Festive Menu at Table Table, Morfa Rhuddlan Review

One thing we loved doing as a family is going out for a meal. One of Mia's favourite restaurants is Table Table, so when we told her we were going to Table Table for food, she was over the moon, and she was even more excited when I told her we were having Christmas dinner (her favourite) and pudding. We were all looking forward as we hadn't been out for a meal for a while. We were offered to try out Table Table's festive menu in Morfa Rhuddlan. We have been to a few Table Table restaurants but we had never visited this particular restaurant before, so we were looking forward to trying it out.

New Milestones, Teeth and Sunsets

This week Freddie has learnt how to reach out for his toys on his play gym and bouncy chair. He's not got the full hand for it yet but he is getting there. He's grown so much recently and watching him learn a new milestone is so exciting but sad at the same time because these are the last ever baby milestones I'll be watching. Also this week, I have noticed that Freddie has two bottom teeth, which makes sense to why he has been pretty unsettled the past few weeks during the evenings.

Brand New Twirlywoos Episodes Review

Freddie has started to take more interest in watching TV recently which is quite handy, so I can get a few things done. This means that I am back to watching Cbeebies every day. One of Freddie's favourite TV shows is the Twirlywoos. There are brand NEW Twirlywoos episodes starting on Cbeebies on the 28th of November 2016. We were given a chance to watch the brand NEW Twirlywoos episode and give our review.

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Christmas Wish List

Christmas is coming up, and even though I won't get many gifts, I always find myself searching online for items that I would love to buy myself or be given as a gift from someone else. I've noticed my wish list changes a bit each year, more and more items on my wish list are home items. Although we bought our home over 2 years ago, it's still not how we want it. We still have home items that we had when we first moved in together, over 6 years ago, so many items need updating.

My Top 5 Christmas Films

I absolutely love this time of year, where I can switch the lights off, light the log burner and snuggle up watching Christmas films. Anyone who knows me personally, know that I love Christmas. When the summer is over, I really look forward to the winter nights watching films. This year I get extra cuddles with Freddie which makes it even more exciting as it will be his first ever Christmas this year. I've watched many Christmas films over the years and these have to be my favourite films so far;

Exhausted Mama and A Growing Baby

All babies are different, and I've noticed that between Mia and Elliw but something that was similar with the girls was, they had naps during the day; good naps. Freddie, on the other hand, doesn't. He just doesn't seem to want a nap in the day unless he is on me and feeding. If he does nap, then it will be for a silly 20-odd minute, which in that time I can either do my lunch or somehow catch up on some housework or work. Not only does he not nap during the day, but he also doesn't sleep through the night either. 

11 Things I Didn't Know About Breastfeeding

This time last year, I knew nothing about breastfeeding. I had no idea how often they fed; I had no idea how hard it would be, and in these four months, I've learnt a lot. During my pregnancy, I had no support off midwives about breastfeeding except for that one phone call I had, one week before I gave birth. She said she would call back to arrange to meet up and chat - but it never happened. I asked a few questions to a couple of friends who had breastfed their babies, but I was still pretty much clueless about the whole thing.

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" My Sweet Little Baby Bear "

Breastfeeding - 4 Months

One of the best decisions I've ever made is to breastfeed Freddie. The minute I found out I was pregnant with Freddie, I knew that I wanted to breastfeed him. I never had any support throughout my pregnancy about breastfeeding, and I would get information and advice from two local friends and another friend, Catriona who blogs at Loved By Mummy. I remember getting nervous as I was getting closer to my due date.

I was very lucky that Freddie latched on straight away, despite the fact that he has tongue-tie. He's been feeding perfectly well since. There have been a few times he's been a bit whingey, but I am putting that down to teething. He latched the wrong place the other week, and it caused me to have a massive black bruise, which is still healing now. Other than that, he latches on perfectly well during most feeds.

Freddie will still feed quite often, but he has gone from every 1-2 hours to 2-4 hours, it depends on what time of day it is and how tired he is. He likes to fall asleep in the evenings while on me, feeding. His usual feeding times are; 6 am, 10 am, 11.30am (sometimes for a nap), 1/2pm, 4/5pm, 7 pm and then he will feed on and off until he falls asleep at 9/10pm. He will then wake up between midnight and 2 am, which from then on he will feed quite often. We started to wean him not long ago but only baby porridge in the evenings around 6 pm and he loves it. I will be updating on the weaning journey soon.

We have tried Freddie with three different bottles, and he took to none of them. He took to one more than the other two but it took him a while to drink the expressed milk, and he did struggle. I have got one more type of bottle I want to try him on before giving up completely, but I can say - I hate expressing. I don't want to spend a lot on an electric expresser because I know I won't be expressing a lot, so instead I have a hand expresser which is a pain and pretty rubbish too. I've been thinking about going out for a meal with a friend before she starts full-time work, but I'm not sure that's going to be likely now unless I take Freddie with me, which is probably going to be the case. But I'm not complaining; I love breastfeeding, and I don't intend to stop anytime soon.

KangaWrap Review

I was given a KangaWrap a few weeks before Freddie was born and I couldn't wait to try it out. Throughout my pregnancy with Freddie I was in two minds of purchasing a wrap/sling. So when I was asked to review one, I thought it was the perfect chance to see what I thought about the product. When I first opened the pack, I was shocked at how long the material was. After seeing photos of babies in their wraps on social media, I always wondered 'how were they safe?' and 'how do you do the wrap?'. The wrap is one huge/long piece of stretchy cloth type material. It's important that you follow the instructions and to keep the instructions for future, so your baby is put in the wrap safely.

Freddie - 4 Month Update

This day, 12 whole months ago, I found out I was pregnant. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was sitting in the dining room, blogging, I stopped typing and I just had that strange feeling that I needed to do one last pregnancy test (after many negatives). I went to do the school run as normal, but I popped into the chemist on my way. When I arrived home, I went straight to do the test and a few minutes later, there it was; two lines. I was pregnant!

Siblings {November}

I can't believe we are in November already. This time last year I didn't even know I was pregnant with Freddie, I found out on the 16th when a line finally showed on a test, after many negative home and blood tests. It's been lovely to see the bond of the girls and Freddie growing each month. They are both so different towards him. Mia is the motherly type towards him but Elliw on the other hand, she's still at that age where she doesn't see a danger. She doesn't quite understand you have to be careful with babies. I'm forever trying to tell her to be slowly and not be so heavy handed or in his face.

Roco Clothing Review

We were given a chance to review an item from Roco Clothing a few weeks ago, and it was the perfect chance to choose a christening outfit for Freddie's Christening next February. We decided to go for the 6-9 months romper as he is quite a big boy for his age. Roco Clothing offers a great range of formal clothing and accessories for women, men, children and babies. There is a range of suits, rompers, prom dresses, shoes and more. Their clothing is perfect for weddings, christenings and any other formal occasion.

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" Brother and his sisters,
together as friends,

Ready to face
whatever life sends,

Joy and laughter
or tears and strife

Holding hands tightly as
we dance through life "

- Suzie Huitt.

Family Saving Tips For Christmas

Christmas is just a few weeks ahead and is the most expensive time of the year for most families. As we have three children to buy for this year, we have tried our best to do Christmas on a budget this year but this can be quite difficult, and it can be difficult for other families too. Many families worry about the cost of Christmas but there are ways you can budget. Here are some tips on how to save money for Christmas;

Jewellery Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Christmas is my favourite time of year. I love shopping in stores and online. I love recieving jewellery as a gift during Christmas time, especially if it means something from someone special. There are so much jewellery stores around these days. Silver Sale offer some beautiful jewllery at bargain prices. They sell a range of beautiful rings, lockets, bracelets, men's jewellery and personalised jewellery to make it even more special and personal. 

7 School Memories That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic Instantly

School life is a time that almost everyone has some fond memories of. Because of youthfulness and innocence, you may see some things that you did during that moment as “silly” and naive. You may not be able to come to terms how you could do some of the things you did. You will probably laugh your ribs out when you meet your old friends and share about your “hilarious” moments at school. But some memories always stand out and are surprisingly common to many people. 

7 Essential Parenting Tips You Must Read

Becoming parents is a great fulfillment that many young couples wish to attain. When they begin to have their first child, the happiness they get is even greater than ever before. On the other hand, parenting is not an easy job. It entails sacrifice and much energy. Parenting is indeed a full-time job. 

Life With Three Children - My Experience So Far

I always thought I'd be a Mum of two girls and if I ever had any more children in future, they'd be girls. I never saw myself being a Mum to a boy, even though I've always wanted a little boy. This month last year, I found out I was pregnant with my third child, little did I know 14 weeks later, I was carrying my first little boy. I was filled with excitement and nerves. My pregnancy didn't feel real until the last ten weeks when I had to visit hospital 2-3 times a week for appointments due to my liver disorder (Obstetric Cholestasis). There were many times I'd get emotional and wondering how I will cope with three children? I was worried that I would go through depression again and afraid of pushing the girls out.

Waterproof Kids Music Electric Toothbrush Review

Every single morning and evening we try our best to get the kids into the routine of brushing their teeth. Some days they can be a bit moody because they don't want too. When we were given a chance to review some musical electric toothbrushes for the girls, I knew the girls would love them, and it would encourage them, even more, to brush their teeth daily.

When the toothbrushes arrived, the girls went straight to the bathroom to brush their teeth. The electric toothbrush comes in 3 cute designs and colours. It's a lightweight brush with grips, to prevent it slipping from your hands. The girls were even more excited when they realised the toothbrush sang too. They loved singing along and brushing their teeth at the same time.

Children can get bored doing the same thing each day, such as cleaning their teeth but if they have something fun, it can encourage your child to keep on top of cleaning their teeth. The brush requires AAA batteries, which are not included in the pack. You can purchase your singing toothbrush here for just £9.69

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* I was given this product free of charge, in return for an honest review. 

Life Lately

I've been pretty quiet on the blog for the past few months, especially since Freddie was born. I've got a huge list of things I need to do, such as writing reviews, new posts and do a few touches to the design, but life simply gets in the way. I am still breastfeeding Freddie, and he is totally a different baby compared to his sisters. Mia and Elliw had their naps during the from a young age but Freddie hardly sleeps, and if he does, then it's on me while feeding. He has started to go down for his night sleep around 9 pm which is when I do my blog work, but there are some evenings where I decide not to blog and either catch up on some sleep or have a cosy night in with my partner.

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Counting With Paw Patrol Playmat

Elliw is currently at the stage of learning her numbers. We are a welsh speaking family, and she goes to a Welsh-speaking school, so everything she learns is in Welsh, even her numbers. She can count to 10 in welsh and English but now, she is learning her numbers from 10-20. We were given some Paw Patrol number playmat's, and she was over the moon when we received them.

Half Term Week / Halloween 2016

The girls were off school last week and we spent most of the week indoors. I had planned to go out for a few walks but we all just had easy going days by doing some activities and just chilling indoors. I wasn't looking forward to this half term because I found the summer holidays so tough with all three at home, but it was much better than I thought.

Celebrating #NationalJigsawDay With Wentworth Puzzles

A few weeks ago we were given a jigsaw to review from Wentworth and the girls loved it and still play it at least once or twice a week. We have now been given another jigsaw, which is Christmas themed. We've also been given a limited edition 40 piece National Jigsaw Day Puzzle to put together and celebrate on #NationalJigsawDay.