What I Would Do If I Won 1 Million Pounds

I think everyone would like to win a million pounds one day, am I right? I mean who wouldn't want to win that big amount of money? I honestly would love to win that big amount of money one day. When I was younger me and my Dad used to watch the Lottery every Saturday and we would always tell each other what we would love to spend the money on if we ever won the money. Of course, my mind has changed now to what I would spend the money on seeing as I am now a Mum of 3 children and living with my partner. There are so many things money can buy but if I was to win one million pounds these are my top things I would do:

Me and Mine {July}

It doesn't seem that long ago that I wrote my last Me and Mine post. I have been looking forward for this month's Me and Mine post for a very long time as I knew my little boy, Freddie, was going to be with us. My induction date was the 18th of July but he was born on the 16th of July. The past couple of weeks have flown by and has been pretty amazing. I still can't believe I have my little with us. He really has completed our family.

Breastfeeding The First Two Weeks

When I found out I was pregnant last October the first thing I knew that I wanted to do was to breastfeed. I knew this was going to be my last baby. I had formula bottle fed both my girls and never really thought about breastfeeding until after my second. I really wanted to try it out and just have the experience of breastfeeding. I was quite worried all the way through my pregnancy as I had hardly no information about breastfeeding during my pregnancy and I didn't know much about it either. I was also worried that either I wasn't able to do it or he wouldn't be able to latch on.

How To Find Your Perfect Hobby

For some people, their hobby finds them at an early age and they continue it into adulthood – some even turn it in to a profession. But, if you don’t have a hobby and want one, deciding which one to do can be difficult – especially as you get older.

But, your new passion is out there somewhere just waiting for you to discover it and you won’t know until you try, so here are a few ways you can find your perfect hobby.

Three Ways To Prepare For a Road Trip With Kids

A few weeks ago, I wrote about when we took Mia and Elliw to Llanelli for a little break. I wanted them to have a holiday before the baby arrives, but more than anything, I love taking them to new places and creating memories with them. I’ve always wanted to give them the very best in life that I can, and taking them on adventures means so much to me.

6 Finishing Touches to Add Value to Your Home

Are you trying to improve the value of your home? Here are six finishing touches you should pay attention to if you want your home to be worth as much as possible!
1. Spruce up the front door First, bear in mind that prospective buyers (or even just passers by) are making their first impressions on…

First Family Outing With The UPPA Baby VISTA Pram

When I was pregnant I was forever looking for prams and I knew I really wanted one with a carrycot as I didn't have a carrycot with any of the previous prams I had with Mia and Elliw. I was extremley lucky to receive the gorgeous Vista pram from UPPAbaby. When I received the pram I couldn'…

How Much It Can Cost To Raise A Child

Juggling life as a busy Mum more often than not means whipping the credit card out regularly and ensuring the kids have everything they need, as well as encouraging them to try their hand at new activities or taking them out for the day. It can all get pretty exhausting – and expensive – but of course you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Siblings In July {The Special One}

I really couldn't wait to write this post. Last month's siblings post was about my two girls but from now I will be talking about my two girls and their baby brother, Freddie. If you haven't read my previous posts then you might not of known that I gave birth to my gorgeous and beautiful baby boy on the 16th of July at 5.58pm. I am so happy that he is here with us safe, healthy and happy. I feel so lucky.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas {Giveaway}

Being pregnant is an exciting time for many. The time where you need to get everything ready before the bundle of joy comes along. One of the most popular things many people do in the UK now is hosting a baby shower party. Baby shower's are getting really popular in the UK. There are many gifts out there that you can buy for baby and mum, so you will never be stuck on gift ideas for a baby shower.

The First Week {The Ordinary Moments}

I wanted to write this over the weekend but I have been way too busy the past week. I've hardly come on here to write anything only to update you all on introducing Freddie and my birth story third time round. I also thought today was the perfect timing of writing how the first week has been as it is my due date today, 25th of July. Never did I think I'd have a 9 day old baby boy with us today.

The first week has been pretty amazing if I say so myself. I have enjoyed it so much. It's a huge difference compared to my other two children. I am breastfeeding Freddie and it's a whole lot different to formula feeding and although it is painful at times, I am really enjoying it and the bond is just amazing between me and Freddie.

Just Another Linky #65

Hi everyone! This post feels weird to write! It's the 10th of July writing and scheduling this post and to think I will defintley have the baby by the date is weird! I shall edit this post if I remember!
Hope you've all had a great week

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6 Staple Pieces For Your Wardrobe

It’s important that a wardrobe features staple pieces. These are your go-to items that serve their purpose when you’re struggling to decide what to wear and need something you know you look good in. But if you’re wondering what actually falls into this category, we’ve broken it down for you:

Welcome To The World... {The Birth Story}

I honestly can not believe I am writing this post right now. I have been wanting to write it for a few days but I've honestly not had the time to sit down and blog. The past week has been very unexpected, especially Saturday the 16th of July. The day our family was completed, the day I gave birth to my baby boy, Freddie George.


We are very happy to announce the birth of 
Freddie George
Born: 16th July 2016 Time: 17.58pm Weight: 9lbs 2oz

Birth story and more coming soon.

Messy Play

Messy play is an important part of their development, helping children to learn important life skills.

When you’re looking for activities for your children, it is important that parents look for ways to aid growth in terms of physical, communicative, social, intellectual and creative development and messy play can help immensely!

AO.com has created a fun and informative resource offering some great ideas for outdoor and messy play! ‘Life is Messy’, it is an interactive piece challenging us to put away the technology for a little while and take part in 30 fun activities to get kids outside and dirty.

My Sunday Photo

Just Another Linky #64

Hello everyone! It's the second week of me doing this linky alone. As I said in last week's the upcoming posts are scheduled as I am due my baby any time soon, I may have even had baby by now! So.. on to the linky :)

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Things To Do With Kids Over The Summer Holidays

Either your child has already started their summer holidays or their on their last week, trying to think on what to do with the kids for the next 6 or 7 weeks can be hard. 6-7 weeks is a long time for a child to be off school as they are so used to a simple routine of going to school 5 days a week, they are kept busy through those school hours and then again when they arrive home but having them home 24/7 for the whole 6-7 weeks can be a tough one for both parent and child.

My Favourite Baby Items #1

Baby boy isn't here yet but for the past few months I have been looking around and buying things for him. We have also been extremely lucky to have been sent a few items from some amazing companies too. Although most items are built up and ready there are other items I am still needing to buil…

Selling The Family Home: What To Do When The Kids Are All Grown UP

So, your kids have grown up and moved on to start their own lives in their own property, and now the home you raised them in is feeling large and empty. You have three or four rooms that were once the kids bedrooms and/or playrooms that now sit empty bar the odd weekend when one of them comes back to visit.   

As much as you love your home and have filled it with happy memories over the years, perhaps it is time to let it go. This might not be easy, and even though the kids don’t live there anymore they will probably find the decision as hard as you, but it does come with countless benefits.  

Mia's Update

Seeing as I wrote Elliw's update the other day, I thought I would write an update about Mia too. I haven't written an update for Mia for a long time, so it's about time I write one. Mia has grown up so much in the past few months. Very rarely does she need help getting changed anymore as she will choose her own clothes and dress herself. She does have a habit of changing her outfit more than three times a day which can be very annoying, but it just shows how much she is growing up.

10 Of The Most Expensive Pets

There are many families, single and couples who own pets for many reasons. Pets become a part of the family and your best friend. Although pets can be seen as cute and something you can show off, they do come at a price. There are so many different kinds of pets around. Did you know that one of the…

Save Money Booking Your Holiday With First Choice Voucher Codes

Most people love going on holiday whether it is abroad or in the country somewhere away from home. Some like the hot weather and beach whilst others prefer a quiet cottage in the country side. There are so many different kind of holidays around and one thing a lot of struggle with is actually paying for the holiday. Booking somewhere in the country or abroad are both expensive.

Bringing Your Newborn Home

When you find out your are pregnant, it can be the most exciting time of your life. But the end seems like such a long way. When the pregnancy comes to an end you will need to make sure you have packed your hospital bag and your baby's hospital bag. Although we all wait for that moment we get to hold our precious little newborn in our arms for the first time, we all get really excited for bringing baby home too. 

How You Can Help the Environment With These 5 Household Habits

Awareness of the environment is something that we all need to be all the more concerned about, as our everyday habits and lifestyles are fundamentally affecting the world we live in. By becoming more aware of your actions and improving your household sustainability, you’ll be able to live a greener lifestyle and help support the world that we live in.

#SagaSpendingDiary Update | Save Money Whilst Food Shopping

A couple of weeks ago I was set a challenge to budget money by Saga. As a family of 4 and soon to be 5 we have been trying really hard to budget our money before the baby comes and get used to that budgeting. We started to think that spending £100+ on a food shop each week was getting ridiculous and we weren't even eating more than half of the items we bought, which was a waste of money.

Preparing For Labour 3rd Time Round

I wrote a post the other day about how I felt about going into labour for the third time. The closer I am getting to my induction date the more nervous I am about going into labour but because this time they have given me the sweep before my induction date I am really hoping I can go into labour by myself, with the help of the sweep.

Elliw's Update

I haven't written an update about the girls for a long time, so I thought it's about time for me to write an update each for them. Seeing as they are both having their last week at school next week, this was the perfect timing.

Elliw turned 4 years old in March and I can't believe how …

The Waiting Game #1

I had my consultant appointment last week and I must say I really hated the woman we saw, she wasn't my usual consultant. I found the woman quite rude and I wish I would have stopped being so upset and opened my mouth more but oh well, it's done with now. I still have the same induction date, which I was not happy about but the only good thing out of the appointment was she allowed me to have a sweep at my next appointment at the maternity assessment unit which I attend twice a week to be monitored and weekly bloods because of Obstetric Cholestasis.

5 Things Non-Parents Should Never Say To Parents

If I am honest I can't remember what I used to think about parenting before I fell pregnant with my first. That may be because I was only 16 years old when I fell pregnant but trying to think hard, I can't remember any bad judgement I did to other parents whilst I was pregnant or when my da…

Me and Mine {June}

I can't believe we in July already. This is a very late post, sorry. We have been so busy recently with trying to get the baby's things ready that we just haven't had the time to go out somewhere and take a photo of the 4 of us but we finally managed today on the 10th of July. This may possibly be our last ever photo of the 4 of us. How scary is that but I am really ready for baby boy to arrive now.

Just Another Linky #63

Hi everyone! You may have noticed this linky is a day later than usual. Being honest, I forgot! and I am finding it pretty hard keeping on top of work now as I am just feeling so uncomfortable but I have scheduled the next few weeks. As you all know {well, most of you} I am due a baby any time soon…