Income Report {June}

Firstly, I have not written this post to 'bost' or brag on about how much I have earned. I am writing it because I am actually proud of something I have done, for a change. I can actually turn around and say that I have earned more this month that I did it one month at my two previous jobs, and that makes me feel proud. My first job wasn't the best. It was something I worked towards in College but my experience there was pretty rubbish. Let's just say the boss wasn't all that great and I was glad when I decided to leave.

Voyage Changing Bag By ToTs - My First Thoughts

As this baby will be my last baby one of the things I really wanted was a good changing bag. As I will soon be a mum of three, I wanted a big enough changing bag for me to put other bits in as well as baby's items. I was recently sent this beautiful changing bag by ToTs. I was really excited to receive it. I thought I would write a first thought post about this bag before a main review.

Chatty Feet Socks Review

One thing I love to buy myself is: socks! Weird? Yep. I am really fussy at what kind of socks I wear. The socks have to be a certain material, thickness and length. It's odd and it looks like my eldest daughter is the same too. They have to comfortable and they have to be on my foot perfectly, otherwise it goes through me and I just can't wear them.

3 Ways To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

If you’ve ever experienced erectile dysfunction (ED) it’s likely you’re already aware of how distressing and embarrassing this condition can be. The good news is, there is help at hand, and if your feelings of shame and awkwardness have stopped you from tackling the problem, now is the time to do …

Hospital Bag - For Mum

When it comes to that stage in your pregnancy where you need to start packing yours and baby's hospital bag, it can get really exciting. Making sure you have got everything packed can be a little stressful but a checklist is always a good idea to make sure you have got everything. Baby's bag is packed and ready. If you haven't seen what I have packed for baby then you can see my post here.

The Perfect Gifts For A New Big Brother/Sister

It doesn't seem like that long ago that I told the girls I was expecting a new baby. There was a bit of mixed reactions, Mia wasn't very happy but Elliw was but she was also a bit confused. She has been the youngest child for 4 years so it is a huge step for her to step from the youngest to…

Survey Shows Millennials Are Missing Out on Traditions Passed Down Through Generations

Survey Shows Millennials Are Missing Out on Traditions Passed Down Through Generations
It’s no secret the internet has literally changed the way in which we live. Social media has become a huge part of daily life and it isn’t just helping us to keep in touch with friends and family. A new survey ha…

Our Stay At Pullman Hotels, Liverpool

After a few months of finding out I was pregnant, I knew that I wanted to go away for a small break with the partner and girls and I also wanted a break just me and my partner. Our break away with the girls was a night in Llanelli and Cardiff down South Wales. Not long after coming back home from our family break I decided to book a night away down in Liverpool for me and my partner. I searched and searched online for a decent hotel. I then came across a hotel called Pullman. 

Win An Official Euro 2016 Wales T-shirt!

I have been the type of person who's interested in football but watching Wales play in the Euros 2016 it is getting me pretty excited. They lost against England but they still managed to get through to the next round by winning 3-0 against Russia. I must say those games were really exciting and…

Have You Got Your Summer Wardrobe Ready Yet?

After having rain and the cold weather for a long time I started to get really excited for the sun to come out and getting ready for summer. We have been really lucky that the weather has been warm and lovely for the past few weeks, with the odd rain here and there but not a lot to complain about. When the summer starts it's the time to bring your summer wardrobe out. Pack away those chunky jumpers and get those t-shirts and dresses out.

Free Children's Shoe Fitting With Brantano

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Brantano to see if I would like to take the girls to our local Brantano store in Rhyl for a free children's shoe fitting. I have always loved the store and even though the store wasn't exactly local to us, it was roughly over an hours drive, I didn't mind. I also hadn't measured the girls feet for a long time and kept forgetting when we passed or went into town. Mia was supposed to come with us but her Dad wanted her for Father's Day so it was only Elliw with us and going to get her feet measured. I can't remember the last time her feet got measured and always thought she was a size 9.

100 Summer Activities

It's the first day of Summer and the weather has been pretty gloomy here up in North Wales but that won't stop us planning our Summer. But when it does come to school holidays it can be a struggle to plan things through the whole 6 weeks. 6 weeks is a long time, especially for the kids as they can get bored pretty quickly. Here, I've thought of 100 things to do over the Summer holidays which will keep you and your children busy.

Meadow Kids Review

From a young age I have always loved writing and anything else to do with crafts. I was always interested and I always loved using my imagination. When I had my kids I always hoped they would be the same in that way and luckily, they both are. My eldest, Mia, is more into her stationary more than my youngest daughter, Elliw. Mia could sit down for hours with a pen and paper and just write, draw and use her imagination. Elliw is slowly getting there but can't sit down for long. I do think Elliw will eventually be like her big sister.

Online Trolls

About a year ago or so I received a very negative comment on one of my posts. Basically telling me the way I write is rubbish and so on. That person was anonymous but I do think it must be someone who I know or someone who I have on certain social media sites. I am not the best writer, I am still learning. I have always struggled with writing and explaining things but what that person said didn't really effect me as much as I thought it would. I carried on writing and carried on blogging.

Just Another Linky #60

Welcome back to week #60 of #justanotherlinky! Thank you so much to everyone who linked up last week. I really enjoyed reading all of your posts and was lovely seeing a lot of new link ups too. Please be sure to read the *important bit* below as there are going to be a few changes to this linky in…

Mum's And Dad's Should Be Treated Equally!

This is a post I have been wanting to write for a very long time but as it is coming up to Father's Day and realising that neither of my girls made Father's Day cards this year at school, I thought this was the perfect time to write this post. I was brought up by my Dad from a very young age and my Mam was in and out of my life, she still is. Shockingly (to some) there are many other people out there with single Dad's too.

Choosing The Right Car Seat

I had my first daughter back in 2009 and my second daughter in 2012 and since then the car seat guidelines have changed so much. The car seats all look so different now to what they did a few years ago too. There is so much to think about with car seat and safety these days it can get all confusing. Especially now there are actual talks and new reports about backless booster seats to be banned. It is not the law but there are some talk, so it is just a waiting game to see if it will happen or not.

34 Weeks Pregnancy Update

I have been trying my best to keep all baby's clothes in draws and boxes ready for his arrival now. There isn't long and I can not wait to get my induction date to make sure everything is ready by the time he comes arrives. Nothing else has really happened other than my usual appointments. Oh but I have finally booked an appointment to get my hair dyed and cut which will be done in two weeks! 

Hospital Bag: For Baby

I've been wanting to write this post for such a long time but it was either too soon or I hadn't decided what I wanted Baby boy's hospital outfits to be yet. The other day I finally got all of Baby boy's clothes out and put them into the right draws, all ready for his arrival. As I was going through his clothes I decided to choose a few things to put aside to pack in his bag ready.

Be Gas Safe In Your Family Home

Something many of us don't think about is the dangers of gas in our family home. As parents, we all want the same things and that is by keeping our children safe. The whole of the UK population use gas in their household and to most of us there isn't a concern on using these appliances. The main appliances are cookers, boiler, heating, and gas fires. Most of the things we use on a daily basis. 

Are Phones Affecting Our Relationship?

Whether you are parents or not, it is always nice to go away with your partner for a long weekend break or a nigh away break somewhere. It is the time where you can both relax, enjoy eachtother's company and a chance to bond together too. Well, it should be. There is one thing that comes in between most relationship these days and that is a mobile phone. We all have one and most of us use it daily. But should we really use it whilst on a break with our loved ones?

My Sweet Darlings

I can not believe we are nearly half way through June already. Although it still feels like a long time to go until we get to meet our baby boy, there is actually not a long way to go. On the 23rd of June I will find out the date of my induction but that will be kept secret from the blog and everyone else, except for close family and friends. Never in a million years did I think I would give my girls a baby brother. Never did I think I would be a Mum of 3. For some reason, even though I wanted another baby, I still thought I'd never have another one and I would just be a Mum to my two little girls.

33 Weeks Pregnancy Update

The weather has been SO hot this week for us and a bit too hot for me, especially going on school runs every morning and afternoon. Having days like this I am just praying these next few weeks just fly by now. I went to hospital on Thursday with reduced movements and I got quite worried. But as we were on our way to hospital he started kicking and moving. We waited 2 hours to be seen and I was put on the monitor and he was happy and safe thankfully. 

Just Another Linky #58

Week 58!

Hi everyone! I really apologise for not taking part last week. I am struggling like crazy in these last few weeks of my pregnancy but I am getting there and it won't be long until my baby boy is here! Hope you've all had a lovely week.

- The host and co-host would really apprec…

Plan Your UK Family Holiday

A couple of months after finding out I was pregnant with Baby boy I knew that I wanted to take the girls somewhere for a little family break before Baby boy arrived. My partner agreed and we went ahead and looked at a few places before deciding. In the end we decided to visit Llanelli and Cardiff down South Wales. We stayed in Llanelli one night and in Cardiff for one night but spent two days there before heading back home.

Keep Your Child Safe This Summer

Summer is the time the sun comes out, the temperature rises and the perfect time for family outings. Although Summer can be fun for all the family, it is still really important to make sure your child stays safe and healthy during the weather and temperature change. There are many things to think about on how to keep your child safe and healthy and most of the things are common sense and simple.

Exploring Our Local Parks

One thing I love to do is going out places with my partner and girls. We love visiting parks that are close to us and the girls love it too. They love how much space they have to run around and if there are other children there, then they love to interact and play with other children too. I really like watching my girls interacting with other children, it just shows how confident they can be and that is what most parents want in their child.

When we go out to our local parks we sometimes bring a picnic with us, if not then we will either have food at home before we go or stop at a restaurant or cafe nearby. The girls will usually bring their football or scooters to play with. As the weather is getting warmer and warmer each day we are planning a lot more family outings with the girls, before the baby arrives and after he arrives. 

A Romantic And Royal Escape To Spain

When Christmas comes, the air is filled with the wonderful smells of goodies baking in the oven and family and loved ones will all be cozied up near the hearth, sharing stories, singing Christmas carols, or watching the kids build snowmen or engage in a snowball fight. While this is the traditional atmosphere during the Yuletide season, a lot of people choose to spend a luxurious and romantic holiday in a wonderful place. So, here is a round up of some things you can do if you are planning on a romantic and royal Christmas escape in Spain.

Feel like royalty – sleep in a castle even for just a night. What better way to make the romance be more thrilling than staying in luxurious accommodations? You will be treated like royalty by the staff. Close to Barcelona, the Parador de Cardona provides every guest an utterly romantic, extremely relaxing and totally unique experience. The castle sits on top of a hill and overlooks the medieval town of Cardona. You will love the great food and service!

Think Before You Flush

Are you guilty of flushing items such as wet wipes down the toilet? I sure am up until a couple of years ago. Although I have been with my partner for over 5 years it was only up until a couple of years ago that I knew how badly wet wipes and other items could block pipes. Being a Mum of two and having wet wipes in the bathroom most of the time, it was always easier for me to just flush them down the toilet and I am sure a few other parents can agree too. 

Typical Teenage Mum

Oh, that typical teenage Mum. Really? Why should all young Mums get grief off other Mums and other people? I fell pregnant at the of 16 and gave birth to my beautiful daughter 4 months after my 17th birthday. I'm not ashamed of it and never will be. She wasn't planned and things didn't go to plan afterwards either and I am still not ashamed of having my baby girl at a young age. 

Am I Ready To Be a Mum of 3?

It doesn't seem like that long ago that I found out I was expecting baby number 3. The first trimester went so slow and I remember just being so impatient as I just wanted to get past the first trimester stage and be in the second trimester so I could stop worrying about certain things. To think now, I am in the third trimester and 33 weeks. Which means I only have a few weeks left until I get to meet my beautiful baby boy. Our first son. It's so exciting but also, it is so scary.

4D Bonding Scan with Babybond

If you follow my pregnancy journey you may have seen we had an early 3D gender scan at Hellobaby. I knew I wanted to book one more scan but I wanted to go somewhere different and possibly closer with a reasonable price. I looked online for days and hours and eventually I came across Babybond. I had…

What Is That Itch

If you are a regular reader then you may know that I have got Obstetric Cholestasis - also knows as ICP - for the third time. I am currently 33 weeks and I have been diagnosed since 21 weeks, where as in my previous pregnancies I was diagnosed at 30 odd weeks. When people ask me what is it I always answer the same things "It's a liver disorder that can make you itch". Most of the replies I get then is "Oh!" and that's it. I know what they are thinking. It's just an itch, why should I be complaining so much? 

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Lorna Drew Lingerie Nursing Review

As you get further along in your pregnancy all you want is to feel comfortable in what you wear. That includes your bra and briefs too. There are many stores and online stores that offer all kinds of maternity bras and briefs. Most can look very plain and very rarely will you see maternity/nursing…

32 Weeks Pregnancy Update

I didn't write my 31 week pregnancy update last week because if I am 100% honest, I was shattered. I was fed up with the hospital appointments and I got a little fed up of blogging. Not so fed up that I wanted to quit though. I just can never get comfortable and after sitting down and waiting for hours and hours in the hospital, I really couldn't bare sitting down for hours on a laptop trying to do work. 

Rockin Baby Kids Clothing Review

My girls love it when they recieve new clothes and they were extremley lucky a few weeks ago to recieve some beautiful clothes from Rockin Baby. When the parcel arrived I was very please with how bright the clothing were. I love bright clothing on kids and I loved how unique they were too. There were a mix of clothing including clothes for my girls and for baby boy who is due next month. Going through the baby clothes was getting me super excited to meet my baby boy.

Upsie Belly with Belly Bandit Review

I have been in the third trimester for a few weeks now and I have noticed a big change in growth size with my bump and feeling more aches and pains. One of the aches and pains I suffered badly with during my second pregnancy was severe back ache. Thankfully it isn't bad at all in this pregnancy but I still get some back aches now and then. As your bump grows you start to feel very uncomfortable and sometimes your bump just needs a little support to help ease the pain and aches. 

I was sent an Upsie Belly Support from Belly Bandit which is a band that supports your bump and provides relief and comfort for your back and growing bump. I did try it on when I recieved it and it was very comfortable but I think it was a little too soon to wear it. But for the past couple of weeks I have been wearing it around the house and it has eased a lot of pain and is very comfortable to wear. 

Work Around The World

When I was pregnant with my first daughter the first thing I wanted to do once she was born was go out looking for work. Because of my age I had some great support from a local support centre. In 5 months I was given a job which I stayed at for 2 or so years. I had to quit as I had moved 30 minutes…

30 Outdoor Activities For Kids

The weather has been pretty good for us recently and I hope it stays that way. Summer is around the corner and the kids will be off for 6 whole weeks and it can be quite a struggle to try and think of things to do with them for the whole 6 weeks because as we know, kids do get bored pretty quickly. Most kids love being outdoors and I've been thinking about 30 outdoor activities for kids to do and share them with you: