Mothers Day

Mothers Day for me is a day which you can spend time with your children and family. I had a card, but wasn't really fussed about a present (I didn't have one anyway!). We went for food with my partners parents and Nain yesterday which was really nice. For Mothers Day we spent the day with Iwans mother in the morning, then me an my partner went to go do some painting in the new house then we went to pick Mia up from her Dads and went to visit my Nain and Taid to spend the afternoon in their house.

To me, Mothers Day is a day were you can think of all the special memories you have had with your little ones, spend it with the mothers (or mother figures) in your life. It's not all about spending tons of money. Money doesn't buy love.

I decided to make two hampers. One for my partners mother and the other for my Nain. They were a big hit! They both really liked them, so that made me very happy.

What did you do for Mothers Day?

Saturday Evenings

I love Saturday Evenings! Saturdays are always quite busy for us. We go shopping, visit my family and my partners family too. Sometimes we will go out somewhere too, but these past few weeks we have been going to shops to buy paint, wallpaper and all the other things we need for the new house. When the girls go to bed I feel chilled out and relaxed! Even better when there are good shows on to, recently I've bee watching The Voice UK and Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway.

Sometimes me and my partner will sit and watch a film after watching the shows, but depends what kinds of films are out. Every parent deserves a chilled out relaxing evening don't they? But some don't.. I guess i'm lucky that my girls go to bed early, even though Elliw takes around 2-3 hours to settle down!

I also try and get on top of my blog work too! I haven't been blogging so much recently as usual, I've just been so so busy!

How do you like spending your Saturday Evenings?

Slimming World Update

Well guess what?! I have done it!! I have finally gone back to my 2 stone loss. This week I lost;


Yes, I have lost 2lbs again this week. Which puts me to 2 stone and half a pound off! I feel so happy and so determined. Like I said in my other post; posting photos of what I eat on my Instagram page really does help me stay on track. Even posting on here is helping me.

I have had quite a few compliments this week too off people, saying I look slimmer and my face and shoulders look different too. I do try and excersise too, that includes; walking and workouts. I haven't worked this week as I have been doing my exercise by painting, packing and sorting the house out ready to move. I'm going to Liverpool with the girls end of June and I have set a target to lose another stone by then so that would mean I have lost 3 stone, but i'm going to try my best and aim for just over 3 stone. I have gone from a size 20 - 22 to a size 16 - 18.

I feel so much healthier and have noticed I can do much more things. It may sound a little sad but I can even sit on my knees and bend down to my knees and balance (if you get me?) I could never do it before - so I am one happy bunny!

Here is a before and after photo;

Before -
I need to get better before and after photos! Will try and find some and put them up when I have found them!

What Have I Been Eating This Week?

This is a little late but here is a few pictures of what I have been eating this week. I am still feeing very determined and very motivated too loose this weight now. By doing these blog posts and Instagram photos is really keeping me on track. This is what I have been eating;

Check out my Instagram page for more food pictures; beth_slimmingworld

Also, check out my next post for my weight loss update!

What Have I Been Up To?

As you probably know (if you read my blog) I haven't been blogging as much. I've been so busy! But don't worry I have lots of posts I need to post soon so all will be scheduled to post daily! We had the keys to our very own home last Wednesday, yes we have bought a house! We are so so happy and really excited. We have this house (private rent) until April 31st so we are hoping to be in our home by middle of April and then we got last two weeks-ish to work on this house too before handing the keys back over.

 This is the Front Room. We are planning to have this room for just me and Iwan. I am going to make my own little corner for my laptop and all my papers!

 This will be the girls bedroom! They will be sharing (GOD help me!) I have painted all the walls a 'Pretty Pink' colour and then there will be wallpaper on the chimney breast. I am doing the 2nd coat of the painting tomorrow evening.

 This is mine and Iwans bedroom! Can't wait to do this room up! We've got a few ideas what kind of colours we want, it looks like we are going for quite a dark-ish warm colour, since the rest of the house is going to light!

 This is the hall way. We're going to leave the wallpaper on the bottom half. It would be a killer to try get off cause of the amount of paint they have put on it, but we don't mind it for now! Just paint it a different colour I think!

I really can not wait to move into our very own home. We have lived in 2 private rent properites and we do call it home but really it's just someone else's house that we are paying a ridiculous amount to live in every month. So really can't wait to get out of here now!
Will update you all soon!

Slimming World Update

I got weighed last night 7pm and I..

Lost 2lbs!

I am soo happy! I'm just so glad it is finally coming off. My aim for next week? I would love to loose another 2lbs! Before Christmas I reached my 2 stone and I had put on over half a stone since Christmas. I've got 1.5lbs to lose until im back to my 2 stone off, so would love to be just over 2 stone lighter next week. This time it feels much more different, I feel more determined. I am going to Liverpool with the girls in June (the end) for a night out and a shopping spree so I am wanting to loose a stone or even a stone and a half I would be over the moon with that. I know I can do it, so I will do it!

If you still want to keep track on what I am eating and how much I've lost then please come back next Wednesday/Thursday to see. :) Thanks!

What I've Been Eating This Week

So then week 2 of my 'What I've Been Eating This Week' posts! I've been really enjoying sticking to plan, I just wish I would have done it ages ago. Even though I have lost 1 stone 10lbs already I know I coul have done a lot more if I had stuck to it continuously! I did reach my 2 stone just before Christmas but I have been struggling since and obviously I gained. I have weigh - in tonight at 7pm. I am nervous but I am looking forward to it as I know I have lost weight, but I am not sure how much yet. I have had a cheeky peek on my scales at home but they've been dodgy recently, so i'll just have to wait and see!

How I am feeling this week:
I didn't do this last week, it's just something I thought about right now tbh!
I feel REALLY GOOD! Since I made an instagram page and putting all my pictures on there with what I am eating, and socializing with other Slimming World Instagramers I feel like I am eating more treats as before I wouldn't. I'd be scared eating something high synned but now I just stick to plan and I still have my treats within my syns and I really enjoy it. I feel so healthy. I have been walking and doing workouts at home so i'm trying to get my fitness back slowly.

This is what I've been eating this week -

Remember: If you would like to see more of what I eat durin the week then please follow my instagram page here
I will update you all with my weight loss/gain tonight or tomorrow. Or agan, follow my instagram page to know tonight!

A Day In The Park

Last week me and the girls went to the park with a friend and her little boy. The park is a 5 minute walk from my house so it isn't too bad. When we move then the park will only be around the corner. Also we will be passing it every day going to school and back home from school, so you can probably guess where we will be every day once we have moved Ha ha!

I took the girls to the park a couple of times before last week too, and it's shocked me how different Elliw is in the park compared to last year. As last year I was the one who had to sit on the slide because she couldn't climb the steps, and I also had carry her from the slide to swings etc. But now she is totally doing everything herself. It feels nice but because I am not used to my youngest baby girl doing things on her own like that (outside in a park) I get very anxious incase she hurts herself or something. But she is so confident and she absolutely loves going to the park. She actually cries when she goes from there.

I try and take the girls to the park as often as I can and when I can. They really love going there and it's a great way for them to play together other than the house and also interact with other children if there are other children there too.

Teaching Your Child For Doing Wrong

There are many different ways parents discipline their children from doing the wrong things. I think it is very important to tell your child off if they are doing the wrong things or doing things they are not supposed to be doing. When my children misbehave I often use the 'Naughty Step' where they will stay on the step for every minute of how old they are. I do raise my voice sometimes and I am trying my best to stop raising my voice so much. With Mia having Chronic Constipation it gets very very frustrating, Elliw misbehaving with her terrible two's and also Mia with her attitude!

There are many ways of disciplining your child, here are a few;
- Yelling.
- Naughty Step.
- Take away toys.
- Threaten Punishment.
- Smacking.
and more.

My girls will never ever have a smack, if they hit me then they will sometimes have a tap on the hand but nothing else and nothing worse. I think smacking a child is very wrong. There are other ways and better ways to deal with disciplining a child. Sometimes I try and get the easy way out by telling the girls that they will get a treat if they behave, but if they misbehave then they won't get that treat. It works sometimes. It doesn't have to be anything expensive, could easily be something like a nice pudding after dinner or something.

Room To Grow is doing a survey on how people discipline their child. Also by filling out their short survey (which only lasts 5 minutes) you also get entered into their great competition where you could win £250 to spend on their website! They are doing this survey to gain more understanding about the different UK parental attitudes and practices towards child discipline.

Why not pop over and fill out the short survey. You can go and fill it out here

* This is a paid post.

5 Things To Do Mothers Day

I love Mothers Day. Especially spending it with my two little girls. Usually on Mothers Day I spend the morning at home and then go pop to see Iwans mam and nain then go to see my Nain. This year I have a driving lesson booked in the morning and then we will do the visits. I love buying gifts for my Nain and Iwans mother and Nain for Mothers Day. As you might know, I don't do anything with my mother as she hasn't really been that mother model in my life, so I do nothing with her and she doesn't do anything with me and my daughters. There are a few things you could do for mothers day, if you're stuck then I hope this post will help you;

1. Homemade gifts
This year for mothers day I am going to make handprints of the girls and do a homemade hamper. I've ordered two baskets, which then I will fill with their gifts. Very simple and not expensive either.

2. Go out for food.
Why not treat them to a lovely meal with you and your little family, or maybe the whole family.

3. Weekend Away.
Maybe you could book a last minute hotel to go away for the weekend. Get away from the house and have a break.

4. Spa/Relaxing Day for Mother.
Book a spa or any kind of relaxing day. Treat your mother with something she deserves.

5. Go for a walk.
Instead of staying indoors, how about go take you mother out for a nice short/long walk. Give you time to talk together and spend time together.

Hope you all have a lovely Mothers Day.

Have you planned anything nice?

A Wonderful March Weekend

We have had sun, rain and cold small wind this weekend. The sun has been lovely, especially in March. Iwan was working all weekend so I spent my weekend with his mam. Mia as in her Dads Saturday morning until Sunday evening so it was only Elliw. We took Iwans Nain out yesterday for lunch and too some shops then spent the rest of the afternoon in Iwans Mams house. It was a really nice change. Today we had lunch out again and went shopping to buy more paint for the house and look at the wallpapers to give ideas for the new house.

Me and Elliw were home from around 3pm. I started painting the hallway whilst Elliw was colouring and watching TV. Then Iwan came home so we decided to have a lazy last hour or so before Mia came back home. When Mia came home, about 30 minutes after Elliw threw up and wasvery unwell. She was throwing up loads but luckily she was a little better after an hour or so. We kept her up just in case and just so we could make sure she was feeling a little better. Minute we put her in bed she went straight too sleep! So I am really hoping she will be much better in the morning.

What did you all get up to this weekend?

Simple Slimming World Big Mac Recipe

There's nothing worse than having a long tiring day and having to take ages to cook your food! Well this recipe is so simple. I have heard a few people mentioning this Slimming World Big Mac recipe and they were saying it's really nice but I wasn't quite sure if I would really like as I love my big mac meals, even though Ive only had one big mac burger once in about a year since I am wanting to loose weight. When I looked up the recipe I was surprised on how easy, cheap and simple it was too make.
I got all the ingredients and I cooked it that night, me and Iwan couldn't wait to have it. We ate it and oh my god! It was absoloutley gorgeous. It actually tasted like the big mac from McDonalds too. I was really shocked how lovely it was. 'It is delicious' was the words Iwan said! I will deffintley be doing this quite often!
Extra Lean Mince
Thousand Island Dressing
Iceberg lettuce
What to do:
Fry the mince and onion for about 5 minutes or until cooked.
Add the gherkins and the dressings.
Put iceberg lettuce on the plate then serve the mince on top.
Serve with:
Bap or/and chips.

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Zoflora Disinfectant Review

 A couple of weeks ago I was sent this Springtime Zoflora Disinfectant. I thought I would try it out for a good week or so first before giving an honest review. I love it! It smells really nice.
You mix one lid full with 400ml water. so the 120ml will last you quite a while. When Zoflora is diluted then it is non-flammable.
You can use this disinfectant on hard surfaces, pet areas, bathrooms, kitchens or maybe use it a nice clean fragrance in the house! Only use undiluted Zoflora in ceramic and metal sinks, drains and toilets. Zoflora kills bacteria and take away any bad odours.

I'm sure every mother owns a disinfectant! It is one of our must-have household items/cleaning products. I go through so much. You can use Zoflora on many things such as potties, bath, toilet, kitchen worktops, sinks, tile walls and more! It has a fresh Spring time smell, lovely with the nice weather we have been having recently.

Visit the Zoflora website here.




Starting Little School Already!

I can't believe my youngest baby girl is starting school tomorrow morning. It's only for 2 hours but oh my god! Where have these past 2 years gone?! Some people have asked me, why put her in so young? Well firstly, it's my choice. I've worked in a nursery for over 2 and a half years. I know that she will absoloutley love playing with other children her own age. Also I want her to try and get her speech better too. I am so so nervous but I can't wait!

I can't believe she is starting. She will be going in 9am - 11am. So it is only 2 hours on a Friday morning but it will do good for her and it will do good for me and Mia since me and Mia don't get no time together just me and her, so I am really looking forward to that too.

Slimming World Update.


I have lost 1 lbs!

I am soo happy. I had a massive smile on my face. Especially that I didn't weigh last week and I know I gained loads last week. I have been waiting to see a loss for a couple of weeks now because I've struggled since after Christmas. I'm feeling very determined now. I went for a 30 minute walk yesterday and an hour walk today along with workouts too.

It makes me feel so good that I have finally lost. I've also eaten so much too!

Remember to follow me up next Wednesday too see what I have been eating this week. Otherwise, why not follow my Slimming World Instagram page here.

What I've Been Eating This Week

If you had read my post from a couple of days ago you will know that from today onwards I will be updating my weight loss/gain journey with Slimming World on here. I also thought it might be a good idea if I do a separate post on showing you what I have been eating all week too! If you haven't read what I posted, take a read here.

After a very bad week (eating wise) just before Elliw's 2nd birthday I planned to stick 100% to plan from Thursday onwards, and I have too! I haven't been weighed for 2 weeks now so I will probably have a gain but I would have gained a lot last week so if I would have been weighed then it would have been a loss. Oh well! Take a look at what I've been eating this week...

Jacket Potato, Tuna, Onion, Lighter than light mayonnaise, Salad, Sweetcorn.

Yummy Breakfast. Bowl full of fruit with a light greekstyle yoghurt.

Banana and Apple with Honeyed Peach Greek style Yoghurt. Great for a snack!

Pasta and tuan with onion and lighter than light mayo with a bit of cheese on top too!

Chicken, Veg, SW Chips with gravy.

SW Chips, veg, gravy and mushy peas.
All these meals and snacks shown above are on plan with Slimming World.
My weight loss/gain update will be up either tonight or tomorrow afternoon!
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Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Icing Recipe

I made some of these yummy chocolate cupcakes for Elliw's birthday. I have never made my own icing before, I always cheat and buy the all ready made one! But my god, it was so easy to make!

Things you need:
For the cake -
- 200g Cooking chocolate.
- 250g Self Raising Flour.
- 1 tsbp Vanilla Extract.
- 200g Butter.
- 200g Light brown sugar.
- 3 Eggs.

For the icing -
- 250g soft cheese (Philadelphia I use)
- 250g whipped cream.
- 250g icing sugar.
- 250g butter.

Pre-heat oven at 160 - 190

It is very easy to make.
1. Melt the chocolate, sugar and butter in a saucepan with 100ml of hot water.
2. Leave to cool.
3. Add the sifted self raising flour, vanilla extract and eggs.
4. Put them all in cupcake cases.
5. Cook for roughly 20 minutes.

Our Bedtime Story Routine

I think a bedtime routine is quite important for any baby/child. I really do believe they need their sleep as much as we do. I was quite lucky with Mia as she slept all night from 3 months onwards. However, she was in my bed sleeping. She co-slept with me atleast 8-10 months old. I would have to lie down with her and let her hold my finger until she fell asleep, then I would have to sneak of quietly. When she was around 8-10 months old I decided I really needed a proper sleep (as she was not seeing her dad at this time). I felt it was time for her to go into her cot. The first night was a nightmare, she screamed and screamed for hours on end until she fell asleep. I was living with my Dad at the time so he helped me. In the end we got into a routine that she slept from the minute I put her into the cot. But she would wake up between 1am - 3am every morning and came to my bed to sleep for the rest of the night.

When me and Iwan moved in together Mia had her own bedroom, but she still came to my bed in the middle of the night. I wanted her to stop because I was pregnant and there was no way I could get comfy and have a good night sleep. So I put my foot down and kept taking her back to bed every time she woke up. It took patience and time but it was so worth it in the end. From then onwards Mia has slept all night by herself and I feel so so much better in the mornings - no more back pain YAY!

From my experience with Mia I told my self from the minute I found out I was pregnant that Elliw was going to sleep in her own bed from day one. Elliw would wake up every 2-4 hours. When we moved her to her own bedroom when she was around 7 months old and she slept all night. However when she was around 9 months old, when we put her down to bed she would cry for no reason at all until she would just nod off to sleep. She could cry for a good couple of hours. 

Now that Elliw is in a single bed she still cries until she falls asleep, but this time she comes out of bed and she ends up sleeping on the floor! Just like the photo above. She will wake up most nights about once or twice or if it is a bad night it will be a couple of times.
Mia will wake up between 6am - 7.30am every morning and Elliw will wake up between 7am - 9am.
They will both go to bed at 6 - 6.30pm  

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Spring Time Morning Walk

The past few weeks the weather hasn't been too good, it's either been raining, windy or really cold. The minute I saw sun and no rain I decided to go for a little walk with Elliw once Mia went to school one morning and I plan to do this most mornings too. It's only a 15-20 minute walk there and back and it's an old road to the next village so there are no cards around so Elliw is very safe to just run around! However the walk there and back home she wanted to hold my hand, she had only ran and walked by herself for a little bit while I took photos of her, otherwise she was holding my hand.

We may aswell make the most of the nice weather we having, right? If you live in North Wales then you probably know we had very bad stormy weather a few weeks back and awful rain too. So it's really nice seeing the sun come out.

From when I locked the front door up to the end of the path then all the way back home Elliw held my hand. The only time she let go was when I wanted to take photos of her! She's changed so much these last couple of weeks.

Do you like going for walks with your little ones?