you can read here and here. I had an idea we were going to walk a lot but as usual I wasn't very prepared for the 3 day long walks. Looking back now I know there are things I should have done differently and what I will do again in future before baby boy arrives.

Eles Clothing Review {Maternity Style}

Since around week 15 of my pregnancy I have struggled to find some comfortable clothing to fit around my growing bump and now that it is just growing bigger and bigger each week I am forever looking for new clothes or old clothes that I own and somehow make them comfortable. My favourite tops so far has to be tunics. Tunics go in at the waist and flow out from the waist down, which is really comfortable with a growing bump.

Wildlife at Penrhyn Castle with The National Tust

A couple of weeks ago we were asked if we wanted to go and look for some wildlife at a National Trust park in our area, I said yes immediately! I instantly knew that we could visit my favourite Natural Trust place, Penrhyn Castle. Penrhyn Castle is a 19th-Century castle and a beautiful place and I used to visit the castle when I was in primary school, college and again when I worked in a primary school. It really does bring back some childhood memories.

Our Family Holiday in South Wales {Part #2} ST. FAGANS CARDIFF

You may have read my previous post {part one} about our small family holiday in South Wales. Day three was another really unplanned day. We knew we had about a 4 hour drive back home so we wanted to wake up and get out of the hotel by 9am the latest - and we did. We originally planned to either go to techniquest or visit the Millenium Stadium. As we went to the reception of the hotel to get our discount for parking at NCP car park we asked if it would be ok to come and get the discount about 2-3pm but she told us it would be around £7-£12 extra so we decided to ask where would be a good place to take the kids for the day with reasonable priced parking. That is when she said St. Fagans and that is where we decided to go. We had breakfast in Wetherspoon's next door to the hotel before setting off.

My Sunday Photo

The Little Red Dungarees

A few weeks ago I sat down and read Katie's blog post and saw these beautiful and unique looking red dungarees that her daughter was wearing. At the end of the post she left a link to where we could find the dungarees. They were selling at Little Bird by Jools. I was a little too late and they …

Just Another Linky #50

Week 50!
Can't believe we are at week 50 today! Our lovely co-host, Kirsty, is taking a little break this weekend as she is moving house! All the best lovely. Please do still pop over on her blog and give a comment or two on a post you like, would be much appreciated.
This week was so unplanne…

24 Weeks Pregnancy Update

This week's pregnancy update is a little different from the previous updates I have been writing weekly. For one, it's posted much later than all the others and two I am just going to be talking about what I have been up to and how I have been feeling through the week. You may know that for many schools in the UK it's still the Easter holidays, the last week! My partner had booked a hotel in Llanelli, South Wales for us all to stay in for the night and we ended up going to Cardiff the next day and ended up staying the night there too. We spent 3 days down South Wales and we all really enjoyed ourselves. You can read about day one and two in South Wales here.

Our Family Holiday in South Wales {Part #1}

I was pretty busy in the first week of the Easter holidays but I had no plans in the second week and wasn't quite sure what to do with the girls. My partner had mentioned going down South Wales to see my little brother, S, and although I was really interested in going down there, I didn't actually think we would go. But last minute we booked a hotel in Llanelli and we then told the girls (which they got super excited about).