Slimming World Pancake Recipe


You probably know it is Pancake Day next week, March 4th! Not long now. If you are on a diet like me then these pancakes will do just fine! But from making them myself, don't make too many as you will get ill ha ha! It is very easy to make and totally free with Slimming World!

Ingredients -
1 egg.
6 tbsp of sweetner.

Method -
All you need to do is separate the egg white from the yolk. Put them into separate bowls.
Put 3 tbsp in each then whisk.

Then all you need to do is fry them like you would with a normal pancake!

Then put your topper on.

Nearly One Years Old!

Yes it's nearly that time of year! My blog is nearly One years old! How fast has time gone? I've met some lovely people on the way, worked with amazing people and companies and most of all I've had the chance to write to all my lovely readers.
To start with my blog was just an online diary for my two daughters to look back at when they are older, so they can see their developments and much more but the past few months it has turned to something else too. I have readers visiting my blog daily, I have great companies wanting me to review their products and much more.
I just want to thank all of you for making this happen. I still have a very long way to go, but I am happy with how far I have come with this. Since I was little I have always loved writing and I know I am not the best writer or speaker to explain things but I try my best as it is one of the things I love doing. Ask my Dad even, every Christmas and Birthdays I would always have pens and papers!
When I started blogging I would never had thought I would of had the amount of page views as I have now! It's unreal but it's an amazing feeling knowing there are people out there that love reading your posts!

Once again, Thank You!

P.s; I hope to do something very exciting to celebrate my Blog's first birthday! So keep a look out!

House Tour

Since we have finally bought a house and moving in quite soon (April), I thought I would give you a house tour of the house we are living in at the moment. Mind the mess as we are currently packing things away slowly. Plus there are no photos etc up as they have all been packed away in boxes ready. So excited to move - a place we can finally call a home. So here is the house we are living in at the moment;
This is one side of out kitchen. The washing part as I call it ha ha.

This is what you see from my back door.

This is the path to our back garden following the steps from the previous picture.

This is the side of our house.

This is just half of our bathroom.

This is Mia's bedroom as you can tell!

This is mine and my partners bedroom. You really do not want to see the other side ha ha! Full of boxes.

This is Elliw's bedroom!
We really can not wait to move now. We want to be in a house we call a home, do whatever we want there and not to worry about anything with the landlord.

An Interview With A 4 Year Old

I thought I would try this out and do it every few months and see her different answers. I thought I would start on the simple questions. It was quite funny and interesting. When I asked Mia to sit next to me she loved me asking her these questions.

What is your name?
Mia wyn owen

How old are you?
4 (shows me her fingers)

Where do you live?
In mams house,

Who do you love?

And why?
I don't know

What is your favourite TV show?
Cyw (Welsh channel)

What is your favourite song?
Gangnam syle

Who is your best friend?

What is Mammys job?
Don't know

What is Daddys job?
Go to work (haha!)

What is your favourite colour?

What do you like wearing?
Lady in nains house! (St. Davids Welsh Lady dress)

Can't wait to do this again in a few months time and see what her answers are like then and probably by then she will understand much more.

Mclaggan Smith Mugs Review & Giveaway

As we all know Mothers Day is coming soon! (March 10th). I never celebrate Mothers Day with my mother - but not going to go into that story right now. However I do love spending Mothers Day with my two daughters, My partners mother and my Nain.
I was recently sent a mug from Mclaggan Smith Mugs. Their mugs are absoloutley gorgeous! I love how they are so unique so I was very excited when we were told we could have the chance to review, then even more excited that I could give my readers the chance to win one!

McLaggan Smith Mugs is a family business based in Scotland. I love how unique these mugs look.

I was sent a large 'Mummy Bear' mug. I was really pleased, Delivery was quick. The mug was big too, but perfect size for a lovely cup of tea after a tiring day. It was a strong mug which is always good when buying a mug. This mug done by an Award Winning artist Rebecca Winter. She hand sketches every design she makes then they are transferred to be on the mug!

Fantastic gift to give your mother/mother-in-law or grandmother! Why don't you try and win yourself one of these mugs.

You can buy this 'Mummy Bear' Mug for £11.50 here

Giveaway Time!

What you are entering:
You are entering a giveaway with me and Mclaggan Smith Mugs. You are entering to win a 'Mummy Bear' Mug as shown above.

Please read all Terms and Conditions before entering.

Terms and Conditions

1. Competition Starts: 26th February at 1.30pm.
2. Competition Ends: 3rd March at 9pm.
3. All entries will be checked (so no cheating please)
4. Winner will be chosen at random.
5. Winner will be chosen within 24 hours.
6. Winner will be announced on Life-As-Mum Facebook Page.
7. Winner must reply to my e-mail within 48 hours otherwise another winner will be chosen.
8. Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England ONLY.

Will My Kids Ever Play Together Without Fighting?

Recently Elliw has grown way too fast. She is starting be so so sly! Such as the other day, Mia was playing really nice with her toy figures and doll house. Next minure elliw ran there are took two figures, ran away and started laughing. I told her off and told her to give them back, she turned around and laughed at me. Such a little madam.

I find it hard to leave the room for 5 minutes or less these days. Having to keep an eye theyre not climbing to get something theyre not supposed to have. Most of the time when I go put a wash on, keep clothes, do dishes or tidy upstairs in the other room downstairs I will always have to come back to the living room because they are both arguing or fighting. But I guess they will grow out of it soon, right?

Maybe i'm right or maybe I am wrong! We will see. I am the eldest out of 6 but only lived with one (as all the others are my half brothers and sister). I lived with my brother Nathan who is 2 years younger than me and me and him argued and had lots of fights. But I am not sure how it is with sisters Will it be worse? I guess I will just have to wait and see won't I?

Mr Nutcase Phone Cover Review

 I was recently sent a phone cover from Mr Nutcase. It was very easy to order. You get a choice of different designs, I went for the design as you see in the photo as I love photos so much, I wanted all my family and I have two photos of my close friends in it too. I am in love with this case. I was in two minds of going with the leather case or the normal as I have had normal thin cases before and they have been so flimsy and rubbish.

The delivery was quite quick. I was very shocked that the case was actually a strong case. Very easy to put on, and when the case is on the phone feels much more safer to hold. I have the Samsung S3 and I find it too thin to hold but with this case on I think it feels so much better. However, I do find it hard to take off but I guess that is a good thing right? The texture of the case is quite nice, at first I wasn't keen on the texture but I have gotten used to it now and I love it. I have dropped it once or twice and it hasn't broken my phone - so that is good! However I was a night out one weekend and somehow I got a little scratch on the case , but to be honest I have no idea how.

Overall: I am very pleased with this case. It's definitely worth its money. I would recommend this to a friend for sure.

You can buy this case for £14.95 here.

* I was received this item for free in exchange for an honest review. All words and photos are my own.

Organising A Christening

I loved organising Mia and Elliw's christening days. Mia got christened when she was about 18 months old and Elliw got christened just before she was one. I think it is a really nice way to get all the family together and celebrate the child's life.

Place and Time.
It's important to sort a time out where all the child's godparents and the family can be there. With Elliw I chose a special time with it being her first birthday 2 days after I thought it was perfect. When you have a chat with the vicar you can choose a time which will be suitable for the child/baby, it would probably be best to do either way before, or after a nap (if they have one). As the last thing you want is a crying baby all the way through the christening.

It's always nice to stick to white with christenings I think. Mia had a new christening dress bought by her Dad whilst Elliw had her sisters (Mia) first birthday dress on. I thought what was the point wasting loads of money when I was in love the dress we already had?

Decorations and Cakes
I looked around for ages for the perfect cake. I finally had one, but I did want 'happy first birthday and christening day elliw elen' but I only got the happy birthday, which I was quite disappointed but oh well! It was still tasty and everyone commented on it how tasty it was so I was happy at the end of the day. I kept the decorations plain and simple.

You need to know how many people are coming and do just a little bit more than the amount who have said yes. We were really lucky that Iwans cousin made the food for us - it was lovely.

This is the important part in the christening. You need to choose the people who will be there for you and especially the child. Through anything and everything. You need to choose these wisely.

Should A Child Have More Than One Birthdays?

I've heard this on the TV news and radio recently, I think it is mad. Apparently some parents of more than one child let their children have more than one birthdays. So basically, when it is a childs birthday, their brothers or sisters share the birthday to. Do you agree? I don't at all. A birthday is a day to celebrate that one child's birth day.
Being a mother of two children I think it is wrong. I couldn't afford to buy presents for both of my girls on each of their birthdays. It's ridiculous. Children need to learn. Yes one child will think 'why aren't I getting presents' and so on but you can prevent that from happening:

Get them involved.
If you're making a cake, get them to help you and tell them it is a surprise. Get them to help you put decorations up, write in cards and wrap presents. This will get them excited for their siblings birthday.

Let them help
Same as above, but let them help by maybe helping to open presents if there are a lot.

Is it just me who does not understand that point on wasting money to buy the other child a present just incase they get jealous? I think there are plenty of other ways to do this, such as the advice I gave above. I think if you involve them into things, don't leave them out - then I don't see the problem.

What do you think about this? Would you give your other children presents on another child's birthday just because they will get jealous??

Toucan Box Review

A few weeks ago we had the chance to review a Toucan Box. I was really looking forward for this to come as Mia loves Arts and Crafts. Toucan Box is a company where you can get an arts and crafts box full of fun activities for ages 3-8 years, delivered to your door! How cool is that?
We received the first box from the Toucan Box. It was a fabric bag, tissue paper, paint brush, cards, stencils and felt tips.

 I really liked these cards. We went for a walk once and the girls, Mia mostly really enjoyed trying to find these things. Very educational and get the child's brain working when they are also having fun.

Mia had so much fun doing this. We cut the tissue paper in different shapes and sizes then stuck them on to the card paper as the instructions told us so. We then brushed water over and put it on to the bag and pressed and rubbed it down. Very simple to follow.

As you can see the print didn't come onto the bag very well, but Mia loved it - so I was very happy.
Mia loved doing this activity. She loves painting, drawing and designing things. So if you're child is a little artist then this would be a great product to be delivered to your door for your child!

Overall: I do think it is a good idea if you are stuck with activites with your child(ren) this could be a good way to keep your children busy through the day or during the holidays.

This box I received is £3.95. You can order yours here.

Gift Ideas For A 2 Year Old

I can't believe Elliw will be 2 years old next week! Time has flown by, where has my baby girl gone!? Well for a good few weeks now I have been trying to think what I could get her for her birthday since she and her sister have everything nearly. But we have decided on a new wooden kitchen (not like the one posted below) and new shoes! It can be quite hard to know what to get a child when they don't talk properly but here are a few ideas what to get for a two year old little girl for her birthday.

Wooden Toaster || ABC Letters || Rocking Horse || Wooden Clock || Noah Skittles || Kettle || Kitchen Accessories || Wooden Kitchen

I think as the child is growing up, it's a good idea to maybe get an educational toy aswell as a toy they love. So they are enjoying the toy and also learning with it too.

What is your child's favourite toy?

How Well Do You Know Me Tag.

For a while now I have been thinking to do this Tag. I thought it would be a good and simple way to know someone. There are so many bloggers around, I comment quite a few blogs but yet I don't really know them. So I thought, why not try out this Q&A to get to know some of you a lot better. I'm hoping people will join in!
All you have to do is Copy & Paste the questions below, fill it out, Tag as many people as you want, Tell them via Facebook or Twitter and just put the badge below at the bottom of the post! Simple :) Hope you all enjoy. Also: If you have joined in, post the link of your post below and i'll have a read! Looking forward to it.
1. What is your real name?
2. What do people call you?
Beth or Bethan.
3. How old are you?
21 years old.
4. What month do you get your birthday?
5. Do you have children (if yes, how old, how many and girl or boy)?
Yes, Mia is 4, Elliw is nearly 2.
6. What is your blog?
Parenting lifestyle blog.
7. How long have you been blogging for?
Will be a year in May.
8. Name your top 3 blogs:
9. Do you work?
No not at the moment. I am a SAHM and I blog.
10. Do you have a partner?
Yes I do.
11. What is going on in your life at the moment?
I am currently packing everything in this house, and moving out March 31st to our home that we have bought!
12. What do you love about blogging?
Expressing my feelings, people reading my blog and meeting lovely people!
13. Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I fell pregnant with my first at 16. I've passed my GCSE's and college course (childcare). I met my partner April 2011 then I had my 2nd daughter in 2012. Currently buying a house.
14. Why did you start blogging?
Something for my children to look back on when they are older and give advice and tips out to other parents too.
15. What is your favourite time of the year and why?
Christmas time. I love shopping around buying my children presents and I love Christmas day and Boxing day because it's the only time of the year all the family are together.
16. Best day(s) of your life?
5th December 2009 the day I gave birth to my first daughter.
19th May 2011 the day me and partner got together.
5th March 2012 the day my second daughter was born.
17. Where do you live?
North Wales, UK.
18. What language(s) do you speak?
English and Welsh.
19. Favourite TV Shows?
Hollyoaks and Eastenders.
20. Are you aiming for anything this year?
Lose weight, Aim for 100k+ pageviews by the end of the year, pass my driving test and save more money!
21. What kind of person are you?
I like to think that I am honest, straight forward and kind. (I hope other people think that too ha ha)
I Tag:

Broken Hearts

Have you ever had your heart broken? I'm sure you have, I have! Nearly everyone has suffered a broken heart. But can a broken heart affect your health? Did you know that when we suffer relationship break ups our brains make it similar to physical pain. When we have a broken heart, if you're like me then you listen to 'heart-breaking' songs. There are plenty of heart breaking songs, poems and books. Benenden has a playlist of songs for you if you're suffering with broken heart (I love all of those songs!) To me, song words have a meaning and there is always that one song that will go with how you are feeling.
The average weight gain for women after a relationship break up is 12 - 22lbs! Shocking isn't it? But I can remember the heart breaks I had and I ate like a pig! Most people will eat and just be lazy when their heart is broken. Shockingly a heart is broken every 17 minutes, 27% of women will get dumped by their partners over text.
With real broken hearts you can suffer Heart Broken Syndrome but this is treatable and sufferers may even feel better within days.

It has really shocked me often a heart gets 'broken'. A broken heart will not last forever, if you try and keep yourself busy, or if you have children then you're going to be busy anyway. Keep yourself busy and maybe meet up with friends to get your mind off things.

Take a look at this infographic that Benenden has created:
Where do broken hearts go? infographic
Where do broken hearts go Infographic by benenden health

** This is a sponsored post.

What Is Blogging?

To start off with, blogging was just like an online diary to me. Something I could jot my daily life down and something that my two daughters can look back at when they are older. But the past few months it has become more than that. I have had the great opportunity to review products and get paid for some posts. I have had so many people contacting me asking 'How do you get free things?' and 'How do you get paid with your blog?' well I am not really going to tell you how, but the only thing you need to know is you have to work really hard on your blog. It's much more work than you think!

You need to try and post at least up to 3 times or more a week. It is handy that you can schedule your posts so a post can still get posted on your blog whilst you're away or busy. The main thing I do with my posts is I do posts that I want to read and write. You need to make your posts very honest and your own words - otherwise there is no point (I don't think anyway).

Reviews/Getting Paid
I am very lucky to be able to review products, host competitions and get paid with some posts but it has taken me months to do this and taken a lot of my time too. If you're just blogging to get some 'reviews' and just to get some 'money' then all I can say is it won't last.

Be Honest
I think the main thing with blogging is - you need to be very honest and just be yourself. There is no use copying anyone else. Everyone dislikes someone, there are loads of very successful bloggers and writers out there who have people who dislike them, but at the end of the day you need to be honest there is no point writing a blogging if you're just going to act as someone else - this will get you nowhere.

Some of my posts are very personal - yet again, they are very honest. I do some personal posts because it's what I would like my daughters to look back on when they are older. This is the main reason why I blog.

What is blogging to you?

Saint & Slimmers Review

A couple of weeks ago I was asked if I would review some shakes and snacks from Saints & Slimmers. As you all know I am currently trying to loose weight, so I just had to say yes. I was sent Vanilla Flavour Milkshake which is a meal replacement. I was also sent some pretzels as snacks.
I was very surprised how tasty and sweet the shakes were. As I've tried some of the meal replacement shakes before and I didn't like them, there was no taste but I am shocked with these. They are so yummy and thick! And they do fill you up. However, I didn't like the pretzels so I just had fruit instead as snacks.

I am struggling at the moment to loose weight, and I did find it hard on some days to keep to my 'diet plan' by having a normal breakfast, meal replacement shake for lunch and a light tea later on. I did have a few cheeky days where I had a meal instead of a milkshake, which looking back now I am really gutted I did. But I did look a bit of weight doing this, but I am sure it would have been more if I had stuck to it.

Overall: I am very happy with these products. I like how you can still have your other meals and it only replaces one meal a day. Its a very tasty milkshake too, which you don't usually get with meal replacement shakes. I would recommend this.

You can visit Saint & Slimmers website here.

* I was sent these to do an honest review. I was not paid to do this. All words and photos are my own.

Baking With Kids

Yesterday and today I decided to bake something with Mia. Well not baking really, more like mixing chocolate with corn flakes! I love Mia coming to the kitchen to help me sometimes with baking and cooking and she loves it too! This can be very cheap to do, all I bought was cooking chocolate and corn flakes. Yep, that is all you need.

Me and Mia loved eating some of the melting chocolate!!

Mia loves doing the main parts in cooking. She listens really well when she is in the kitchen. She tried her best mixing the melted chocolate with the corn flakes.

How yummy do they look?! Well we really enjoyed them. Elliw loved them too! And of course, Mia helped herself to clean the bowl clean ha ha.

Job well done.

I think it's nice bonding time to do some baking/cooking with your child. If you're stuck on what kinds of things to do take a look at this list of things:

Rice Crispy Cakes.
Chocolate Corn Flakes (as shown above).
Cake Pops.

Ingredients can be very cheap if you go for the 'value' items.

Have fun baking and bonding!

Do You Have The Right To Judge A Young Mum?

(Mobile Photo)

I went to charity shop down the road from me this morning and I overheard the workers/volunteers ranting about the world. So anyway, I just carried on browsing, the next thing I heard them ranting about 'kids having kids'. This is when I definitely started to listen to what they were saying. Thy started to be very judgemental towards young mothers, saying their children have no manners but it isn't the child's fault that they are getting brought up by us. It's a shame that 'older' people have to speak like this about young mums. I was 16 years old when I fell pregnant with my first child. I was disappointed with myself - but I dealt with it, and tried and still trying to be the best mother to my two daughters. I wouldn't change them for the world. I know few older mothers who are doing a rubbish job as a parent - my mother is one. She doesn't keep in touch with me or my grand-daughters, she did a rubbish job as a mother, I lived with my dad since I was roughly 4 years old.

No one should judge a parent until they have actually seen what kind of parent they are. Just because they are young it does not mean they are an awful parent. There are bad parents young an old an there good parents young and old. There have been plenty of times where I have been on a bus and older women have been talking behind my back because I was pregnant or with my children. It really does annoy me.

I hate it when people judge. You should keep your mouth shut and if you really want to judge, then have a look at what their life is like first before you even say anything.

Does anyone else agree?

Their Nibs Dressing Gown Review

A few weeks ago we were sent this lovely dressing gown. Mia loves it when she has new things to review for this blog. She got all excited. We were given a bigger size so it would last longer. I absolutely loved the rose print. Mia couldn't wait to wear it, she actually couldn't! so she wore it straight away!

The inside of the dressing gown is like a towel material but softer. I was quite pleased on the thickness. It was a bit too big for her - but she will grow into it! Mia really liked it and she wouldn't take it off either.

Overall: I am pleased with this product. I love the rose pattern and that it is quite thick to keep her warm. Mia was very pleased with it. However, I am not sure if I would pay £44.00 for a dressing gown. But yet again, if I had the money then maybe I would.

You can purchase this dressing gown here for £44.00

* I was sent this product to do an honest review.

Canvas Design GIVEAWAY

I was recently asked if I would like to do a giveaway for my readers, I just had to say yes! Well here it is, Would you like a chance to win a FREE canvas? Well, here is your chance. All you have to do is enter below and make sure you read the Terms and Conditions before you enter.
What are you entering?
Life-As-Mum has teamed up with Canvas Design and we are giving you the chance to win a canvas. A size of your choice, this could be from 6x6 to 40x40 inches. How great is that? The sizes are on their website (link above).
Terms and Conditions
Giveaway ends 2nd March at 9pm.
Winner will be chosen within 24 hours of competition ending.
Winner will be e-mailed and announced on my Facebook or Twitter.
Winner must reply to me within 3 days or another winner will be chosen.
UK entrants ONLY.
No cheating. I can check this.
Good Luck.


Do Advice Pages Really Help Us?

There are many advice pages on social networking sites such as Facebook. Advice pages can be good and bad for you I think. I am a member of a big and popular advice page called Teen Mummies. Teen Mummies have been so popular they have different pages even a selling page. The group I really like that they do is their Private Chat Group which you can find here. What is really good about a private mums group is you don't really know anyone else on the group, so you can rant as much as you want and say whatever you want without being judged. Yet there can be very hormonal girls or maybe just plain straight girls (which I can be sometimes!) who will just say things without thinking.

Being a member on a private mums group can help you if you feel lonely and if you feel like you have no friends around you. When you become a mother friends slowly fade away and you soon realise who your real friends are, the ones who are there for you. Having a private chat room page to talk to other mums who are in the same situation as you is a good thing. I actually enjoy reading other mums posts, especially when you feel you need to talk to someone but to someone who doesn't know you. It's a great way if you want to rant and also with it being a mums only group it makes it feel you can say anything without getting embarrassed with what men might say.

The cons of a private chat room page is when others can take things the wrong way. No one knows how someones mood is over the screen, so some people will judge by the way you type or explain things. Im not the best person to explain things but I have learnt past few months and with being a part of the Teen Mummies Private Chat Group is that you should never judge someone by the way they explain or type things. There are very hormonal mothers and pregnant ladies in the group so you do need to be calm and think before you say things!

Teen Mummies also do a private question page. This is where you inbox the page which go to one of the admins (who do no judge you) and they post your question on the page. No one knows it was you who asked and no one will ever know, unless you comment on it and say it was your post. This can make you feel that you can ask any question.

To join these kind of groups I really do think you have to accept that everyone has their own opinions. Even though the admin will not accept bullying, bitchiness and no nastiness on the group/page you do need to realise everyone has their own opinion and state things in a different way than you do.

You can find the Teen Mummies Private Chat Group here and the Teen Mummies page here.

Proud Daughter

On Friday 14th February Mia got to bring Loli The Dog home with her from school. The child that listens the most in the day in school gets to bring this little dog home called Loli. They get to keep her for 2 nights. It comes along with a dog cage/carrier, Book, Toothbrush, Brush, Dog food, Bowl and a Cloth. We have to write down on a piece of paper and add pictures and write what Loli has heard us all say such as Thank You and Please and also write what we have been doing.

Mia was so excited and proud of herself. She kept saying 'Mam I am so happy'. I was very proud of her when she got to bring this dog home because she has been talking about it for so long so I was very happy for her.
Loli had a very exciting time after school with Mia. She got to dance, play toys and even have food with Mia. They also had lots of cuddles of me and Iwan. She called her Nain and then her Nain said she will pick her up so she went to her Nains/Dads Friday evening and she comes back this evening (Sunday). I'm really looking forward to what adventures her and Loli have been up to in her Dads/Nains.

Organise A Suprise Party

Organising a surprise party can be very exciting! Especially if it is for a close family member or a close friend. It can be quite expensive but there are plenty of ways to keep yourself in budget and not spend so much, and of course, keep it as a secret!

You will need too choose a venue that is quite easy to get too. For example: If you tell the person you are taking them out for food, you will maybe need to book a venue in that place or a place near the restraint. If you know someone who owns the venue or know someone who does then you can see if you can get discount? But I would look around and get prices first before you book.

Go for a theme the person likes. Weather it be 80's, 90's, Pink etc. You can shop around online for things like this such as Amazon and Ebay or other online party stores. If you weren't looking to pay for delivery then maybe you can pop to town one day and look for decorations in shops there.

Write down who you're going to invite. Maybe it would come out cheaper if you do your own personalised invitations. With it being a surprise party you should write on the invitation that it is a Surprise Party and for them not to tell the person who you are organising it for. Make sure to invite as many people as you can to how many you have catered for in the venue.

You could make your own birthday cake for the person. If you've got no idea where to start, look on Google and You Tube tutorial videos. They will give you ideas and tips to make a great cake. There is no need to spend loads on a cake when you can do it yourself and it will be more meaningful.

If the person lives with you then you may have to tell them a little white lie and say you're going out for a bit somewhere, and you will have to maybe go somewhere or to the venue on the day to do the food for the surprise party. It may be best to cater for just a little bit more than the amount you have invited.

Keep It A Secret
For it to be a surprise party then you need to keep it a secret! You have to try your best to give no hints away. If you think you know anyone who can't keep secrets then maybe you could leave their invitation until a couple of days before the date.

These tips are my own opinions and from my own experience.

Love is..

I was tagged by Catriona ( This tag was made by MyPetitCanard. All you have to do is write what 'Love' means to you. Can be absoloutley anything. So here it goes...

This is what Love means to me:

1. Saying 'goodnight love you, sweet dreams see you tomorrow' to both of my daughters when they have gone to bed.

2. Reading them a story with lots of cuddles.

3. Soppy kisses.

4. Hearing my daughters voices in the morning.

5. First morning smiles from my girls.

6. Saying 'Night, Love You' to my partner.

7. Cuddles with my partner and my girls.

8. Waking up 3am nearly every single night to tuck my eldest daughter back into bed because some how her duvet covers come off (she kicks them off)

9. Waking up again 3-4am to my youngest daughter to change nappy/give juice/just put her back to bed.

10. Waiting up until my partner comes home from a night out. (Which isn't often thank god.)

11. Going to see family as often as i can.

12. Being a supportive, caring and loving family.

13. Being there for my partner and children.

14. Watching my daughters' sleep.

15. Kissing my girls goodnight even though they are sleeping.

16. Coming downstairs half asleep to get more juice for my daughters.

17. Waking up like a zombie in the morning to your children because the kids didn't let you sleep most of the night.

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I hope you all join in :-)

Stay Safe This Winter

If you're in the UK then i'm sure you are getting the bad weather? I am living in the hazard part in North Wales, Gwynedd. It's been really scary. Mia's school closed early Wednesday, it doesn't help that the way you walk to her school is so open so the wind really gets to you. She's gone to school today and the school said they are keeping it open as it isn't as bad as Wednesday - which i agree, since i had more control with the pram today than Wednesday.
Only go out if you have to
Don't go out if you don't really need to go. Especially if you have a child in a pram, it's safe to stay home or if you desperetley need to go somewhere or get things, see if a family member can get it or look after your child whilst you pop out quickly to get it.

Stay warm
If you want to save money, put heating on low and then just cover yourselves up. This windy and rainy weather is very very chilly! 

Move out if needed
If you have trees around you or any other dangerous things then try and go somewhere to stay for a couple of nights until the winds have calmed down.

Hold on tight
If you have to go out with your children, hold them very tight. It may be best also if you get one adult per child to keep on the safe side. But again, don't take them out if you don't have to. 

Stay clear
Stay clear of any object/things that can move or break in the wind. 

Hope you all stay safe in this weather. These are just some tips i'm taking on myself so i thought i would share them with you.

Remember: Stay Safe!