Christmas Gift Guide For Pets

I don't have any pets and I don't plan to have any until after my children are fully grown up. However if I was too choose a pet then I would like a cockerspanial or a Labrador. I do think Christmas gifts for pets are adorable though. Do you buy your pets gifts?

Personalised Bowl
How adorable is this! Not that the pet will take any interest that their own name is on the bowl but it would be a lovely gift right?

Christmas Cracker
Why not treat your pet with a Christmas Cracker with yummy treats inside for them!

DJ Cat Scratcher
How cool is this?! I have never seen anything like this before. But I would definitely buy this if I ever had a cat!

Dog Jumper
I'm not sure if I would let my pet outside in this, but it would be so adorable to wear inside the house wouldn't it? But also it would be great if it was really chilly outside it could keep the pet a bit warmer!

Personalised Dog House Sign
Another great personalised sign! Make your pet's hut/home theirs!

Pet TiPi
These are so adorable and so cool! They're unusual for a pet and I think it would be a fab gift.

Personalised Name Tag
These are really important to put on a pet I think. You never know when your pet decideds to run away or go off for a walk somewhere and they might not be able to find their way back home! But if someone finds your pet and with the pet wearing a tag then your pet will be back to you quicker!

Christmas Treats
It's not only humans who can have cookie treats! Pets can have them too, so why not treat them to some?!

Do you buy your pets gifts for Christmas?

De-Clutter Your Home.

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This is probably the busiest time of the year for most people. Everyone getting ready for Christmas but also some people are getting their houses ready for Christmas too! I am one of them, i like to make sure everything is sorted and freshened up before we head into the New Year! The last thing i want to do Christmas Day is a load of washing, dishes and sorting toys out. Honestly my girls have too much toys and its taking up way too much space. Since we've not been in our home for a year yet we're still trying to find spaces to keep most things. We are in need for storage boxes, shelves and anything really to de-clutter each room!

There are a lot of ways you can de-clutter your home. Us parents most probably have the same problem with toys and probably other stuff around the house too. I'm thinking of opting for the service by Warehouse Storage Solutions, who have great accessories to help you out with your clutter and keeping your things save. There are many ways to de-clutter your house.

1. Storage Boxes.
There are many places you can buy storage boxes. There are quite a few choices here at reasonable prices. There are many shapes and sizes so you can stick them in your wardrobes, cupboards and even under your bed! Anywhere out of sight which is a plus as it makes your house seem much tidier! Storage boxes are ideal for toys. You can get child-friendly looking storage boxes which are great for bedrooms or playrooms.

2. Shelves.
One thing I desperately need in my home is shelves. I think they're a great feature in a home, I would like some shelves in every room. They keep things out of reach from the children which is ideal. What I hate is I buy some lovely ornaments for show and the children love to play with them! So shelves is a must in our house. Even if you have some wardrobes, shelves are ideal in wardrobes to keep things. There are plenty of affordable choices of shelves on the Ikea website.

3.  Sort everything out.
Just in time for Christmas it might be best to sort out through all the children's toys. Throw, sell or giveaway anything they might not play with or haven't noticed in a while! Because when Christmas comes all their new toys need a new space for keeping don't they?

4. Room by room.
The best way to de-clutter your home is do each room one by one. The last thing you want is to stress yourself out by doing half of one room then going straight to the other with out finishing the last room. Plan a child-free day, get your bin bags out and start one room at a time.

5. Wicker Baskets.
Wicker baskets are a great way to keep things out of sight. On the plus side they are nice on show too so you don't need to hide them behind a door or a cupboard. Wicker baskets are great for keeping anything such as Toys, DVD's, papers and such. They go with every single room in the house too. There are plenty of wicker basket choices here. Wicker baskets can be great for keeping clothes in, especially children's or baby's clothes, take a read here.


This week will be Life-As-Mum's 'Gift Guide Week' where I will give you ideas for gifts for different people. I thought it would be great if I also did some giveaways with it too so I've decided to do 3 giveaways for my lovely readers. There will be choices too choose from so here is our first giveaway with the 'gift guide week' good luck!

One lucky winner gets to choose one of the gifts above. Please read the Terms & Conditions before entering.

Terms and Conditions.
1. Giveaway ends 8th December 2014 at 11:59pm.
2. Winner will be e-mailed within 48 hours.
3. Winner will be checked & if they have cheated then another winner will be chosen.
4. UK entrants ONLY.
5. Winner gets too choose ONE gift.
6. Good Luck.

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Gift Guide For Him & Her.

Are you all ready for Christmas? It's coming quick isn't it? If you have a big family or a lot of friends it can be really hard to think what gifts to get! Here are a few gift ideas for him & her.

1. Jewellery Hanger
Every woman has some Jewellery laying around somewhere. I actually need one of these, I keep all my jewellery in a box but I only wear jewellery when I go for a night out or a special occasion! I should wear it more often but being a mum I just don't have the time to dress up fancy every day! Some mothers do have time but me, well I prefer my long tops and leggings that's it for me!

2. Pyjamas
I love new pyjamas and I really hope I get a new pair this year for Christmas! It's deffintley on my 'wish' list for Christmas. I very rarely buy myself new pyjamas, I've only got two or three pairs but I am quite fussy on the material of pyjamas. It has be a certain type of pyjamas! Odd I know ha ha!

3. Yankee Candle
Check out the price! £14.99 for a large jar! Ideal. I've never owned a Yankee Candle but would love to buy one soon too see what all the fuss is about as I do love my candles when my partner is out working and i'm home alone! I think its a nice comfort especially when there is a lovely smell too!

3. Watch
I haven't worn a watch for years, I am just so used to using my phone to tell the time. I should really get one and get used to wearing one again. My Nain loves her watches and I've bought her one for this Christmas as I always forget she likes watches so this year I am well prepared!

4. Perfume
Every girls wants perfume! At the moment I am using AVON Instinct Forbidden perfume but my absolute favourite perfume has to be Lady Million! I think the smell is absolutely gorgeous!

5. Life Story
I think this gift is so lovely. You can jot down your lifetime memories and maybe pass it on when you're older or when you pass. It's such a lovely idea for someone in the near future to take a look back at your life. Such a sentimental item that would be worth the money.

6. Chocolates
Every girl wants some chocolates! Im going to try my best not to eat so much chocolate this year for Christmas but we will see when the day comes. Which chocolate is your favourite?

1. Mug
Every man should own a personalised mug! Whether it is a Dad, Grandad or a personalised quote! These a great gifts for anyone. Sure to keep someone happy.

2. Fragrance For Men
Another great gift for men is some new fragrance! This is one of my partners Christmas gifts. Always a great gift for any occasion.

3. Nightwear
Just like women, every man likes a new dressing gown or pyjamas so they can relax in after a long day at work! Or just for a lazy sunday in the house.

4. Wash Set
This is a fantastic gift for any occasion! These presents are probably the most popular, they definitely are with me anyway! If you have no idea what to get someone a wash set is always a great gift. You can get great offers this time of year with them too.

5. Slippers
There are so many choices of slippers around! I think slippers is on my Christmas list for my partner this year. He seems to like wearing his slippers, its handy when you have wooden flooring and your feet do get cold without slippers.

6. Watch
Another great gift to get a man is a watch! My partner likes to wear his watch when he goes out for a drink, so its basically only worn to be on 'show' otherwise he doesn't bother but there are a lot of men out there who would appreciate this gift.

Have you sorted your gifts out yet ready for Christmas?

Watching Them Grow.

It's coming to that time of year where my first born is another year older and my second daughter will be another year older in March. I really can't believe how fast they are growing. It is mad to think that this time 5 years ago I was pregnant with Mia and this time 3 years ago I was pregnant with Elliw.

 When I look at these photos it makes me feel so emotional! The top photo wasn't this time 3 years ago, it was more closer to March i'm sure, I should of dated it! I really do miss that 'exciting' feeling of going to scans then the exciting feeling of holding my little girls for the first time. The thoughts you had when you were pregnant 'what will she looks like', 'who's features will she have' etc. Watching them grow up to two little girls has been amazing and I'm looking forward to plenty more years. I can't wait to see how they're going to be as teenagers and young women! I will probably regret saying that when the time comes as teenagers are moody and full attitude ha ha. I just can't wait to go for that first 'bra shop' or help them with choosing make-up and so on! I am really enjoying them at the age they're at now and I am so greatful on how healthy, beautiful and lovely they both really are. If you know me in real life then you might know that I didn't have a mother and daughter relationship with my own mother so I feel very strongly that I am going and I am trying to be the best mother to my both my daughters.

Mia has grown up to be a bubbly, kind and funny little girl. Really can't believe she will be 5 next week. Her favourite thing to do is write, draw and colour, she loves playing 'teachers and school' just like how I was when I was a little girl. She really does remind me of myself when I was younger, I love watching her play but obviously I don't make it obvious that I am watching her or she would tell me to go away ha ha! She loves having her stories at night times before bed but now she loves copying the words with me so maybe this time next year she will be reading the story to me! We will see. She insists that she is right at most things but I do tell her that she doesn't need to listen to me when she is wrong! A girl thing I guess right? She is a great big sister and loves looking after Elliw and her other sister when she is in her Dad's. Her two favourite people is me and her Nain on her Dad's side. She loves my partner taking her to school in the van when he gets the chance. Her best friend is called Llio and they have been best friends since day one of school. Every Monday she gets her homework from school and she wants to do it the minute she comes home! She cant have bad attitude, actually a stinking attitude but its not very often anymore (thank god)! She loves her cuddles and says lovely things out of the blue. Mia loves to dance! She loves listening and singing to Frozen - Let It Go and loves the song Gangnam style!

My youngest little girl. It is really hard to believe that the baby girl of the family is turning 3 in March next year. Hopefully we will be away in Thailand for 3 weeks in March so her birthday will be spent in Thailand which would be lovely! Elliw can be a right handful at times but otherwise she is a bright, funny, bubbly and kind little girl just like her sister Mia! She loves her drawings and colourings just like Mia too. Elliw loves to sing and dance, preferably she loves to dance to 'dance beaty' music and Mia loves to dance such as ballet dance! Total opposite! Her favourite song is Let it go and Gangnam Style. I would like to make Elliw a big sister in the future but we will see! We are enjoying life right now with our two beautiful little girls. Elliw has got a huge personality! She will show you when she wants something and she will want it there and then! She can be a right handful at that but that is where me and my partner come in and learn her that you cant get things there and then, right? She loves people brushing and playing with her hair lightly she will go into a daze! She is getting really good at her speech now which we're so proud of as she has been a little behind. She also loves her cuddles and will go up to anyone - even strangers for cuddles, which isn't a good thing!

They're both right little characters and still finding their own personalities! I am really looking forward for these years to see them grow up again, as much as i'd love them to go back to little new born babies again I've treasured those precious memories and ready for even more memories with them!

How To Plan An Affordable Christmas

We all know how expensive Christmas can be but it doesn't have to be so stressful or expensive! The thing I hate is being skint over the Christmas holidays. In my eyes Christmas is a family time however you can never stop worrying about money, unless you're famous I guess! But yet again we don't really know how they feel with money either. Everyone struggles with money in a certain way don't they?

I do think planning ahead is a huge help with having a stress free Christmas. It may be a shock to you but I have already started saving up for Christmas 2015!! Mad right?! I've never started for a future Christmas before but I think it will be ideal when the time comes because the year goes so quick doesn't it? I've done some Love2Shop vouchers and Primark vouchers. The Love2Shop vouchers isn't a lot of money, plus we like to do our Christmas shopping around October time but the vouchers wont be here until end of November so I will just be buying the last bits out of that and I will be keeping the Primark vouchers until after Christmas! I can't wait!

1. Savings Account.
You can go to your bank and do a savings account. You can choose an amount you can afford to put into the account, this is another thing I am considering myself!

2. Vouchers.
Like I said above ordering love2shop vouchers is a great way of saving up some money for Christmas! So simple and easy if you do direct debit.

3. Bargains
Look around the shops for bargains. If you see something you like, how about look around in shops or online first before you actually buy it. Prices can shock you!

4. Shop all year round.
Start your Christmas shopping now or in January Sales! Grab your sales and bargains! And get them all ready before December.

How do you make sure you have a stress-free Christmas?

A Day Out With My Princess.

           A day out with my princess.
Every women loves shopping and when it comes to shopping for her kid, it becomes more exciting. Being mom is the best part and when I plan a day out with my daughter I always make a To Do List like where to go, where my little princess will be safe, where do I get good stuff of her clothes. Seeing my daughter growing up everyday turns me more responsible. She is currently in play school and she loves making friends. She loves playing games like candy crush saga, temple run on my phone.  

Its Bowling time
She watched some movie about bowling and her friends also told how much fun they had during mini-bowl. After listening, as any child would be, she wanted to try it out too. I took my l’il princess out for her first bowling and she was so happy. I felt blessed the moment I saw her cutest little smile. We played for a while, tried all the games and she won few toys and a teddy bear.

A pink fairy dress
She has a Fancy Dress competition at her school and she wanted to be a fairy. I got exactly what I wanted for my baby, pink seems to be a perfect colour. She just looked a tiny fairy. I still remember her tiny legs when I carried her for the first time. We took lots of snaps as she didn't want to lose a single moment.

Its dinner time
My daughter loves pizza with extra cheese, so we ordered a Mexican pizza, a Tiramisu in dessert and an ice cream is a must. I feel every mother should spend some quality time from their busy schedule with their kids, give them their own space and be friendly with them.

Back to home 
Once we were back she was telling her dad about our day together. She showed her new dress and she was explaining how she would get ready for her upcoming fancy dress competition. I had a great day with her and planning for a national park or a zoo in coming weeks. And its time for me to get relaxed after a whole day long out with my princess and I prefer playing online Bingo and for more info visit GameVillage Bingo

* Guest Post.

Christmas So Far.

I think it is safe to say that me and my partner have finished Christmas for our girls. However the only two things we need now is their main presents - bikes! Mia's got delivered yesterday in fact and we will go get Elliw's soon. All we need to do now is finish family and some friends presents but we haven't got many left to do! I really can't wait until the spending part is all over. I do think we have spent way too much this year but we have also had a lot of bargains too. I'm planning to wrap all the presents before Christmas Eve this year since my partner might be going to work Christmas Eve so I don't fancy spending the evening by myself wrapping all the presents so I think I will do it bit by bit.

We have been a lot more organised this year than we ever have been! To think we have actually bought all the girls' presents before December is a result. However, I will probably just buy some more paper and pencils and maybe some more books! As you can never have too much of them can you?

I have found this year very different. It's made me realise how grown up my girls are. I've been buying Barbie dolls for Mia and one for Elliw! Mia has more stationary things when Elliw has more girly things such as dolls etc. Oh and don't forget her Thomas The Tank toys too! She is obsessed with trains. I did find it hard to share the toys and make sure they both have roughly the same amount of toys to open on the day. I think I have shared them fairly but at the end of the day they will both be playing with each others toys and sharing them.

Are you all ready for Christmas this year?!

Plan Your Child-Free Night.

I really do strongly believe that every single parent needs a break from their children. Relationships have a lot of ups and downs when there are children involved so it is always nice for the couple to have a child-free night or evening away. Me and my partner don't do it very often, maybe two or three times a year but one of those times is to do the Christmas shopping. I do think if you don't have a child-free night/evening then it can put a lot of strain/stress on yourself and your partner. It's always nice to have some time to yourself and together isn't it?
Having children mean we have to plan most things in advance. If you are looking for a babysitter then it is always best to put your child with someone you and child knows well. There are a few things you could do if you are planning a night away together.

Out for dinner.
You could book a table for you and your partner or your friends if you're going out with them. It's a great way to bond and what's even better is you won't have to do any dishes or cleaning up after yourselves. It's a great way to relax and get to know each other even more than you do. It may even bring some lovely memories back on how you both met.

I've not gone to many concerts but when I do I really enjoy myself! I've never gone with my partner but I would love to in the future. I've been with friends in the past and I absoloutley loved it. It's a great way to let yourself loose, be yourself and just enjoy yourself. For the first time in 15 years Culture Club is perfoming at The O2 on 9th December 2014. There is still time to get your Culture Club Tickets!

Quiet night in.
Maybe you just want a quiet night in at home. Order a takeaway and put your feet up! Its a bit different having those 'quiet night in' evenings when your child is upstairs sleeping but when your child is over at someone else's house I find that you can relax a bit more!

You could book some tickets to go watch a film with your partner or/and some friends. Another great way bonding and enjoying yourselves with having a child-free night. There are usually offers on certain days of the week with booking tickets, also there are offers if you are with certain phone companies! It might be a good thing to take a look at.

How do you spend your 'child free' night/evening?

WIN 1 Yankee Candle Medium Jar Giveaway

WIN x1 Yankee Candle Medium Jar!

Perfect just in time for Christmas. Please read all terms and conditions before you enter.

Terms and Conditions.
1. Giveaway ends 30th November 11.59pm.
2. All entrants must be UK residents.
3. Item will be sent within 2 weeks of giveaway ending.
4. Winner will be e-mailed within 48 hours.
5. I do check entrants and winners.
6. Winner gets to choose ONE candle.

Greenwood Review.

One thing I really love doing is have family day trips with my partner and our two daughters. We were kindly asked if we would like to review a place called Greenwood, which isn't far from me so I said yes straight away! I've always wanted to take the girls there for a day out but I wasn't sure if they were too young, or if Elliw was too young so we were lucky enough to have been given this opportunity. We decided to go in Half Term and my partner took a day off work. We go there around 10.30am - ish. I think we got there the right time as there wasn't that many people there to start off with but about an hour to two hours after it started to get busy!
We were really excited to go there as it was a change since we havent taken the girls out for a family day out for quite a while. I was a bit worried that it was going to rain or bad wind but luckily the weather was perfect all day, it wasnt too hot and it wasnt too cold. It was light rain for some of the day but not alot so we couldnt complain. We decided to stop in Morrisons on the way and buy some lunch there to take in with us.

The first thing the girls went on was the mini diggers where the child has the control of the digger to pick up the sand and drop it back again. Mia understood more but my partner went to help them both, but i am pretty sure my partner enjoyed it the same as Mia but maybe a bit more ha ha. There was a place in the outside cafe where the children could play with some blocks and huge connect 4! They wanted to go on some tractors so we took them there, Mia absoloutley loved it! Elliw didnt understand that she had to actually press her foot down to move the tractor but it was so funny to watch.

The girls loved the little slide where you sit in a sledge! We actually came back to this about three times because Mia kept wanting to come back so yes, we walked around the place around 3 times ha ha! My partner took Elliw on the big one with his, i thought she was too young but she wasnt, they let her go and i'm glad too as all she did on the way down was smile! She absoloutley loved it and i know Mia would of loved it too if she would of gone on it but she was too scared and enjoying herself too much on the small one as in the end she didnt want me to push her, she did it herself! God knows how many times she went on it ha ha but atleast she was enjoying herself.

There was a huge playground there! Mia went on with my partner first as i had the bags and the coats so i took elliw into the other playground which was a bit better for her but she ended up going on the huge one with my partner in the end too! Mia was scared and wanted to come back down, i'm not quite sure why she gets so scared about things now but maybe she copies me or maybe its her age? Anyway, Elliw loved it! Yet she is a right little rebel and will try anything.

As we walked around there was a few things you could do. There was a huge climbing frame but was a bit too old for my girls. There was a big bird cage and opposite was some rabbits which were really cute. You could go on a boat too which we did! I went on it once and my partner and the girls went on it a second time (after the 2nd time we walked around). We had to paddle our selves and pull the boat along with the strings that were hanging from above us, the girls loved it but yet again i think my partner enjoyed it more! haha, he is such a big kid with things like that. we went to take the girls to go on a pony ride, if i am honest i did feel so sly as the pony on the back didn't look too happy! But i am sure they were just tired, but i did tell my partner they are not to go on it again if we pass as i didnt feel right paying for my girls to go on it, even though they enjoyed it.

We did go to start queing for the rollercoaster as we persuaded Mia it would be fun, but the que was quite big and the machines to move the rollercoaster to it's place and the lift that carries the people to go to the other side (confussing i know) we found they were going so slow and there was deffintley at least a 20 minute or more wait so we decided to miss it! We had to persuade her again to come from there, i felt bad but i didnt want to waste time. They happily found somewhere else to play. Also, we ended up back on the slides and the tractor before we decided to leave.

Overall, there is alot of things to keep you busy through the day in Greenwood. I would say it is deffintley for 2.5 years+ no younger. There is a soft play area for the younger ones but if you are paying to go there i would say 2.5 or older. We had to pay to use the mini diggers, tractors and to go on the pony. They were all £1 each and the pony ride was £2 each if i remember. We all really enjoyed our day there and i think we will be making another trip there next year in the Summer again.

Greenwood Forest Park - Visit their website for more information and prices. 

* We were sent a Free Family Day ticket to visit Greenwood Forest Park free of charge in return of an honest review. ALL Photos are mine. ALL words and opinions are my own.

Our Halloween 2014.

It's been a couple of days now since Halloween and to be honest I am glad! We can now get super excited for Christmas! I really can't wait, I feel like a big kid all over again except I am the one spending the money but seeing the girls' faces Christmas morning is priceless. Mia is really scared and nervous if I take her to Halloween Parties and previously she hasn't liked dressing up either! Last year I dressed her up, she wasn't too keen! Then I took her to a party which she wanted to go to but it was a big mistake! She screamed, cried and cried so I had to bring her back home. So this year I decided I didn't want her to feel left out so I dressed them up first thing in the morning, got their hair all done and the girls were so excited because I let them use a little bit of my make up and hairspray! Around lunch time a friend came over with her two kids and we just had a little 'get together' party for them. They were all dressed up, well behaved and they all had fun!

Lapland Mailroom Review

I can't believe it is nearly Christmas time again! Where has the past 12 months gone? It just feels like last week that I was getting excited for Christmas 2013 and preparing to enter the New Year 2014. I am really excited for Christmas this year, the girls are older so they understand a bit more about Christmas especially Mia. I am really interested in how she is going to be Christmas eve night, is she going to sleep all night? or is she going to wake up a few times full of excitement! I started Christmas Eve boxes last year and I will be doing them again this year however one thing I have never done is given them a letter from Santa. The last few months of the year we are allowed to say that 'Santa is watching!' and if they miss-behave then they're not allowed no presents. So I think it is a good thing to have a letter from Santa to show that the child has been good and deserves the presents, plus it gets them super excited! I have been kindly chosen to review some letters and activities from Santa for Mia and Elliw.

There are 4 slightly different letters too choose from so you can make them unique and not the same if you have more than one child. You also get a space at the bottom of the letter to write something personal that you want to say. I wasn't sure what to say but that is what I decided to have (in photo below).

I love the way how the paper looks 'old' with the 'coffee stained' paper look. Another great thing about this pack is that it comes full packed with activities too. They can colour and cut out a few things and even colour themselves in a 'Santa Stop Here' sign. There is also a Christmas Card to colour in with a blank inside so you can write what you want inside. These are sure to keep my girls busy! A plus with these activities are not in thin paper, they are on card paper which is great for children and worth the money.

Another great piece to this pack is a Certificate for the child. Every child loves to be praised and what's better than getting a 'Nice Child List Certificate' from Santa Clause! They're going to be super excited when they see this! I can just see Mia showing everyone her Certificate.

Overall, this product is a 5/5 for me. I think it is a great letter to be sent to your child from Santa! Full of activities, letter and certificate that your children will definitely get excited over and get them even more excited for Christmas.

Please note that this company has now closed. Please do not order.

* I was given this product free of charge to do an honest review. All words, photos and opinions are my own.

Back To A Stay-At-Home Mum.

If you have been reading my blog then you may know that I started a new job in September. I was so excited to go back to work and I felt proud of myself. Unfortunately I had to quit today. I really didn't want to but knowing we are struggling with money as it is and if I was to carry on then we would have been struggling much more. If the job was over 16 hours then it would of been great, so that is what I am looking for now. It makes me feel sick that you can actually be worse off if you work. I am really looking forward to hopefully have another job soon, it is just a shame that this job wasn't more hours as the location is fantastic for me. I do feel pretty useless and quite upset because Mia seemed so proud of me working there because she comes with me there whilst Elliw is in a Nursery. Mia loves going there, so I have decided to stick Mia there once a week as it wouldn't be fair for me to take Mia out completely just because I have quit.

So I am now back to the old life and looking forward to finding another job that has more hours but also looking forward to spending more time with my two daughters.

Hello November!

I can't believe we are in the 11th month already! Halloween has been and we can now talk more about Christmas! (YAY!). I really can't wait for this Christmas, we have most things sorted already. There are a few things I have been thinking about on my blog, so watch this space! There are some goals I am setting for myself, a few life changes and of course new years resolutions I need to think about too! Have you started thinking about yours? I've got a good idea what mine are going to be but you will just have to wait and see. As much as I love Summer with the lovely warm weather I do think it is nice to have some cosey nights in with the log burner on, curtains closed and lights off to watch TV and maybe with a bowl of soup too!
Hope you all enjoy these last two months of 2014!

Weigh-in Update.

If you read my previous post about my weight-loss you will know that I have made a target to reach by Christmas, if you haven't read it then here it is: here. I really do want to loose another stone by Christmas time. I would be so happy if I reach it. Well, I had weigh-in on Wednesday evening and I lost 1.5lbs I am pretty gutted if I am honest. I had a completely different week (in a good way) compared to the past few weeks so I am hoping it will show on to next weigh-in day. Thursday and Friday hasn't been good and hasn't been on plan either. A bit too much chocolate, feeling sorry for myself, and personal things which I am not going to get into. Saturday morning I got myself to the shower and made a fresh start! I've written a food diary for the week, a food shopping list and I AM going to get another stone off by Christmas!

Have you got a target for Christmas?