I love taking photos and capturing the best times such as the kids starting the first day of school or a capturing a beautiful view. I love joining in with Instagram communities and I have always wanted my own for a while now and I have finally decided to start one. Best Times Captured sounded perfect for me to start. #Besttimescaptured is an Instagram community for all bloggers and non bloggers to join in to share your best photos {any photos!}

Six Weeks {The Ordinary Moments}

Oh, my sweet little boy. Six weeks old already. The past six weeks has been a challenge but it's been amazing. I wouldn't of changed a thing... Ok, maybe I would of preferred a few days where the girls could of been in school but otherwise it was all good. I really can't believe my little boy is now six weeks old. Six weeks seems like a big step as I remember when he was newborn I was just hoping the sixth week wouldn't come by so quickly because when the six weeks come by it's when the health visitor slowly cuts visits and the time for my six week post partum check up. 

It does make me feel sad that Freddie isn't really a newborn anymore. He's always been a big baby since the day he was born but to me he is little. He is my little boy. It did get on my nerves {a lot} when people would just repeat the words 'oh he's a big boy' and so on. Nothing I should get annoyed about, but I did and it still does when people say it over and over again. 

Just Another Linky | 27th August

Happy Saturday, again! This week has flown by. I hope you all had a great week. I turned 24 on Monday but didn't do nothing to celebrate. I stayed home with my kids and a friend came over to see me which was nice. This week has been up and down for me but hoping for a better week to come. I ho…

Baby Basket - What's Inside?

When you've just given birth the last thing you want to do is go up and downstairs getting the baby a new nappy, clothes or getting the creams. This is one of the reasons I decided to fill up a basket before Freddie arrived and I keep the basket in the living room. It has been so handy and I did the same thing with Mia and Elliw when they were babies too. It saves me having to go upstairs or into another room each time I needed something for them.

The Crowd2Fund IFISA Allows Families To Diversfy Their Investment Strategy In A Post Brexit Environment.

The UK’s decision to vote for Brexit on 23 June was unexpected. In the interim, the pound has fallen to a thirty-year low, the UK has been downgraded by two different credit ratings agencies, and the FTSE 250 has suffered. It is unclear what the repercussions are and whether they will be long or te…

My Three Sweet Babies

Although Freddie is 5 weeks old now I am still trying to get used to certain things on being a Mum of 3. I still find myself saying 'my girls' instead of 'my children' as I'm not just a mum to my girls anymore, I'm a mum to my little boy too. The past 5 weeks has been amazing but it hasn't been easy. I recently wrote a post on how I feel and if I am honest I am hoping these next couple of weeks go pretty quickly so we can get back into routine but I do plan to make some more memories with the girls before they start school.

"Why Do You Cry Everyday Mam?"

"Why do you cry everyday Mam?"
Are the words of my four year old daughter.
Words no child should ask a parent. 
But in reality sometimes you just can't hide those tears even if you try. Sometimes it can just become too much and it's fine to just let it all out and cry. But when yo…

#ParentOn Baby Milestone Cards By Tommee Tippee / Giveaway

Parenting can be pretty challenging at times and comes with its highs and lows such as capturing that first step, hearing their first giggle and the lows {which can sometimes be hilarious!} by an exploding nappy, you know that one that goes right up their back? or even those bad temper tantrums they have in the middle of the shop. But, we wouldn't change them for the world.

Just Another Linky 20/08

Happy Saturday! Hope you've all had a wonderful week. The linky wasn't busy last week but thank you so much to all who linked up. I am really hoping this linky picks up in the next few weeks so we can all have a big range of blogs to read again like a few months ago. I plan to give it a go…

Do You Love or Hate The Summer Holidays?

When January comes I get all excited for the school summer holidays. The sun is out {sometimes}, spending time with the kids and not having to get up so early to do the early morning school runs. I love it! The first week and maybe second week it's not bad. I tell people that I have been looking forward to have them off, I plan to do as much as I can with the kids whilst they are off before heading back to school in September. But then the third week comes...

Baby Style Friday

When I fell pregnant with Freddie I was offered loads of clothes by two close friends and I was so greatful of all the lovely clothes I received. Although I had many clothes for Freddie I still wanted to go out and buy more. Baby fashion has changed so much since both my girls were babies/toddlers and being able to buy for a little boy this time, I just had to go out and buy my own things for him too. He was also given a few clothes after he was born too.

Breastfeeding Journey | 1 Month

I've decided to start writing about my breastfeeding journey each month as I am hoping to breastfeed until Freddie is at least 1 years old, unless he has weaned off before then. I am lucky that I am a working from home mum and get the chance to breastfeed Freddie for however long I want and for however long he wants to also. From when I found out I was pregnant with Freddie I just knew I wanted to breastfeed this time after formula feeding my girls.

Activities Kids Can Do In The Back Garden

There are many places to visit with kids but sometimes kids can have even more fun in their own back garden. There are so many things the kids can do in the garden which can keep them entertained for hours on end. There are a few good reasons to have a day at home and let the kids play in the garden. You don't have to make yourself of the kids presentable. You can all just chill out in the back without worrying about things like you would have to sometimes when you visit places. It's free and you can just sit back with your cuppa and relax whilst the kids play. If you've got a back garden for the kids to play and can't think of many things for them to do, here is a list of things kids can do to keep themselves entertained in the back garden. 

Why Vietnam is the perfect place for a family holiday

When it comes to family holidays what springs to mind? All inclusive package deals in Gran Canaria? Wet weekends on the British coastline? There are so many different holidays you can go on with children, so why not choose somewhere a little more exotic like, say, Vietnam?
The country is the perfect…

A Brother & His Sisters {August}

When I was pregnant with Freddie I couldn't wait to do a monthly sibling post that included Freddie too. Last month I wrote the first ever sibling post that included Freddie but I couldn't really write how the girls had been with him properly as he was only born on the 16th of July. Freddie is now over a month old and it has been a very hard but amazing month and I wouldn't change a thing.

Breastfeeding Tips

I have been breastfeeding for just over a month now and I am so glad I decided to breastfeed this time and actually stuck to it too. I formula bottle fed my other two children but I regretted not trying to breastfeed with my second child, so I knew the minute I found out I was pregnant with my third baby that I wanted to breastfeed. But all the way through my pregnancy I was nervous as I had no clue about breastfeeding. I didn't know how often they fed, how to get baby to latch properly, if there was any pains, how it would be feeding in front of others and so on. But with just over a month of breastfeeding it is the best decision I have ever made.

Bathroom On A Budget

When my partner and I moved into our home just over 2 years ago we couldn't wait to get things finished and sorted. The room that we have only recently started to work on is the bathroom. August last year our kitchen ceiling collapsed and we had noticed there was a leak from the bathroom which is on top of the kitchen so we had to get rid of the current bath and buy a whole new bath and re-do the tile walls. We finally decided on the tiles we wanted but have left the other half of the bathroom and it still needs to doing to this day.

How to Prevent Brain Drain Over the Summer Holidays

The school holidays are here! For many of us, that means tons more quality time with our kids, which is always a great thing. However, it can also mean there’s more you need to do to keep the kids entertained so they don’t destroy the house or upset their siblings!
With our baby boy joining our fa…

1 Month Update {Freddie & Me}

I can not believe I am actually writing Freddie's 1 month update. How is he 1 whole month already? Where has the time gone? This past month has been amazing, there has been a few ups and downs but I really wouldn't want it any other way. My little boy has really completed our little family and we are all so happy. Couldn't imagine my life without him now.

It Won't Last Forever {The Ordinary Moments}

My Freddie has been here for a month tomorrow and I have loved every single minute of it. I am trying my best to enjoy every single minute and take in every minute and everything that he does because he is my last baby and I will never be experiencing any of his 'firsts' again. It does make me sad that he is my last baby but he is just that extra special because he is my last. I am not going to lie, the last 4 weeks have been tiring, well, exhausting but also amazing.

Grow Your Family With UPPAbaby VISTA Pram

When I fell pregnant with Elliw one of my first thoughts were how was I going to get about with a 2 year old and a newborn baby? I had never looked at double prams or strollers before and I was really worried about the price. One of my biggest worries was spending double and having to buy one double pram and one single pram because Mia goes to her Dad's once a week on the weekends.

Managing Your Finances with a Young Family

Are you struggling to keep on top of your finances with a young family? Well, you’re not alone. The average family with two children bring in £31,000 a year after tax, but if you fall below that number, have more children or have debt to clear, it can be hard to make ends meet. Here’s how to mange your finances with a young family, however much you earn:

Budget Christmas | Win £50

I've said it! I've said that 'C' word. Christmas! There isn't long to wait now and Christmas will be here. This time last year I had already bought more than half of the kids' Christmas presents and I think it saved me a lot of money as I did find a lot of the prices went up…

Just Another Linky | 13/08

Hello! Just Another Linky is back! I decided to take a couple of weeks off and in between that we have a brand new co-host! Welcome to the lovely Laura over at My Life as a Mummy. I really hope this linky will get as popular as it did a couple of months ago. Before I start, I'd like you all to…

How to take your own wedding photos

When planning a wedding, you might find your eyes watering at the costs of ‘necessary’ elements of your big day, such as the cake, dress alterations and the DJ. But sometimes these can be done by yourself with some clever planning and perhaps some persuasion skills…

Sometimes the biggest cost comes with hiring a photographer, so let’s take a look at how you can save a lot of cash, by taking your own wedding photos:

Pregnancy Scans

A few weeks after finding out I was pregnant with Freddie I decided that I really wanted a private 3D scan. I remember that I wanted one when I was pregnant with Elliw but I just never got round to it. I found somewhere that did a gender scan before 16 weeks. So at 14 weeks 5 days I went to HelloBaby near Liverpool and got my 3D gender scan done. The woman saw that I had two girls and asked if I would like a boy this time - I am not going to lie, I did want a boy. Not long after, she told me I was carrying a little boy! At first I thought she was joking around until I saw the screen and it was just very obvious he was boy. I was over the moon. No words could describe how happy I was at that time. 

The Last Few Weeks Of My Third Pregnancy

It feels like such a long time ago that I was pregnant but I still remember how I felt during those last couple of weeks of pregnancy. I must admit my third pregnancy was the hardest out of all three and I think the main reason is because I had two other children to look after too, so I couldn't rest as much as I wanted and I had to move around and do things every day. What didn't help was the two day hospital trips every week since I was 27 weeks pregnant. But it was all worth it.

Are All 'Natural' Cleaning Products Better For Your Home?

Your weekly trip to the supermarket, as well as food and toiletries is likely to include cleaning products, but did you know that every time you scrub the toilet and wash the floors, you could actually be doing more harm than good?

We all use a wide assortment of cleaners specifically designed to clean bathrooms, drains and glass, as well as bleaches and polishes to ensure our homes stay smelling great and looking sparkly. While they do clean our surfaces and leave them germ-free, they also contribute to indoor air-pollution, are poisonous if ingested and can even be harmful if inhaled or touched. 

BabyZen Zen Pram {My First Thoughts}

A couple of weeks ago I received the gorgeous Zen pram by BabyZen. I have been given the pram to test out for a few weeks and I can't wait too share my full thoughts on the pram once we have finished testing. I was given the 3 wheeler, all terrain Zen pram to test out and I was really looking forward to test it out. Firstly, I am going to share my first thoughts on this pram.

5 Simple Ways To Get Your Kids To Enjoy The Outdoors

About 30 per cent of parents worry that their child is not spending enough time playing outside. A roughly similar amount worry that games consoles and technology are negatively impacting upon their development.

But what do you about this? How, as a parent, can you get the children to venture outside and enjoy the outdoors? Here are five positive things to help you on your way…

Bumpbix Pregnancy Cookies | Review

When I was pregnant with Freddie I went through a few stages of losing my appettite with food and then at times all I wanted to do was snack, but I always snacked on the wrong things. I always ended up going to the shop and buying some chocolate eclairs - craving! When I was asked if I wanted to review some pregnancy cookies from Bumpbix I was interested to try them out and see if it would help my snacking.

Twinkle Star {The Ordinary Moments}

How is my little boy 3 weeks old already? I really do wish time would slow down, just a little. The past three weeks have been super amazing, I wouldn't change anything for the world. Freddie really has completed our family. He is just an amazing little boy, an amazing son. Many times he stops crying when he hears my voice or when I pick him up to have a cuddle. I do think breastfeeding has made the bond even closer. I can not wait until he gets to that stage when he starts looking up at me. He is slowly looking around and is extremely nosy - it's funny!

Freddie & Me {Week 3}

I was dreading this third week as it's the week my partner returned to work and I was home alone with 3 kids. Don't get me wrong, I know I have to get used to it but I was just worrying about things going wrong and how was I going to cope. There has been 3 days where I have found it hard, where the girls haven't listened and constantly argued. I was lucky enough for my partners Mum to have the girls one morning and my Nain and Taid took the girls out to the beach on Thursday for a few hours for me.

Kids Clothing With House of Fraser

One of my favourite things to do is buying new clothes for the kids. Especially now that I can look in both sections, boys and girls. The girls really needed a new summer wardrobe as most of their summer clothes from last year have gone to small. House of Fraser have a fantastic range of kids clothing to choose from. There are many great brand such as Pumpkin Patch, DKNY, Joules and many more. I had the chance to choose some clothing from their kids clothing range to review.

The 3 Fashion Tips Every New Dad Should Know

Since there are so many tips for new mom fashion, I thought it might be nice to do a little something for the dads. These suggestions are intended to inspire you to create the wardrobe you've aspired to own as you settle into your new fatherly role. Whether you've been planning on tweaking your wardrobe for quite some time, or haven't really thought much about it, these tips will be simple, straightforward, and stylish. Now you can look forward to a fashionable family weekend outing.

Creating the Perfect Summer Garden in 2016

Summer has arrived! A back garden is the perfect place for a glass of wine in the evening, a BBQ with friends or a fun filled Saturday afternoon with the kids, but is yours in tip top condition and ready to be enjoyed? If not, here’s how you can create the perfect summer garden in 2016. 

Freddie and Me {The First Two Weeks}

As I have many posts ready to write up I thought it may be best to write a post about Freddie and myself together instead of separately. The first two weeks have flown by, a little too fast but I have loved every single minute of it with my boy. I must admit having a boy is different {so far} than…

Income Report {July}

In June I wrote my first income report on my blog. I wasn't quite sure how people were going to take it. I was worried that some would think I was writing it to 'show off' but that's not the case. I decided to share what I earn each month because there are so many people who have a…