Hello Kitty Wooden Doll House

Hello Kitty Wooden
Dolls House.

I was really looking forward too doing this review. First thing i thought was - 'The girls would love this Hello Kitty dolls house'. Ever since i was a little girl i always wanted a dolls house, so i was really excited when i was asked to do review on this. 

This dolls house is handmade and is a 2 story wooden dolls house. Delivery was pretty quick. Once i opened the box, i was quite excited but quite dissapointed as i had to build the dolls house from scratch really. Anyway, i got building, they provided all the screws and the screwdriver (which i found very small). I couldn't find out screw driver so had to stick to this one i had in the box. I have too say i found it quite difficult too put everything together. It took me at least over an hour too get this built up, but if you're a better builder than me then you probably can do it quicker! 

The dolls house came with 13 wooden house furniture, and one hello kitty doll (which is really cute!) 

One thing i wasn't quite happy with was they provided 'gems' too cover the screws which i thought weren't very practical as i find gems easily fall off. The size of this house is quite small for the price in my opinion. Height - 48.7cm || Width - 44cm || Depth -24cm. 

The girls were very excited too play with it, as it was their first dolls house! I think too maybe improve this dolls house a bit more would be maybe they would consider too put a full back wall on to the house and not just a small plank silk painted wood, also make rooms in the house. As it looked pretty silly too me that the furniture was living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom and the bathroom furniture was in the same room as the bathroom! I think have a wall in between these too make it look like a proper dolls house would make this a little better. 

Unfortuntley the front wall of this dolls house broke in less than 3 hours of my girls playing with it. The wall came off its hinges, and i had screwed the hinges on properly just as it says in the instructions. I found it quite dissapointing that my daughter a 3 nearly 4 year old actually managed to break it of its hinges and is now not fixable. I am not able to give it back too them as the hinges has pulled the wood off so it is dangerous for them play with now. I was quite scared incase one of them picked up the very tiny screw that we had too screw in for the hinges. 

Overall - I was very dissapointed in this product. I do think a lot of work needs to be done for this to make it worth £59.99. As i do think it is only this price because it is Hello Kitty - But safety wise - i don't think it is very safe if the front wall/door comes off its hinges so easily that a 4 year old can accidentally snap it by just opening it back. 

The full Dream Toys 2013 list will be released in Argos in November - Here

I'm An Aunty!!!

Finally, I'm an Aunty! A gorgeous baby boy came into the world 22nd October 2013 at 10.04pm weighing 7lbs 13 1/2oz. I was so proud - i even cried when i had the phone call.

Meet my nephew - Osian Wyn

When i held him for the first time - my heart melted. He was so cute! And so tiny. As my two girls weight over 8lbs and Osian did not look his weight at all, but he was very long! 

I brought my little sister and brother along too meet their new baby nephew!

I was baking for over 4 hours friday night! Baked a cake for Osian and baked over 24 cupcakes for all the family - very tiring - and i am not even going to try and make cakes now for a good few weeks - feel sick thinking of it! 

These are the proud parents of Osian. My brother Nathan his partner Catriona! I am so proud and happy for them. Perfect little family eh?! 

Things To Do This Half Term!

Half Term is here! weather it is your first holidays with your little ones off school or not it can be quite difficult too think what too do with your little ones for the whole week! They are so used to doing something all day such as school! So now they are out of routine! So i thought maybe here are a few things you could do this half term! 

Lazy Days - Always nice too have a lazy day with your little ones. Snacks, cuddles and films! Have a very lazy pyjama day with your children. Forget the house work and everything else, just relax! Not often you get days like this in the week especially when your little ones are in school! 

Crafts/Messy Play - We all know kids love being messy! So why not put their old clothes on, cover the table or floor with some newspaper or plastic old sheets and let them do whatever they want - such as painting, baking, colouring or play with water maybe?! All kids love things like this - i'm sure you will have fun joining them too! 

Go for a walk/to the park - Why not save money and just stay local. Stay in your town/village. Have a walk with your kiddies and let them run around maybe if your town/village has a field or a park? This will sure tire them out by bedtime! And maybe you too ha ha! 

Go out - Maybe if you have a few pennies too spend, take them for a day out? Go to amusement parks or too the beach (IF it is nice). Or how about cinema? Then take them too McDonalds or KFC or somewhere else too have something too eat. My girls love going out for a day and eating somewhere different. 

See family - Go see the family, as most of us live away from family and don't get that much time too see them whilst the kids are in school. So grab the chance now and go have a catch up with the family! 

What are you going too do this Half Term?

Sell Your Old Clothes!

(Source - Google Images)
Christmas is around the corner, and we could all do with a bit of cash in our banks/pockets right now! Every year around 6 months before Christmas i do massive clear out of all of our wardrobes! One thing i never do is chuck our clothes in the bin. I always sell them on! What's better? Selling your old clothes and get cash or throw them in the bin and get nothing? There are plenty of sites and shops around these days that buy your clothes! Check out MusicMagpie for instance, they have started to buy your clothes now! Along with the other things they buy. It's very simple too do. 
I've got something too sell every week nearly, as i am loosing weight too get to my target, the clothes i have are getting small and baggy (YAY!!) so i sell them! I love getting cash for clothes i don't wear anymore or the clothes that are just too big on me now! 
I sort the girls clothes out every few months - as they grow out of them so quickly, with Mia's i pass them down too Elliw (my youngest) but with Elliws clothes i sell them. Once i get the money i save it until a rainy day or something important. 

I always love sorting clothes out knowing i'm going to have cash at the end of it! Even if it is just a few pennies, every single penny counts these days! We all know how hard things are too buy these days with prices going up! 
It is always best too sell your clothes for cash instead of chucking them in the bin! At MusicMagpie it is very easy too sell, all you have too do is type the designer and garment then wa-la! Instant price there and then! 

How about when you are sorting out your clothes ready too sell - you get your little helpers too help you sort them out? As we all know tidying/sorting things out can be very boring! So have a little fun, give you a good chance too try the clothes on your little ones too or maybe their opinion on if they like the clothing or not! And if they don't then there you go - sell it - more cash! Great way too maybe open a bank account for your little ones! Any price would be great, as money does add up in the end! It can also take a bit of time to sort out if you have a lot of clothes too sort - but it can be fun, put some music on or the TV maybe and enjoy time with bonding with your little ones whilst your sorting clothes out ready too sell them! 

What do you do with your unwanted items/clothes?

Homemade Spag Bol Recipe

Since starting Slimming World i've loved making my own food from scratch. I don't think i've even used a jar of sauce since i started. Well today i made Homemade Spaghetti Bolognase for the first time. And the result - Loved it!!
It is so easy to cook! 

Lean Mince (or normal)
Chopped Tomatoes 
Garlic (I used garlic herbs)
Beef Stock

Boil water in a pan ready for the spaghetti.

Boil spaghetti for roughly 20 minutes.

While the spaghetti is cooking, fry cook your mince until it is brown all over and you see no pink.

Add the onions, garlic and mushrooms in between.

Add the tomatoes & the beef stock.


How simple is that?!

I loved this Spaghetti Bolognase and so did my partner! Defo doing it again.

Do you like making homemade meals?

Peace of mind when our kids venture online

Not available.

Dear Mia...

Dear Mia Wyn...
Hiya baby girl. I am so very proud of you this past week, You've done so well. After this very hard year, i can only blame myself - as i was the one buying and giving you the Dairy products and you didn't understand yourself what was going on. The amount of rows, shouting and so on that has been happening, mostly stress as no doctors or health visitors were willing to help me, they kept giving me this movicol prescription which obviously was not working - and they were not listening. I did try, i promise. 
But i am so glad this past week now has been so good, you have improved so well, and i am so so so proud of you. No words can describe how proud of you i am. You did TWO whole days of no accidents, one little accident today but that's nothing compared to your 10 or more accidents per day before for over a year! (phew glad it's over!)
I'm sure you feel better in yourself too baby, I'm sorry i didn't find out sooner! 
Hope you will grow out of it very soon! 
You're doing very well in school. You had your first parents evening the other day, so proud of you. You write with your left hand, but use the scissors with your right hand, what's that all about girl? Haha! You and your best friend Llio get seperated in class because you both talk too much! I can just imagine! You can recognise some shapes and colours. And now you copied the letter 'G' and the number '2' i wrote down earlier today. AHH Where has my baby girl gone?! 

Can't believe you will be 4 years old in December! Most things have been sorted already :)

So proud of you baby girl.

All my love,

Dairy Free Sponge Cake Recipe

As you probably know, Mia my eldest daughter is lactose intolerance. So since then i cancelled her cake order for her 4th birthday in December. I was looking around for anyone who may do lactose free cakes and i couldn't find anyone so in the end i decided i will make the cake myself. So i researched on the internet loads of different ingredients and i chose one and unbelievably it turned out much better than i thought!

Self Raising Flour
Baking Powder
Caster Sugar
Dairy Free Spread (I used Vitalite)

I never measure, so these numbers and grams never mean a thing too me when i'm baking cakes! But a rough estimate is (in my way)

A full sieve of flour
table spoon of baking powder (or less)
3 Eggs
3 big table spoons of spread.
Roughly 4-5 table spoons of caster sugar.

Other wise if you measure then the recipe i've got is 
170g flour
170g caster sugar
1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
3 eggs
100g spread

Pre-heat oven temperature of 180 degrees.
Mix Butter and Caster Sugar together until soft.
Add the beaten eggs bit by bit with the flour (sieve it) and baking powder.
Mix/Whisk all together.
Then just mix everything for a few minutes.
Pour it in cupcake tin or cake tin!

I used a 20" cake tray. 
I did two cakes then put the filling in between, which was Jam!

*TIP - Use Silicon trays, they are FAB!  

You could always do this as a Dairy cake too! Just swap the dairy free butter with the normal butter.

Winter Buys!

The cold is here, the rain has come, the chilly nights have started! It can only mean one thing - Winter. Grab your gloves, scarves, hats and warm coats it's apparently going to be a very cold one with some snow too come next month! 
After quite a long summer of warm weather even the warm weather staying in September - i am actually looking forward and already liking this cold-ish weather. I love snuggling up, especially in bed! But i am not looking forward for the snow that is apparently coming next month. 
Alot of people i know and have seen are buying new coats, scarves, gloves and so on for the winter! Elliw won't wear a hat for me, never has done. But i have bought them new coats and a new hat for Mia! 

I love online shopping - well browsing! Here are a few things i have seen for Winter Buys this year from Next! 

1 & 2 - How cute are these puffed up coats, i love that colour brown and the pink! As most of you probably know by now i love leopard print, not too much though. The coat just looks so cosey and warm for winter!
3 - How cute is this sleeveless fluffy body warmer?! Would look so cute with a long sleeved jumper - light pink underneath.

4 - I love ugg boots, but my girls havent really worn theres much this year. When Mia was Elliws age she used to walk fine in them but the ones i've bought from peacocks Elliw doesn't walk that great in them. But i love these ugg boots.
5 - How gorgeous are these wellies? Yet again.. leopard print! But look at that bow! I think that is what finishes these boots off - so cute.
6 - Mia would absoloutley love these wellie boots! She loves Minnie Mouse and these boots are definate her style! 

7 - Ahhh one word CUTE!! I was going to get this for Elliw but there was none her size - plus i don't think she would of even worn it anyway. but i still love it.
8 - I've got this hat for Mia, leopard print again! But so cute! 
9 - I've got a dark coloured one of these from about 2 years ago that i bought Mia when she was roughly Elliws age. So warm, cosey and cute.

10- How adorable are these leggins? Totally Mias style again!

11- I adore this cardigan - looks so nice & warm! If they had this in my size i think i'd buy it too!
12 - This jumper is so adorable - and reminds me so much of Christmas - woohoo! 

All of the clothes pictured above are from Matalan.

Have you got your winter wardrobe ready?

Pabobo Night Light Review

We were given a Penguin Pabobo Night Light too review. Mia was very excited for this, and so was i! All of a sudden Mia was saying she was scared of the dark and she wanted a little light. Then we were offered too review this Night Light so i said yes while we had the chance! The delivery was fast. Mia was in school when i had this light so i had time to check it out and charge it before she came back home.

Pabobo is the first inventor of the portable, rechargeable nightlight. All of Pabobo creations are designed to be handled by children, innovation and design are central to this approach. The Designers of Lumilove, the first luminous companions for children, the Pabobo team develops all its products in strict compliance with CE standards.

Mia came home and i couldn't wait too show her this Pabobo Night light but i thought i would wait until it was bed time. When it was bedtime i told her to go to bed and i'll get her, her suprise. She was so excited. When i showed her this Penguin Pabobo Night light she was over excited! She was so happy. And she absolutely loved it. 

When you first charge it, it tells you too charge for 24 hours. But i charged it for 10 hours and it lasted for 6-7 hours. After it is fully charged the light lasts for 11 hours. Not only is this a Night Light it also plays a soothing melody for 15 minutes too help your babies/children get too sleep. 

One thing i really liked about this light was it was never hot likehow some Night Lights get when they are on for a long period of time. 

Every morning - Mia would carry this light into our room with all of her other teddies and put it on charge ready for the night time.

One thing i think would make this light a little better is when you put the light on charge to maybe put a light on the charger too say it is charging - & another coloured light when it is fully charged. As my partner was confused as he didn't know if the light was charging or not.

Overall i am quite pleased with this light. I've had no problems with Mia settling since having this light. I thought it wasn't going to bright enough but it does its job - it gets my baby girl settled for bed.

The Pabobo Night Light is £35.00 to buy here

* I was given this product for free too do this review - all words are my own. 100% honest. 

Living life Dairy Free

So as you probably know Mia my eldest daughter suffers constantly poo-ing all day every day. It has been going on for over a year now. Been to doctors and spoken to Health Visitor - and she is due a Pediatric Appointment in Hospital soon but more than likely her appointment will be delayed. I am a member of this Secret Group on Facebook where i can just express my feelings with other Mums! I wrote a post one day as i was so tired and so stressed/frustrated not knowing what was the matter with Mia. Well one girl told me it could be Lactose Intolerance. To be honest - i never even heard of this before. I looked it up - looked up at the symptoms - there it was. It was exactly what Mia has. The symptoms for lactose intolerance are -
- Wind
- Stomach pains/aches
- Crankiness
- Failure too settle
- Diarrhea
- Failure to gain weight
I haven't noticed that she's failing to gain weight, as i do think she looks normal for her age. As for the Wind (she stinks!! lol) stomach pains, crankiness, failure too settle and diarrhea - all these she has daily. She has always complained of her belly hurting her - but i thought nothing of it. I just thought it was her excuse too have cuddles with me (how wrong was i?!)

All afternoon i have researched more information about Lactose Intolerance and it's actually a change of her whole diet. As she seems to be quite severe with it, i am going to do a tester as they tell you to do on the NHS site and another site i found very helpful. I take all Dairy products away from 2 weeks and see what happens. 

After the girls went too bed, I went to the shop down the road as Iwan stayed home and unfortunately there wasn't any chocolate, yoghurts or processed ham she could have. I bought her Soya Milk which was a shocking £1.49 for a 1L bottle! 

I know i'm going to find this hard. She is going to have to cut out on -
- Chocolate (which she doesnt eat much anyway)
- Bread
- Butter/Margarine
- Some Sauces
- Some Cakes (Doesnt eat much)
- Milk
- Yoghurts
- & more

This Saturday i am going to look for things especially for her and i will have to make sure that Elliw does not have Chocolate and things with Dairy that Mia will want - in front of her. 

All of her favorite foods are things she will have to stop eating.

I'm hoping i can find replacement yoghurts, bread and butter for her and chocolates as she has them as a treat now & then.

Has your little ones or yourself got Lactose Intolerance ? Any kind of advice would help, Thank you

Shopping With The Kids!

We all know how boring shopping can be for the children. Crowds and ques! Trying too keep your children happy and in sight all the time whilst your shopping, as well as trying too remember what you need in the shop! Crying, winging is what most parents get with their children they are shopping! I'ts completley normal. When a child gets too bored they try and somehow entertain themselves, but by this - they just make stress as we all know! 

Well for my two they were both okay with it up until Mia reached roughly 2 years old and when Elliw reached around 1 years old. Recently we have been doing our weekly food shop online or i do a small one in the week then we go to Aldi's or Lidls on the weekend where Elliw is with us and Mia is in her Dads. Elliw does get bored but because i've done a small shop in the week, we are not in the shop as long as usual! On the other hand if i fancy going to town for the day - one word - stress! Especially now that Mia doesn't go in the pram. Mia can get bored really quickly and once she is bored that is where her temper comes out. We have actually lost her twice, it was one of the worst things ever. She was safe though! She just thought it was ok to hide behind the knickers in Peacocks and to just run around the shop in New Look! 
If you're in the same situation here are a few tips too make shopping trips fun for kids! 

Make them a list
Make a list, maybe if you're going food shopping, draw or print the food out and put boxes on the sides of the pictures and let them tick each one when the food is in the trolley! Mia loved doing this.

Let them help you
Let your kids help you shop! How? If they are walking ask them if they can find something you want in your list and let them find it in the aisle and put it in the trolley. This makes them feel grown up and happy! 

Ask questions
When you pick something off the shelves describe the product, maybe ask what colour it is and if they like it.

Bring snacks
Bring their favourite snacks or if you haven't got any buy some in the shop, you can easily open the packet in the shop before you pay, just make sure you don't rip the barcode! We do this all the time.

Make Shopping Easier*

Plan your shop. Make a list of what you need from the shop. Bring some toys or/and snacks for the children. Don't go out when your children are due a feed or due food or a nap! 

Warn your child about 2-3 times before going too the shop. Tell them they have too be good. Make sure they hold the pram, trolley or your hand at all times. 

Expect your child to missbehave - this way maybe you can be one step ahead from your child.

Just always remember Children do find it very boring to go out shopping with us parents. Think how bored we get doing the weekly thing, it's even worse for them! Maybe sometime you might just have too leave your shopping and leave the shop! But in other cases - do not let them get their own way as they will think if they do it all the time then they can just leave the shop without you doing a shop!

How are you children when you're shopping?


It's that spooky time of the year - Halloween - October 31st! The evening kids can get loads of free sweets and money from knocking on your doors! Time where they can have fun outside with their friends - dressing up - usually as a scary character! Are your kids looking forward to going Trick Or Treating? Mine aren't! Mine are scared stiff of the Halloween costumes! Since Mia was born, her first every Halloween where she was nearly 1 years old, she screamed. I still got the outfit now. I put it on Elliw today infact, guess what? She didn't like it either! Ha ha! So i have 2 very fussy children. :-) But i don't find Halloween is as fun for kids these days? I used to get so excited, the streets used to be so busy and full of different aged kids going trick or treating! Who's found it different last few years?

We hardly get any knocks, But too tell you the truth - We never answer them either as we don;t buy sweets for Halloween and we save our pennies for money at the end of the year for Christmas! 

Even though i liked going trick or treating for Halloween - I was never really the type to go over board with decorating the house - I think only Christmas and the kids birthdays is the time i do it. 

Do your little ones like Halloween?

Is Having A Routine Important?

I don't know what i would do without a routine - Some parents don't have a routine with their children, Some try but haven't succeeded with it. When Mia was born i did find it hard to put her into routine as wasn't sure how to - but i was quite lucky with her sleeping all night for me when she was around 3 months she would go to sleep roughly 8pm - 9pm until 7am - 8am the next morning (or maybe earlier) with one or two naps in the days. With Elliw because she had Colic we were up 10pm until 1am or maybe even 3am with her but she got into her routine at 7 months, and that is when she slept all night too - Before that, she was waking up once or twice or maybe even more a night. 
Too me, i think a routine is quite important in a child's life. It can be quite boring for the parent if they are a stay at home parent - but it's worth it.
My daily routine for my kids is -

Wake up - 7am - 8am
Breakfast - 8am - 9am
Take Mia too Dinner Club - 11am
Cook Dinner for me & Elliw - 12pm - 1pm
Elliw's nap - 1pm - 2.30pm
Elliw's little snack - 2.30pm - 2.50pm
Pick Mia up from school - 3pm
Little snack and drink for Mia (Fruit for elliw) - 3.30pm
Cook tea for the girls - 5pm - 5.30pm
Cuddle up time & watch TV - 5.30 - 5.45
Bath time - 6pm
Bed time - 6.30 - 7pm
Mine & Iwans Tea - 7pm - 8pm

And i try and get the cleaning done in between. It can get quite boring and frustrating doing the same thing on a daily basis - but at the end of the day i know i can relax (most evenings) unless the girls decide they don't want to go to sleep - ha ha.

I do think Children need a routine in their life for their sake and for yours too. So you can have your break in the evenings or when the child is having a nap if they still do! 

Aswell i think having a routine is great because if you fancy a night off once in a while, or maybe just a couple of hours off, you feel confident going out and leaving the kids in somebody else's care whilst you let your hair down.

Do you have a routine for your children?

My Family

Just a quick post about my family! As you know my name is Beth & i am 21 years old :-) I live in a village in North Wales with my partner Iwan (who is also 21) and my two beautiful daughters Mia Wyn who will turn 4 in december 2013 and Elliw Elen who will turn 2 in March 2014 (Welsh name!!). 

As told above, I'm 21 years old. I fell pregnant first at the age of 16 - I was so scared. When Mia was around 1 years + old i met my partner Iwan, Fell pregnant quite soon (forgot too take the pill) and we moved in together when i was roughly 3-4 months pregnant. I moved roughly 30 minutes away from my Dad and family, we have moved to our 2nd private rented house last March with the girls. 
I am a qualified Childcare Worker in Level 2, I passed that course in College, which i absoloutely loved going to! I passed when i was 3 months pregnant with my first daughter Mia Wyn. When Mia was born - i went looking for a job straight away and managed to get one when Mia was 5 months old. I stuck to that job in the Nursery for over 2 years  until i had too quit due to me having my 2nd baby. My partner works full time (40+ hours) whilst i stay at home with the girls. 

Mia Wyn
Mia will be FOUR in December - Can't belive how fast time has gone! I remember the first time i ever saw her face and gave her a cuddle. Where has my 8lbs 9oz baby gone? She's so funny with the things she comes out with - Even teachers in her school say she is really funny and make them laugh loads when she is there! Such an amazing, caring and loving little girl! She does have her tempter tantrums - bad ones too but i still love her too pieces. She is an amazing gorgeous daughter and a fantastic Big Sister too Elliw - She also has another Sister Eli Wyn from her Dad & His partner.

Elliw Elen
This little girl is such a handful, climbing absoloutley everywhere at the moment ha ha. She is 19 months! Will be 2 in March 2014. Can't believe how fast my 9lbs 8oz baby has grown! She is learning slower than her big sister Mia but she is getting there in her own time and i am so proud of her for doing so! She's such a funny and an amazing little person. Pulls right funny faces and loves saying CHEESE too the camera ha ha!

My partner, who i met for the first time April 15th 2011 in a pub ha ha! Well we were texting, we just met there one day with our friends. And that is where it all started! May 19th we started going out - These past two plus years have been amazing - we've come through the rough times much stronger. We've had people butting in but we don't let them. I've had my wrongs and he's had his but we are still here & better than ever! Can't wait for the future! 

Why I Blog?

Why do I blog? What is blogging to me? I started my very first blog the start of the year. I saw a Google advert on one day and i was very interested so i checked it out - then i saw that someone i know Kerry (Oh So Amelia) had a blog! She has helped me loads about blogging (Thank you!) I didn't get the hang of it really - but then in May this year (2013) I started blogging properly - I very slowly started getting followers on my blog, bloglovin' and my Facebook Page, i started to get products too review which are related to my blog. I started to enjoy posting something atleast 3-4 times a week or more and reading other peoples blogs! 
Blogging to me is something i'm used too now - i like writing, i always have. I even keep a diary at home and write what I've done on that day, This is a different kind of online diary i keep and like too share with my lovely readers! But blogging to me isn't just an online diary/journal, it is a place where i can write down what i did and write things about my children growing up, something they can look back at when they are older. That is the main reason i blog. But most of all i enjoy blogging. It can be very addictive once you're into it! 
Blogging is also something i can express my feelings and help others by giving them my advice if i have been through something! Sometimes (well most of the time) when i am out & about things come into my head and i think *ah that would make a great blog post* It keeps me busy in the evenings when my girls are in bed and the partner is either watching rubbish films or playing the PS3. 

Blogging has come a part of me in these past few months. I love jotting down the memories we have with our girls.

How Was School Today?

This is one question i ask 5 days a week. Once my daughter finishes school - i always ask how her day was in school. I think it's a small talk you can have with your child and find out what they do in school. I like having the chats after school with my 3 year old letting me know what she has done in school and if she enjoyed it or not. 
I think it's quite important too ask as well for the child to know you are interested in their day. I am always keen on what my daughter gets up to in school especially now that she is in a big school part-time and weds, thurs and fri she is in dinner club too so she is in school 11-3 for those 3 days and 1-3 monday and tuesday. It's a long day for such a little child. When she gets home she is so tired she likes to just lie down on the sofa with a blanket over her and watch TV.

But at the end of the day - She is enjoying school and i am happy about that.

Do your little ones enjoy school?

Pack your Hospital Bag

As you may know my baby nephew is due this month (16th) First time aunty! And i can't wait too see his little face and give him huge cuddles! I'm so excited i can't even explain how i excited i am! I've told my brothers partner from the start of the pregnancy that if she wants any advice she knows where i am, and i am really happy that she has actually talked to me and asked for quite a bit of advice! It feels nice too know someone wants some advice from you or help with something. The most recent thing she has said is about her hospital bag! And i thought - ah this would be a great post! I remember packing my hospital bags and worrying i didn't have everything or that i had forgotten to buy something! Here is a list of the important things to put in your bag :-) -

Nappies - I took half a pack of nappies with me, and if you were to stay in longer then someone else could pop home or to the shop to buy more.
Wet Wipes - Some Midwives tell you not too use wet wipes but i used them on both my girls when they were born and still now. I bought the Huggies Pure but if i knew about Water Wipes or the Newborn Wipes which are both made out of pure water nothing more then that is what i would of used But as i say again it made no harm to my girls.
Cotton Wool - This is what most midwives advise you too use, i didn't use these for my girls only tip to toe wash.
Baby grows - I was lucky with Elliw that i had brought 5 baby gro's with me since she had poo'd so much it went up her back all over her vest and baby gro' ha ha. 
Coming Home Outfit - Both my girls came home in the same baby gro and i have still got it as a memory.
Socks - I took a pair with me but never used them
Mittens - Very handy incase baby scratches themselves.
Hat - Not needed if it is warm but if you're having a winter baby it's a handy thing to have in your bag.
Coat/All-in-one coat - Again winter babies need a coat to go home in.
Vests - I say bring atleast 5-6 vest just incase!
Blanket - From the day Elliw was born she had this blanket bought buy a friend of ours and it's her comforter ever since.
Teddy (If you want) - Teddies were usually bought by other people for my girls.
Dummy - Handy incase your baby likes a dummy like my Mia or hate dummies like my Elliw!
Carseat - Simple, for baby to go home! :-) YAY! 

Maternity pads - Bring quite a few.
Breast Pads
Underwear - Buy some comfy ones! Don't use your best ones. i bought granny knickers ha ha. Embaressed to buy them but my god they were comfy! They're all in the bin now - they were handy after birth too.
Comfy Pyjamas - If you're staying the night always nice to have comfy pj's.
Nightey for labour 
Dressing gown 
Clean clothes - Too go home in.
Toiletries - Such as shower gel, shampoo, deodrant, tooth brush & paste, body spray, cloths etc. It may be best to buy travelling sized items with you.
Camera - Capture those precious moments.
Mobile phone - Too let family & friends know how you and baby are.
Charger (if you're allowed)
Small fan - I didn't bring this but maybe it is a handy thing to have as you get very hot and sweaty in labour!

It is always scary knowing you're going to be in labour soon if you're close too your due date. Especially for first time mummys since they have no idea what the pain is like - but even being a 2nd or 3rd time mummy it's not any better - you know the pain - i was more scared i think the 2nd time.
Both my pregnancies i packed my bag roughly 30 weeks - they do say start packing by 36 weeks as once you are 37 weeks you are full term you have a full term baby 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after the baby is due.

Did you make a list for your hospital bag?

Things too do indoors when it is raining.


The rain has come back, well into Wales it has. As i'm writting this post - it's raining but it is still warm. Usually i am at home during the day because Mia is still in part-time school so i have to stay around the village i live in. It's always nice to take the children out for a walk when it's nice but when it rains you're stuck in the house wondering what to do with them! You don't want them to get bored - but yet you don't want them to get soaking wet from playing out side and with the warm weather and rain there's more chance to catch a cold and so on! Here are a few things to do indoors when it is raining - 

1. Colour & Draw - I think all kids love to colour & draw don't they?! Elliw loves colouring, but yet she's still at that age where she's still biting all of the crayons - so we have no crayons in this house at the moment. But Christmas i will be buying them loads of colouring things. Mia can sit down with a pen and paper for hours. 

2. Jigsaws - Why not get a jigsaw out and join in with the kids. This learns them to concentrate aswell as playing and enjoying themselves!

3. Board Games - We all love those old board games don't we?! Why not on a rainy day get them out and play with them with your kids! I'm not too keen on these techonology things such as PS3 etc especially for a young child to play them - i think kids have more fun playing board games than these computers!

3. Computer Games - As i said in the tip above i'm not to so keen on computer games etc! But i do let Mia play Cbeebies Games once i a while - which is not very often to be honest. But she does enjoy it - get trouble trying to get her off it but i guess that is kids for you! 

4. Messy Time! - All kids love messy time! Get the paint out let them do whatever they want with it (on the paper of course) or what about a bowl of water maybe? If you have right floor i guess! :-)

5. Lazy Comfy Day - Stay in pyjamas, Get the quilt, get the films and get the munch! Simple :) 

Or maybe just stick their wellies on with their rain coats and let them play out side in the puddles! My girls love jumping in puddles! Or as Mia says - in muddy puddles! 

What do you like doing on a rainy day?

Toddlers Temper Tantrums

As you all know i've got two gorgeous girls called Mia and Elliw. Mia is my eldest who will be 4 in December and Elliw is my youngest who will be 19 months on the 5th this month! One word about this week..
I can't even properly explain 100% how i feel, it's just been so stressful it's unreal. They haven't been listening, Elliw is climbing everything and everywhere, Mia and her temper and so on. I love Weds, Thursdays and Fridays as Mia is in school 11am - 3pm so i try and do most of the house work that need doing or extras, spend time just me and Elliw and then come on this like now if i have enough time whilst Elliw is watching TV or having a nap. She's currently got her eyes glued on to the TV (Mr Tumble!) 
So back to the point. I really hate it when Mia throws her tempers outside as so many people stare - but i do make sure i stare at them back after i have calmed Mia down! And i make it very clear that i do not like people staring when i am sorting my own child out - weather they like how i treat my child when she is naughty or not - even thought i just raise my voice that is it.
I do not believe in slapping, i can be honest i tapped her bum and hand once or twice too see if it would work but it didn't, it made things worse! I just wanted too see what could help. But i cried so much after i did it.
Most of the things Mia throws her temper for is if she wants her own way - which i won't give her. I will tell her too wait if i;m busy and she wants something. 

There are some tips too calm them down when they are having a tantrum ;

1 - Don't shout too much as it can wind them up even more.
2 - Try the naughty step - Every time they come off make sure you sit them back down and re-start the time all over again. If you would like more advice on this check out my previous post here
3 - Talk with a calm voice.

Apparently once a child is having a tantrum there is something in there brain that can't stop it! So us parents have to try and calm them down.

Mia in the past few months thrown chairs, tables, toys and more things at me. Bites, Spits and Slaps at me. I do send her straight to the naughty step for this as i think it is disgusting behaviour. I think she is old enough to know not to do this! And worst thing is Elliw has started slapping and she thinks it is funny! So from now on, we are putting her on the naughty step too! - and guess what? it works! And she actually just sits and cries! 

It really does hurt me just watching them cry when they are on the naughty step, but kids have to learn don't they?

These past few days maybe past fortnight is bringing all kinds of things to my head at the moment - i'm feeling like how i was feeling when i was suffereing depression - i've not spoken to anyone about this only on a private Teen Mummies page via Facebook as i know no one i know is on the page! It is really getting to me this past week - it risked my relationship last time - we had argued so much and i am so greatful Iwan is still here, but this time i don't want to go back onto anti-depressants. We will see how it goes!